67 Point Calculator Canada: Factors Influencing Your Score

The 67 point calculator is the evaluation tool used to determine your eligibility as an immigration applicant for Canada’s permanent residency (PR) program. This tool is used to evaluate those applicants who have applied for Canada PR under the Express Entry system.

The Express Entry system is an application process facilitated by the government of Canada. It is only for skilled workers who want to permanently relocate to Canada, and live and work there.This is where the 67 point calculator comes into play. Out of all the people who apply for PR through Express Entry, only a few are selected. They are invited to apply for PR based on how many points they score on the 67 point calculator.

Hence, the ‘67 point calculator Canada’ is one of the most looked-up topics on the internet by aspiring immigrants. If you are here on this page, you are one of them too!

67 Point Calculator Canada: What Is It?

The 67 point calculator is an assessment tool used by the IRCC to filter through all the applications for PR under the Federal Skilled Worker Program and determine whether they qualify for the Express Entry system or not. Thus, it is also known as the FSW 67 points calculator (FSW stands for Federal Skilled Worker).

With the 67 point calculator Canada determines which applicants are suitable to live and work there and whether these immigrants have what the country needs. Various parameters influence and determine your score. On the FSW 67 points calculator, you can be allotted a total of 100 points. Thus, it has a scale of 100. To qualify for Canadian PR, you must get at least 67 points. If you get 67 points immigration to Canada is entirely possible for you! If you get less than the minimum score of 67, your application will be rejected.

67 Point Calculator: Factors Influencing The FSW 67 Points Calculator Score

On the 67 point calculator Canada uses 6 subclasses or factors that are used to determine your score. These factors all have a maximum limit of points allotted to them. Based on these factors and whether you qualify, you are allotted points, which allows you to learn whether you are eligible for the 67 points immigration Canada.

The 67 point calculator uses the following parameters to evaluate your application.

1. Language

Language is the most evident and important factor that influences your score. On the 67 point calculator Canada evaluates your skills in English and French. You must be completely fluent in either one or both of these languages, as they are widely spoken in Canada.

You can get a maximum of 28 points in the language section of 67 points immigration Canada.

2. Education

The educational qualifications you possess are of utmost importance for the FSW 67 points calculator. Your degrees (graduate and undergraduate), certifications, diplomas, high school certificates, etc will all give you points. You must provide original and relevant information and copies of your degree (along with the originals) to validate your information. If you have a master's degree or a PhD, you are bound to get more points in this category. You must also provide an Educational Credential Assessment report for any degrees you acquired from a Canadian university, if any.

You can get a maximum of 25 points in this category of 67 points immigration Canada.

3. Work Experience

Considering that this evaluation is mostly for skilled workers, the work experience you hold is indispensable to the FSW 67 points calculator. If you have work experience of at least a year for a full-time job where you invested at least 30 hours in a week, the chances of you getting PR are higher. The more work experience you have, the better. Moreover, if you acquired work experience while completing your education in Canada, you will get more points.

You can get a maximum of 15 points in this category. Individuals with over 6 years of work experience will get the full 15 points in the 67 point calculator.

4. Offer Of Employment In Canada

If you have an offer of employment from a company or organization in Canada, you will get more points on the 67 point calculator. Having an offer letter from a Canadian employer can get you 10 whopping points in your FSW 67 points calculator. Your job offer should include a full-time contract for at least one year for it to be valid in this category.

In this category, you can get a maximum of 10 points.

5. Age

Through the age category on the 67 point calculator Canada looks for applicants above the age of 18 who qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Applicants who fall between the ages of 18 to 35 get the most points in this category. However, as the applicant's age increases above 35, lesser points are given.

Applicants can get a maximum of 12 points on this scale in the 67 point calculator.

6. Adaptability

If you have a spouse or partner who is applying for Express Entry with you, you can get about 5 to 10 points based on how well they do as well. This evaluation can be done based on your partner's score on the CRS evaluation or 67 point calculator. For example, if you or your partner have studied in Canada, or have a blood relative in Canada, you can get 5 points each.

You can get a maximum of 10 points in this category of 67 points immigration Canada.


The 67 point calculator determines whether you are eligible to live in Canada or not, so you must determine your eligibility for it beforehand. If you get at least 67 points immigration toCanada becomes easier, and can become a reality for you as well. Make sure to be honest while tabulating your scores and enter correct data as well. 67 points immigration Canada follows strict adherence to their eligibility rules, but if you qualify, there is nothing like it!

Do you want to determine where you stand with your score on this evaluation tool? You can determine your score by entering your details in our 67 point calculator for Canada available on our website right away, in a matter of a few minutes. Good luck!