Gaining a work permit is the first step to moving to another country for work. The process of obtaining a work permit seems to be a daunting task - and the fear of your application getting rejected haunts every applicant. However, we are here to tell you that getting a work permit is actually quite simple, and we are here to help you with it.

The first step is to do your research well. The fact that you are at this article indicates that you are already on the right path! Through this article, we will guide you through all the basics you need to know about an international work permit.

What Is A Work Permit?

A work permit is a visa that allows you to work in another country. It can contribute to a very transformative experience for your professional life. Living in a foreign country will give you exposure to a completely different professional world with new people. It will also allow you to build new skills in terms of communication, networking, and other soft skills. 

With a work permit, you can work in a country of your choice. Navigating through a new country and learning their ways will also be an exciting new experience. Learning about their culture, cuisine, and how their society functions- is such a wonderful and novel experience!

Plus, most countries offer a lot of benefits for people working in their country on a work permit. You get healthcare, education, and other social benefits. Your pay is typically higher than the pay in your home country. The government may also offer assistance to help you adjust to your new place. So, working in a foreign country on a work permit can be very helpful and it will build your skills and your future. 

Benefits Of A Work Permit 

A work permit in a foreign country brings a bundle of new experiences and lifestyles to you that you would never be able to experience in your own country. Some of the benefits offered by most countries are discussed below. 

  • Strong economies and consistent economic growth

  • Higher incomes due to conversion rates 

  • Many benefits of healthcare and education 

  • Exposure to a global job market

  • A plethora of job opportunities in so many sectors 

  • Living in multicultural societies 

  • Explore a global professional network of people from all walks of life 

Best Countries For Work Permit

Most countries allow you to work there on a work permit. Every country has different rules, provisions, and benefits attached to their work permit. Here are some of the best countries you should consider moving to with a work permit, to live and work there. 

1. Australia 

Australia is one of the most desirable countries to move to for work. The country has made significant socio-economic progress and has a very high quality of life. Moreover, Australia has over 800,000 job vacancies and is actively seeking out immigrants to come and live there. 

They have also introduced a Migration Program quite recently which has a 70:30 ratio split between skilled work visas and family visas.

Australia also focuses on giving individuals with specialized skills opportunities to streamline their job application process. For this, they have the SkillSelect portal which helps you see if your skills are in high demand in the country or not. Plus, you can also enhance your educational qualifications here. Australia has over 1200 educational institutions offering pristine quality education. 

2. Canada 

Canada is one of the top countries to issue a work permit in. It is a very immigrant-friendly country as well. You can issue a work visa there once you have secured employment from a Canadian employer. Most Canadian companies are always on the lookout for expats to live and work there, so this is of absolutely no concern. 

Canada is one of the largest economies in the world. It also provides two types of work permit:

  • Open Work Permit

  • Employer Specific Work Permit 

3. Germany 

Germany has a booming economy. It has multitudes of job opportunities, especially in the engineering and information technology sectors. Germany has a pioneer job market, always hiring skilled professionals with at least a graduate degree with 3-5 years of work experience.

Germany is also known for paying their employees high salaries. They get ample paid leave when they’re sick and also a paid vacation of up to 4 weeks a year! Plus, German companies are always focusing on upskilling their employees. They invest in training and additional courses for their employees. 

Moreover, German companies always cover the medical insurance of their employees as well. 

4. United Kingdom 

The UK offers a melting pot of cultures as people from all different countries come and work there. The UK has over 13 million job vacancies as well and is always seeking out foreigners and expats to come and work there. 

In 2023, the country issued over 400,000 visas, in the first half of the year itself. The UK offers a diverse range of economic opportunities as well- ranging from finance to technology, and the healthcare sector as well.

Plus, the UK has a historical significance that enriches its society as well. It is also known for the variety of academic institutions that it’s home to, which make it to the list of top universities every year, like Oxford and Cambridge.

The workforce in the UK is also very disciplined and always on the move, so your aspirations will be put to their best in this country as well. 

5. United States

This country often speaks for itself - it is one of the most powerful and leading countries in the global geopolitical scene. The United States has the most competitive economy around the globe. Billions around the world aim to achieve “the American dream”. 

As of July 2023, the US had almost 9 million job vacancies. 

The US is also a multicultural hotspot. It has made significant progress in almost every industry, has made some of the best contributions to academia and research, and has a globally renowned entertainment industry that goes by the name “Hollywood”. No wonder, life in the United States is nothing short of a dream!

Important Work Permits You Should Know About

Different countries have different work permit requirements and provisions. Here are the important ones you must know about. 

1. Australia Work Visa 

Australia has a variety of temporary and work visa requirements. You need to have already . 

In most cases, you will also need to be nominated by your employer or by the state you wish to move in. 

2. Canada Work Visa

The Canada work visa is allotted to applicants who have already secured a job with a Canadian company. You also need to satisfy the eligibility criteria listed by the government. 

3. Germany Work Visa 

Germany offers a Job Seeker Visa, which allows you to move to Germany without a job and seek a job within 3 months. Once you have the job you can apply for a work permit. 

You can also issue the EU Blue Card- it is the most common work visa in Germany. 

4. United Kingdom Work Visa 

The UK also offers a variety of work visas that you can look into. The Tier 2 General Visa is the most commonly availed one by expats seeking work in the UK. 

5. United States Work Visa

The US offers a variety of work visas as well. The most common work visas are the H visa, O visa, J visa, and L vis. 


Work Permit Processing Time

Work Permit Fee


4 to 16 weeks minimum

AUD 2,645 - 5,755 


1 to 27 weeks minimum

CAD 155


4 to 12 weeks minimum

EUR 56 - 100

United Kingdom

3 weeks to 12 weeks minimum

GBP 610 - 1,408

United States

12 weeks to 20 weeks minimum

USD 460


General Requirements For A Work Permit

These requirements are largely common among all work permits. When you apply for a work permit, you will have to satisfy this criterion.

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