Imagine setting off on a journey to a new land, full of fresh possibilities and adventures. That's what immigration is all about – people moving to new countries in search of better lives and exciting opportunities. It's like adding colorful puzzle pieces to a big, global picture. Each person brings their own story, making the world more interesting and diverse. Whether it's bustling cities or quiet countryside, immigration changes and enriches our world in so many ways."

Basic Idea of Immigration 

The concept of permanently settling in a new country: This is the primary definition of immigration. Individuals immigrate for various reasons, including seeking improved job prospects, fleeing conflict or oppression, or reuniting with family members.

The procedure of navigating legal requirements to attain permanent residency or citizenship in a foreign nation: This journey can be intricate and lengthy, with procedures differing across countries. With the right guidance and with Terratern, this lengthy and complex process can be simplified to a great deal.

Reasons For Immigration?

There are many reasons why people decide to immigrate to another country. These reasons can be broadly classified into:

  • Economic opportunities

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Political stability

  • Cultural diversity

  • Social welfare

  • Family reunification

  • Environmental Quality

  • Personal freedom

  • Career Advancement

Most Preferred Countries to Immigrate From India

Here are some top destinations for Indian immigrants, each with distinct advantages:

1. Canada: Known for its welcoming immigration policies, multiculturalism, and robust job market, particularly in the tech and healthcare sectors.

2. Australia: Boasts high living standards, a thriving economy, and scenic beauty, with skilled worker visa programs available.

3. United Kingdom: With a rich history of immigration and a multicultural society, the UK operates a points-based immigration system.

4. Germany: Increasing demand for skilled labor and language learning support for immigrants.

5. Austria: Austria, situated in Central Europe, is celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, rich heritage, and excellent living standards. The country boasts a robust economy and minimal unemployment. Nevertheless, mastering the German language is essential for becoming a part of Austrian society.

6. United Arab Emirates (UAE): A prominent business hub with a large Indian expatriate community, offering residency through investment programs.

7. Sweden: Sweden is a country in Scandinavia known for being innovative and having a good quality of life. It has a strong economy and skilled workers. However, winters in Sweden can be cold and dark.

8. New Zealand: Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and laid-back lifestyle.

9. United States: Offers diverse opportunities in work, education, and business, alongside a vibrant Indian community, though immigration processes can be lengthy.

10. Singapore: A leading financial center with a growing economy and a sizable Indian population, offering investor visa programs.

Immigration To Various Countries From India 

Every year, millions of Indians opt to relocate overseas, motivated by factors such as enhanced career prospects, improved living standards, or pursuit of education. Below, we explore some of the favored destinations for Indian expatriates:

1. Immigrate To Canada

Known for its high quality of life, multicultural environment, and beautiful landscapes, immigration to Canada is a popular choice for Indians seeking work-life balance and a relaxed lifestyle. Various immigration programs cater to skilled workers, students, and entrepreneurs.

2. Immigrate To UK

A center for finance, education, and business, drawing Indians with global exposure and potential for career advancement. With a long history of Indian immigration and a well-established Indian diaspora, immigration to the UK is one of the preferred choices of Indians.

3. Immigrate To Australia

With a growing economy, beautiful beaches, and a pleasant climate, it entices Indians seeking professional opportunities and a laid-back lifestyle. Various immigration programs to Australia cater to skilled workers, studies, and professionals.

4. Immigrate To Germany

Germany, renowned for its engineering and manufacturing prowess, attracts Indian professionals with its robust economy, ample skilled job opportunities, and focus on vocational training. It provides avenues for permanent residency and citizenship for eligible individuals. Moreover, Germany is esteemed for its outstanding education system and social welfare programs.

5. Immigrate To Middle Eastern countries

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar offer lucrative job prospects, especially in the oil and gas industry, construction, and healthcare. Attractive for Indian professionals due to tax-free salaries and proximity to India.

Eligibility For Immigration

Eligibility criteria for immigrating abroad vary depending on the destination country. However, there are common factors and resources available to assist individuals in understanding their eligibility.

Key factors include:

1. Skilled professions: Many countries prioritize applicants with skills in demand in their job market. 

2. Work experience: Accumulating a few years of experience in your field is often beneficial.

3. Education: Some countries may require a bachelor's degree or higher.

4. Language proficiency: Proficiency in English is typically required, with standardized tests like IELTS used for assessment.

5. Family ties: Certain countries offer immigration pathways for individuals with family members who are citizens or permanent residents.

6. Explore immigration websites: Each country typically has its government immigration website providing detailed information on eligibility requirements and application processes.

7. Seek advice from immigration consultants: Legitimate consultants can assist in navigating the complexities of immigration applications for a fee.

8. Take eligibility quizzes: Some immigration consultancies and visa agencies offer online quizzes to give a general idea of eligibility for certain countries, although these are not definitive assessments.

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Visa Costs For Various Countries


Approximately Cost


CAD 3500


USD 10000


DH 8000


AUD 10000


EURO 5000


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