Why Choose Canada For Study in 2024?

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Jul 14,2024

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Why choose Canada for your study? Is this question on your mind? Canada has become one of the top destinations for study abroad worldwide. Over the last 10 years, it has secured the title of the most ideal study location around the world. Canada is an immigrant-friendly country, and they actively seek out expats who wish to live in Canada. At least one-fifth of the students in Canada are international students. 

Due to high-quality education, immaculate quality of life, and some of the most competitive universities around the world, Canada has become a favorite among those looking to pursue higher education. Universities like the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, McGill University, and so on have demonstrated continuous commitment to education and have some of the best facilities in the world. So if you ask “Why choose Canada for study?” There are plenty of reasons for us to answer that. 

Why Choose Canada For Study in 2024?

There are so many reasons that will convince you to choose Canada for study purposes. Not only the private and public universities of Canada but also the community college system is pretty good. Some of the top reasons why choosing Canada for study are discussed below. 

1. Excellence In Education 

The level of academic excellence is a Canada specialty, as higher education in Canada meets all the international parameters of quality education. The Canadian government and the provincial governments take great care of the curriculum and teaching methods that shape higher education in Canada. It is one of the many benefits of studying in Canada. 

2. Earn And Learn Together 

One of the most important benefits of studying in Canada is the availability of internships and work experience while you pursue your degree. If you choose Canada for study purposes, you will also gain access to work opportunities earlier than most international students outside Canada. This makes higher education in Canada even more preferable. It makes student life in Canada even more desirable! 

3. Skill Enhancement 

An ideal education extends beyond the classroom and is not limited to theoretical learning. This is another one of the benefits of studying in Canada and why you should choose Canada for study purposes. Canada has a “co-op system” (which stands for cooperative system). This system allows students to get internship opportunities in a plethora of fields. It allows students to explore their options and move out of their comfort zones. Co-op is a Canada specialty that international students can make the best use of. It is a very important part of student life in Canada. 

4. Quality Of Life 

Canada’s quality of life is an important reason you must consider as you choose Canada for study purposes. From the calm and welcoming nature of Canadians towards international students and immigrants to the plethora of opportunities available, you can choose Canada for your higher studies without any regrets. Convenient public transport, good weather, friendly people, and good food contribute to the benefits of studying in Canada, with not just one Canada specialty waiting for you but much more. 

Student Life In Canada 

Student life in Canada is very bright and happening. There is so much for students to do! From work and internships through the Co-Op program to the convenience of living in Canada, there are many reasons why you should choose Canada for study and pursue your higher studies in Canada. 

1. Culture- Canada has a multicultural and diverse population, with people from many different backgrounds and nationalities coming together. You will never feel out of place, and you will learn more about other cultures, just like a global citizen! The multicultural community of this country is truly a specialty of Canada. As Indians, we always appreciate a melting pot of cultures, so studying in Canada is all the more desirable for Indian students due to this factor. 

2. Campus Life- Most Canadian campuses are quite widespread and are full of different activities. Many spots on campuses will make you feel at home, while some will remind you about student life in Canada. Many campuses are set quite close to main cities, and the commute is very convenient as well, making study in Canada for Indian students even more convenient. 

3. Accommodation- There are three different types of accommodations available for individuals pursuing their higher studies in Canada. You can live in a dormitory which is a residence offered by your university. You can live in a shared apartment off campus or opt for a homestay. Homestay is a residence facility where you, as an international student pursuing higher studies in Canada, can live with a Canadian family. This system is a Canada specialty wherein your sponsor family provides you with a room and three meals a day. This is another residence pathway for Indian students to study in Canada. 

Best Universities For Higher Studies In Canada 2024-25

Being an educational hotspot, Canada has many good universities where you can complete your higher education and avail the best of student life in Canada. The best universities in Canada for education are listed below. 

Name Of University

Ranking In Canada

QS World University Rank 2024

Average Tuition Fees 


University of Toronto



45,690 CAD


McGill University



29,200 CAD


University of British Columbia 



48,610 CAD to 61,000 CAD

British Columbia 

University Of Alberta 



49,240 CAD to 60,160 CAD


University of Waterloo



48,000 CAD to 71,000 CAD


Western University 



45,000 CAD to 61,000 CAD


Université de Montréal



21,300 CAD 


University of Calgary 



17,000 CAD to 35,000 CAD


McMaster University 



43,000 CAD


University of Ottawa



22,000 CAD



The countries listed above have gained global recognition and have many multidisciplinary fields that you can explore. Going to one of these universities guarantees access to top-quality education and excellent placement opportunities once you complete your degree. You can also further your education and enroll in other programs and courses upon completion of your degree.

Best Courses To Study In Canada For Indian Students in 2024-25

Canada excels in almost every educational course. However, here are some of the best courses in Canada. You can consider these courses a Canada specialty as well and make the best of the opportunities you receive in Canada for them. 

Top Courses In Canada

Average Tuition Costs 

Computer Science 

15,000 CAD to 30,000 CAD per annum 


25,000 CAD to 35,000 CAD per annum 

Business Courses 

20,000 CAD to 35,000 CAD per annum

Information Technology 

20,000 CAD to 30,000 CAD per annum

Healthcare Studies

30,000 CAD to 50,000 CAD per annum 

Finance And Accounting

15,000 CAD to 40,000 CAD per annum 


30,000 CAD to 45,000 CAD per annum


13,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD per annum

Environmental Science 

20,000 CAD to 35,000 CAD per annum 

Arts and Humanities

25,000 CAD to 45,000 CAD per annum 



There are many reasons why you should choose Canada for study reasons. Canada has almost everything an international student can dream of. If you choose Canada for study, it will be easier for you to gain PR eventually as well! A huge number of international students settle down in Canada after they graduate, and Canada actively encourages immigrants to do so. You can also get a post-graduation work permit, allowing you to live and work in Canada after graduation. Studying in Canada benefits your educational and career growth and provides you with an easy pathway to immigrate to Canada later if you’d like. Besides, studying in another country is always good for exposure and learning about the different ways of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is study in Canada for Indian students a good choice?

Yes, it is. There are many Indians in Canada so you will never feel too far from home, and Canada provides many new opportunities that will not be available in your home country.

How much does it cost to avail of higher studies in Canada?

For undergraduate students, the average fee is around 36,000 CAD per year. For graduate students, the average fee is around 21,000 CAD per year.

Do I need IELTS to study in Canada?

Yes, you need to have an IELTS score of above band 6 for most universities or an equivalent score on the TOEFL or CELPIP scales.

Where do most Indians study in Canada?

The University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario, has the largest number of Indian students enrolled in Canada. It is thus the most popular university for study in Canada for Indian students.