Sweden is one of the most popular countries for immigration and it welcomes over 100,000 migrants every year. The natural landscapes, government welfare, and high standard of living are some of the most lucrative reasons for people to move to Sweden. 

Additionally, being a member of the European Union (EU), and being a resident of Sweden offers more benefits in terms of travel and access to other EU member countries. Here we have discussed the specifics of Sweden immigration and how you can apply for immigration to Sweden from India. 

Why Should You Move to Sweden?

Sweden has long been a destination favorite for immigration. Why is that so? We have compiled some reasons that have convinced thousands of people to move to Sweden and are bound to convince you of it too.

  1. No Language Barriers

Though Swedish remains the national language of Sweden and is widely spoken, English is commonly spoken by most people there. Therefore, language barriers are at a minimum. It is easy to communicate with the residents of Sweden and understand them. 

  1. Slow-Paced Lifestyle 

Swedish people strongly believe in the concept of ‘lagom’- which emphasizes having a balanced equation between work and life. This means that a livelihood in Sweden gives equal importance to leisure and taking time for yourself. 

  1. Long Vacations and Higher Pay

Following their belief in lagom, the Swedish Government has formulated labor laws that benefit the workers. They provide long vacations for relaxation, supporting a healthy work-life balance. They also provide higher wages for jobs than most countries, which is perfectly in line with their cost of living, making Sweden's immigration a desirable choice. 

  1. Powerful Passport

Sweden, like other Nordic countries, has a powerful passport that has a lot of value. Securing citizenship after immigration to Sweden is therefore very beneficial, as the pros greatly outweigh any cons. 

Immigration to Sweden From India: How To Do It?

Sweden immigration from India, like other immigration processes, requires you to get a visa permit as the first step. This can go in two ways, depending on whether:

  • You hold a residence permit from an EU/EEA country

  • You plan to move directly from India, your home country 

If you have a permit with an EU/EEA country, you can directly enter the country without any other requirements for the most part. But if you plan on moving from India, you must apply for the visa as per your eligibility requirements. You can do this by either filling out the online form or you can issue and submit an application at the Swedish Embassy. You can apply for a visa based on the following purposes

  • Sweden Job Seeker Visa

  • Moving for work 

  • Moving to family living in Sweden

  • Immigration by Investment

1. Sweden Job Seeker Visa 

The Sweden Job Seeker Visa allows you to move to Sweden and look for a job. This is a Residence Permit for Highly Qualified People who wish to work in Sweden. They can either seek a job or start a business there. 

This permit can be availed for three months to a maximum period of nine months. Within this time frame, you must either find a job or start a business, after which you can upgrade your visa to a residence permit on valid grounds. During this period, your family cannot move to Sweden to live with you. This visa allows only one person to move to Sweden, as long they satisfy the following criteria. 

  1. You must have completed your master's or a professional or advanced degree.

  2. You wish to seek employment in Sweden by either starting your own business or joining a Swedish company for a job. 

  3. You have a valid passport, and it will remain valid throughout your stay in Sweden.

  4. You have health insurance to support any medical expenses

  5. You can sponsor your stay in Sweden until you receive employment

  6. You have verified your higher educational qualifications with the Swedish Council of Higher Education. 

2. Moving For Work

Immigration to Sweden based on employment is the most common form in which people migrate to Sweden. The work culture in Sweden is very cooperative and friendly; due to their strong emphasis on a work-life balance, the employers are generally very understanding, work hours are not as long, and the wages are very high.

To avail of Sweden immigration for work, you must first land a job with a Swedish company, or if you work at a multinational corporation with an office in Sweden, try to secure a transfer there. Then, submit your application for a work permit. The different types of visas that facilitate Sweden immigration from India are discussed below. 

Visa Name

Visa Type

Visa Cost

Sweden Work Permit

The Sweden Work Permit allows you to live and work in Sweden. It is the most commonly availed visa to be able to work in Sweden.

2476 SEK

Intra-Company Transfer

This visa can be availed by those working in a company that has a branch in Sweden. If you are working outside of the EU and would like to move to Sweden, you can apply for this visa, which will help you transfer to a Swedish branch. 

2476 SEK

3. Moving to Family Living in Sweden

If you have family living in Sweden, you can immigrate to Sweden to live with them. For this, immigration is granted based on your relationship with the family member residing in Sweden. For Sweden immigration from India based on family ties, you must provide the following documents:

  • Valid proof of relationship

  • Proof that you have lived together in the past

  • Proof of identity

You can either submit your application via the Sweden immigration website or at the Swedish embassy. You can also ask your family member in Sweden to submit the application in Sweden itself on your behalf.

4. Golden Visa: Sweden Immigration by Investment

The golden visa is the investment visa by which you can move to Sweden. It is normally a program for wealthy people who can invest in the country and its businesses, or invest in the country and grow their own business there. Sweden offers an investment visa scheme for investors from NON-EU countries who wish to move to Sweden and start a business there. Sweden's immigration by investment is enabled by the satisfaction of the following conditions:

  1. The investor must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application 

  2. The investor must have experience in running a business 

  3. The investor must have proficient ability in English 

  4. The investor should not have a criminal record 

  5. The investor should possess at least 200,000 SEK for himself or herself, along with 100,000 SEK for their spouse and 50,000 SEK for each child, if any

  6. The investor should also hold at least a 50 percent ownership stake in the enterprise they intend to build in Sweden.

Obtaining Citizenship in Sweden 

To obtain citizenship in Sweden, you must live there for 5 years or more to be able to qualify for a PR permit. 

You should also maintain a clean criminal record with no charges against you and abide by the local rules and regulations in Sweden. 

Education in Sweden: Why You Should Study in Sweden 

Immigration to Sweden from India can be made easy if you choose to complete your higher education studies there. Sweden's immigration policies are very favourable towards students, and they will help them get a job and permanent residency in the country thereafter. Some reasons for you to apply for immigration to Sweden via education are:

  1. Globally renowned universities that top educational charts every year

  2. Language flexibility, as most individuals speak Swedish 

  3. Many top multinational corporations are easily accessible in Sweden, making it easier for you to acquire internships and placements

  4. Great position in the EU allows for free movement and well-connectedness with other countries in the EU

Some of the best universities in Sweden are:

  1. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  2. Lund University

  3. Uppsala University

  4. Stockholm University

  5. Chalmers University of Technology


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sweden easy to immigrate to?

With strong government support, welcoming people, and a good quality of life, Sweden has proven itself to be quite easy to settle in.

Can I get a job easily in Sweden?

Yes, with the help of a job seeker visa, you can easily get a job in Sweden by being able to explore the job market thoroughly.

Can I get a job in Sweden if I only speak English?

Job opportunities in English only exist in Sweden but are not very vast. However, the establishment program teaches you Swedish, breaking the language barrier for you.

What is Sweden's average salary?

The average annual salary that you get in Sweden is about 481,000 SEK.

What jobs are in demand in Sweden?

IT, STEM based jobs,Software and Engineering are the most popular streams with openings in Sweden.