Have you wondered why the United States of America is a top choice for people from almost every country? The USA is one of the most powerful countries in the world. US immigration is popular for many reasons, such as the fact that the country has a booming economy, with the most competitive currency around the world. The entertainment industry, Hollywood, is one of the world's leading entertainment industries which has set the standards for others around the globe. Other social and cultural factors have also made American life the “ideal” life, and many people aspire to move to the USA to achieve the American dream, and you can, too! 

Why Should You Move To The US?

There are so many reasons why people move to the US! The American Dream is upholstered for a variety of reasons, ranging from education to jobs to technology and so on. Some of them are encompassed below. 

1. Supreme Quality Of Education 

The US has some of the most highly-ranked institutions around the world. The quality of education is undeniably one of the best around the globe. Institutions like Harvard, Yale, and MIT, are all located in the United States. Additionally, the quality of public middle schools and high schools is also really good, for really affordable prices, if not free. 

For higher education, there is a variety of educational programs and courses you can avail from a plethora of institutions for your undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies. 

2. Competitive Economy

The American dollar has a stable and competitive value, and it has been so for years. It is one of the most important currencies in the world. The USA has a very high GDP. The salaries offered here are much, much higher than the pay packages in other countries. This is one of the reasons why US immigration is so lucrative. 

Plus, among all OECD countries, Americans have the highest average household income in the world. This country has an abundance of financial resources. 

3. Research and Technology 

The United States has since long been a pioneer in research and development and has made innumerable contributions to technology. There is a lot of scope for individuals from STEM backgrounds. US immigration is thus very popular among scientists and other scholars from the STEM community due to the country’s smooth accessibility to scientific resources. 

4. Career Development 

Be it finance or engineering, or maybe a field in the liberal arts- you have it all in the United States! US immigration is bolstered by the fact that the nation has opportunities for all people, from all walks of life, in all types of fields. There is so much to explore and so much to learn!

5. Quality Of Life

The quality of life, as you might have already guessed, is quite high. Excellent quality of public schools, opportunities in higher education, accessibility to great public transport, and lots of recreational activities- all of these reasons make US immigration all the more exciting!

US Immigration Visa Types

The United States has an elaborate list of visas that allow you to move to the country. The different visas allow you to avail of US immigration on different grounds. There are many types of US immigration visas that you can avail. These are all the visas you need to know about. Out of all the available US visa types, these are the ones you should know about and will likely be applying for. The different US visa types are listed below. 

Visa Name

Visa Type


Foreign government officials 

A1 / G1

Visa renewal


  • Athletes

  • Business visitors 

  • Domestic employees 


  • Visitors for medical treatment 

  • Tourists 


Transit in the United States 


Treaty traders


Treaty investors 


Australian professionals 




Dependents of F-1 visa holders

L-1 visa

Employees moving within a company to a branch in the USA


  • Chilean FTA professionals 

  • Singaporean FTA professionals 


Highly specialized professionals with industry knowledge 


Temporary workers 


Non-employment training programs 

Media representatives and journalists 

J / J-1 

International exchange visitors 


Spouse or children under 21 of a J-1 visa holder 


Foreign nationals with excellent knowledge and experience in the arts, sciences, education, athletics, business, etc 


Vocational students 


Dependents of M-1 holders


Different US visa types grant different levels of accessibility, rights, and responsibilities to the visa holders. They all have a different US visa process as well. Each US immigration visa is granted under different eligibility criteria as well. There are specific visas that facilitate US immigration from India. So be mindful of which visa you are eligible for before applying for the same.

Move To USA For Work

US immigration is most commonly facilitated via work reasons. As you may have seen, there are many US visa types for work purposes itself. Working in the United States is a dream for many as the USA offers a work environment and pay packages like no other country. Plus, it is the home ground of many multinational corporations and therefore has many head offices there. There are many types of US immigration visas you can use to migrate from India. They are discussed below.

1. H1-B Visa: Work Visa

If you have been looking into US immigration for a while, then you must have heard about this visa before. The H1-B visa is the most commonly availed US immigration visa available to move to the states. It is a work visa that allows you to move to the United States and live and work there. 

