Get Scores in 30 Seconds with the SINP Points Calculator!

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is designed for individuals who wish to emigrate to Canada. It is a well-known fact that when a person receives a provincial nomination, chances of obtaining Canada PR increases and it also means that the process will be somewhat less complicated and stress-free.

Moreover, one must know that to be eligible under the SINP program, one needs at least 80/100 from the SINP points calculator.

SINP Full Form: Why is it Significant?

SINP Full Form is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.SINP meaning is for people who want to move to Saskatchewan, a province in Canada. It helps them settle there and become permanent residents. In Canada, each province has its program like this. If you're chosen through SINP, you're called an SINP nominee. This program is important because it brings skilled workers to Saskatchewan, making the province stronger and more diverse. So, if you want to live and work in Saskatchewan permanently, the SINP points calculator could be the way for you to do it.

Types of SINP

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category
  • Entrepreneur Category
  • Farm Category
Component Explanation
International Skilled Worker Category Skilled workers from outside Canada can apply for opportunities under this category.The province of Saskatchewan will select candidates to nominate for immigration only if they have skilled work experience in any one of Saskatchewan’s in-demand occupations under this category.
Saskatchewan Experience Category
  • This category allows people who are already living and working in Saskatchewan and want to become permanent residents to apply.
  • This program is further divided into several streams.

Application Process

There are two steps in the application process of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

  1. Firstly, you should submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to SINP.
  2. A full test concerning qualifications makes use of the SINP score calculator, where 110 total points are available.
  3. To be considered a good candidate, you must meet or exceed an 80-point threshold out of a possible maximum of 110.
  4. Only those candidates who get the highest scores on the SINP calculator can go ahead with step two which involves filling an official provincial nomination application. In other words, assume your application is approved then you can apply directly to the Canadian government for permanent residence status.

Factors that are Assessed for the SINP Points Calculator

These two factors become quite important while going through this process. We have listed them here and want you to read them cautiously understanding each point.

Factor 1: Labor Market Success – maximum of 80 points

Labor Market Success is a pivotal aspect evaluated in the SINP Points Calculator. It encompasses factors such as job offer validity, relevant work experience, and adaptability to Saskatchewan's labor market. Candidates must demonstrate their potential to contribute effectively to the province's workforce, enhancing economic growth and productivity.

  • Education and Training
  • Skilled Work Experience
  • Language Ability
  • Age

Factor 2: Connection to Saskatchewan Labor Market & Adaptability – maximum of 30 pointsh

The "Connection to Saskatchewan Labor Market & Adaptability" factor assesses an individual's alignment with Saskatchewan's job market needs and their potential to adapt to the province's socio-economic environment. It evaluates skills, experiences, and other qualities that contribute to successful integration and contribution to Saskatchewan's workforce and community.

For calculating eligibility – Factor 1 + Factor 2 = 110

How to improve the SINP Score?

You can do the following to improve your SINP Score.

  1. Language Proficiency

    Being one of the most important factors in the SINP points calculator, this factor can help you gain and improve your SINP Score rapidly and effectively. Applicants are assessed on their proficiency in English and/or French. The Canadian Language Benchmark is used to measure language proficiency meaning that you can improve your language score which will help you gain your SINP Score.

  2. Work Experience

    Work Experience is also one of the most important factors in the SINP points calculator, this program not only helps you gain a score but also helps you get a PNP, and it is important to know that having a PNP nomination immediately adds a whopping amount of 600 points to your SINP Score and makes you a top candidate. We also have discussed more deeply about the PNP system in one of your articles and we highly suggest you go through it at least once.

  3. Education

    Your education plays one of the most important roles and can significantly impact your SINP Score. In short, the more level of education you have the better it will be for your SINP points calculator.

  4. Connections In Saskatchewan

    Having a family member in Saskatchewan will boost your credibility and will help you earn some points too and increase your score in the SINP points calculator.

  5. Job Offer

    Having a job offer from a Canadian employer is quite helpful in this case since it already shows that you will contribute to the Canadian economy.

  6. High-Demand Occupation

    This will sound crazy to some people but if your occupation is in high demand, you could be awarded some points and you can do so by checking the SINP points calculator’s In-Demand Occupation List, as it is updated daily.

  7. Age

    While you cannot change this factor, it is important to know that the SINP points calculator rewards you with the maximum points if you are from the 22-34 age group.

  8. Spouse’s Skills

    Often times migrating happens because of some family affair and if your spouse also has some amount of language proficiency or any high-demand skill/occupation, it can be added to your SINP points grid, this includes a list of things in which your spouse can be a good at and help you earn some points.

  9. Valid Trade Certification

    Trade certification is a formal recognition of your skills and f you have a valid trade certificate that is recognized by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship And Trade Certificate Commission, you could be awarded some points for this too.

  10. Licensed Profession

    If you are a professional working in a profession that is regulated in Saskatchewan and requires licensing, having your license can earn you points for SINP points calculator. This list includes noble professions like engineering, healthcare, law, etc.

Processing Time and Fee for SINP

For the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), processing times and fees vary based on the type of application and individual circumstances. Applicants should consult the official SINP website or contact relevant authorities for accurate information regarding processing durations and associated fees before proceeding with their application.

International Workers
Program Processing Time Application Fee
Employment Offer 3 weeks -
Occupation in-Demand 26 weeks INR 30,000
SINP Express Entry 25 weeks INR 30,000
Tech Talent Pathway 2 weeks -
Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot 2 weeks -
Saskatchewan Experience Category
Program Processing Time Application Fee
Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit 2 weeks -
Health Professionals 3 weeks -
International Students 2 weeks -
Long-Haul Truck Driver Project 2 weeks -
Hospitality Sector Project 1 week -
SINP Entrepreneur Category
Program Processing Time Application Fee
Entrepreneur 12 weeks INR 2,07,605
International Graduate Entrepreneur 12 weeks -
Farm Owner and Operator - INR 2,07,605 INR 62,28,165 (Good Faith Deposit)

Key Takeaways

Understanding the intricacies of the SINP points calculator and eligibility criteria is crucial for aspiring immigrants to Saskatchewan, Canada. By taking TerraTern as your support, helping you with focusing on key factors like language proficiency, education, work experience, and connections, individuals can enhance their chances of successfully navigating the SINP application process and achieving their goal of Canadian permanent residency.