Cheapest Cities in Germany 2024: For Study and Work Alike

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Jul 25,2024

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In this informative blog, we will be looking at some of the cheapest cities in Germany to live in. Germany is one of the most popular countries in the world, and it attracts a lot of immigrants every year. While we have heard about cities like Berlin and Frankfurt, they can be very expensive to live in. While living in Germany is a great option, it might not always fit many people's budgets. However, there is a huge difference in the cost of living in cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich when compared to cheaper cities like Magdeburg, Chemnitz, Dresden, Duisburg, Gelsenkirchen, and so on.

Especially if you are a student, the cost of living in a city becomes very important. There are many factors which differentiate the cost of living in Germany. Expenses like rent and transport are relatively cheaper in certain cities, while you might find them to be on a price, your end living in bigger Metropolitan cities. In this blog, we will explore the cheapest cities in Germany. If you are an international student, this blog will be helpful for you as well, as you can decide which is the cheapest city in Germany for international students for you.


Top 8 Cost-Effective Cities in Germany for Indians 2024

Affordable cities in Germany

We have curated a list of the eight cheapest cities in Germany where you can live. In the cities, you can get the same quality of life and a healthy standard of living for a much cheaper price. The cost of living, including accommodation, restaurants, leisurely activities, transport facilities, utilities, and the general environment of the city, are all considered while determining the ten most cost-effective and cheapest cities in Germany to live in. Keep in mind that you will not have to compromise on your quality of life while living in the cities.

1. Halle 

Cheapest Cities in Germany-Halle-TerraTern

Halle is a beautiful city in Germany, known for its historical architecture, narrow yet aesthetic streets, and ample nature spots. One of the most famous things about Halle is the River Saale which flows through the city, adding to the natural beauty and charm of the city. Halle is often considered to be the cheapest city in Germany for international students. It is a small city, making mobility very easy and affordable. The street life is also very happening and lovely. Even if you are not an international student, you can still move to Halle, one of Germany's most beautiful yet cheapest cities. 

2. Magdeburg 

Cheapest Cities in Germany-magdeburg-TerraTern-

Located by the banks of the Elbe River, Magdeburg is one of the most popular cities among international students due to its welcoming environment and affordable housing options. 

One of the most famous places in Magdeburg, known as Breiter Weg, has loads of shopping spots, theatres, restaurants, and medical services that you can avail of. It is the centre of the city’s bustling life. 

This city has affordable rent options, making it the cheapest city in Germany for international students. It also has a lively cultural scene with music festivals, food festivals, and a very happening Christmas market during the festive season. 

3. Leipzig 

Cheapest Cities in Germany-leipzig-TerraTern

Leipzig is one of the best cities for international students in Germany. Not just because it is often the cheapest city in Germany for international students but also because it has some of the best education institutions in Germany. 

With many lakes, greenery, and other natural wonders, Leipzig provides a very rich environment. It is also known for hosting some of the most prestigious international trade fairs in Germany. 

4. Erfurt 

Cheapest Cities in Germany-erfurt-Terratern-

Located in the centre of Thuringia, Germany, Erfurt is one of the cheapest cities in Germany. This city has a rich history which can be seen through its media architecture and cultural importance. It is a peaceful and friendly city, and over 10,000 students are studying at local universities here, most of them international. There are many music festivals, clubs, and student cafes for students to make the best out of, all at a very affordable price. This makes Erfurt the cheapest city in Germany for international students.

5. Potsdam

Cheapest Cities in Germany-potsdam-Terratern

Apart from being one of the cheapest cities in Germany, one of this city's unique selling points is its location on an island. This makes Potsdam a unique yet desirable place to study as it provides a lot of exposure to nature and leisurely activities. It is also ranked as one of Germany’s best cities for nature and leisure.

The student life in Potsdam is thriving, as many students are living here. You can expect student festivals, study, cafes, easy transportation, many sporting activities, etc. Many famous movies and TV shows have also been filmed here, making it a desirable attraction.

6. Bielefeld 

Cheapest Cities in Germany-bielefeld-Terratern

Despite being one of the cheapest cities in Germany, Bielefeld is famous because it brings together the best countryside lifestyles and the best busing city life. It is a small town, so everything is very close at a very convenient distance, making it a very accessible town. Plus, for students, the trays are free of cost, making this the cheapest city in Germany for international students. This city offers a carnival parade, which is one of its most famous USPs. There are many parks and promenades for you to access and make use of. So whether you prefer a more countryside vibe or a parcelling city-life vibe, this is the right city for you.

7. Kaiserslautern 


This is one of the cheapest cities in Germany. It has the cheapest housing rates and is very affordable. You can easily rent out a 1BHK or have a shared apartment with your friends. Kaiserslautern has a very vibrant food scene with some of the healthiest yet tastiest food available in the country. This city also has an impressive global rank of 106. There are many leisure activities that you can engage in as well.

8. Kiel 

Cheapest Cities in Germany-kiel-Terratern

If you are looking into the best cities for students in Germany, you must have already heard of is one of the most friendly cities in Germany while being the cheapest city in Germany for international students. It also has some of the best universities in Germany, which have made a name for itself globally.

Comparison of Living Costs in Germany 2024

Now that we have shared the list of the cheapest cities in Germany with you, it is time to discuss the cost of living in the cities. The table below elucidates these cities' different costs of living so you can choose which one fits your budget easily.

Name of City

Cost of Living in Euros

Cost of  Living in INR


3500 euros

3,15,385.35 INR


2000 euros

1,80,220.20 INR


3972 euros

3,57,917.32 INR


1800 euros

1,62,198.18 INR


2200 euros

1,98,242.22 INR


1900 euros

1,71,209.19 INR


1800 euros

1,62,198.18 INR


1700 euros

1,53,187.17 INR


Factors Influencing Affordability

 factors influencing affordability in Germany

Various factors determine a region's affordability, determining whether it can be one of the cheapest cities in Germany. Some of the most important factors determining the affordability of the cheapest cities in Germany are:

  • Population size of the city

  • Inflation rates

  • Construction rates

  • Investment rates

  • Housing costs

  • Amenities provided to the citizens

  • Income levels of the general population

  • Supply and demand dynamics in the city

  • Local market conditions

  • And the overall health of the city's economy.

The desirability of the city on a national or a global scale also helps determine whether it will be an expensive city or not.



We have covered the cheaper cities in Germany, where you can build a life without compromising on your quality of life. Some of the best amenities in the world are available in Germany, and technological advancements improve living standards, even in the innermost cities of Germany. While living in Germany exposes you to many international work experiences, if you choose to live in the cheapest cities in Germany, you will also be exposed to many natural wonders, which help you stay connected to natural life. All in all, life in the cheapest cities in Germany is quite desirable and enables you to save money while getting the best of your money’s worth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which German city has the lowest cost of living?

Magdeburg has the lowest cost of living in Germany, for the best provisions and amenities.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Germany?

A salary of around €1500-€2000 is ideal and can help you get by comfortably in one of the cheapest cities in Germany.

Is Germany costly for Indians?

Germany is one of the top destinations for not only Indian students but also Indian immigrants immigrating for work. Living in one of the cheapest cities in Germany does not impact your pocket negatively. Thus, with the income you earn in the country, you can balance out your expenses and live life.

Is healthcare free in Germany?

Yes, healthcare is partially free in Germany due to the social contributions made towards the public healthcare system. Healthcare is very accessible in every part of Germany.