The eligibility criteria for this visa are discussed below:

  • You hold at least a bachelor's degree, or higher 

  • You have specialized knowledge or industry-specific knowledge in a specific field 

  • You have a legitimate job offer from a US-based company

  • You qualify against the existing wage requirements to avail of an H1-B visa 

2. L-1 Visa: Intra-Company Transfer

The L-1 a US immigration visa also allows you to live and work in the United States but in a different context. You can avail of this visa only if you are transferring from one branch to another located in the United States, within the same company. This visa allows multinational corporations to transfer and move their employees from one branch abroad to another within the USA. To qualify for this visa, you must have worked for the company for a certain period and meet all the other criteria listed by the company and the visa requirements. 

3. E-2 Visa: For Entrepreneurs and Businessmen 

The E-2 visa is a US immigration visa for entrepreneurs, financiers, and businessmen who want to start a company or buy an existing one in the United States. This is also one of the US visa types that allows you to move for work. Those individuals who aim to avail of US immigration through this visa must have a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States. For the E-2 visa, you must either make a qualifying investment or have a business that generates positive results and profits within a stipulated period. 

4. O-1 Visa: Extraordinary Talent

The O-1 visa can be issued by foreigners with some extraordinary talent or ability in fields like arts, sciences, education, athletics, and so on. It is one of the rarest US visa types. You can be from the business or corporate sector as well. This recognized talent from all fields is presented with the opportunity to move to the United States with this visa. To avail of US immigration via the O-1 visa, you must have superior achievements in your field and must have received recognition in your field as well. This visa allows you to move to the USA and work temporarily. You must also have sponsorship from a USA-based employer or agent to be eligible for this visa. 

US Visa Processing Time and Fee

The US visa processing time and fee for these US immigration visas are discussed below:

Visa Name 

Processing Time

Visa Fee

H1-B Visa

3 to 5 months minimum

$215 + $780 for I-129 Form

L-1 Visa

3 to 4 months minimum

$190 + $780 for I-129 Form

E-2 Visa

2 weeks to 4 months minimum

$205 + $780 for I-129 Form

O-1 Visa

2 to 5 months minimum

$460 + $780 for I-129 Form


US Immigration For Families: Family Visa

US Immigration for families follows a very different process than work visas. Family-based visas in the USA are of two types- immediate relatives and family preference. 

You are an immediate relative of a resident or visa holder in the USA if:

  • You are the parent of someone residing in the states

  • You are the child of someone residing in the states

  • You are the spouse of someone residing in the states

You come under the family preference category if:

  • You hold a distant family relationship with a citizen of the states

  • You hold a specified relationship with a Lawful Permanent Resident 

US Visa Process For A Family Visa  

The family member who resides in the USA will have to file an immigrant visa petition for you. Once this is done, you will have to go through the other steps, listed below. 

  • Submit a petition for the immigrant visa 

  • Go through NVC processing 

  • Pay the visa fee ($325)

  • Your sponsor/family member must submit an affidavit of support

  • The sponsor/family member must now submit all the necessary financial documents 

  • Complete the online application 

  • Submit the civil documents 

  • The sponsor/family member must also submit certain documents on their end 

  • Prepare for the interview

  • Give your interview with the immigration officer

  • Hear back from the immigration office about the approval of your application 

US Visa Application India: Procedure

The process of US immigration from India is simple and easy to understand. Here are the steps you must undertake to complete your US visa application from India.

Step 1: Obtain your police clearance certificate 

Step 2: Complete the medical examination 

Step 3: Complete the DS-260 form from the online portal and print it once you’ve completed it

Step 4: Schedule the visa appointment 

Step 5: Give your visa interview at the schedule date and time

Step 6: Attend the US embassy or US consulate appointment 

Step 7: Wait for your visa approval 

To attend your US embassy or consulate appointment, you must have completed and received your police clearance certificate and medical examination clearance certificate. You need to take these two certificates with you; without these two documents, you will not be allowed to enter the embassy or the consulate.


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