Immigration Relief For Spouses Of US Citizens: Understand Everything

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Jul 14,2024

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Immigration policies have been a controversial issue in the US for a long time. The number of migrants to the US constantly increases every year. The cases of illegal immigration in the US have always been in the news and haven't stopped to date. The White House has considered taking action in this regard and stopping the US - Mexico border migration to reduce the illegal immigration cases in the state. 

Trump has accused Biden of the increase in illegal immigration in the US. Trump has said it has increased due to Biden's policies, but the policies implemented by Biden should have been more restrictive. 

Immigration Relief For Spouses Of US Citizens 

While there are different types of cases of immigration, the news of pleading for immigration relief for spouses of US citizens who are illegal immigrants has been highlighted recently. Illegal immigration is also a major concern and should be stopped. Still, the recent attention asked by the spouses of the already illegally staying immigrants has to be prioritized. Let's get into the details and know why this is important. 

The Current Situation

The White House is facing criticism because they are considering stopping the Mexican migrants. Recently, there has been consideration to stop the US - Mexico border migration at the White House after the number of migrants reached a certain potential, creating strong backlashes among the Democrats.

Some sources’ data shows that there are approximately more than a million immigrants who are living in the US illegally while being married to US citizens. So, it's a major concern for the November 5 election. A significant number of illegally staying immigrants’ spouses are going to vote in the upcoming November 5 election. Making the demand to protect immigrants a major concern for Biden's Democratic Party as they are going to be one of the main voters for the upcoming Presidential election. 

Why There Is a Need to Provide Immigration Relief for Spouses of US Citizens?

The spouses of US citizens live in constant fear of separation from their family members. Though they have been married for years, they can easily get separated without having any legal permit to stay in the US. Even after several years of marriage, they are constantly trying but are unable to get legal immigration status. Immigration relief for spouses of US citizens is necessary for the well-being and sustainability of their families. 

They also face other challenges in their daily life, like getting a job and access to health care. Aliens without work permits have difficulty in finding employment to sustain their families. Father, mother, children, and the whole family live in constant emotional stress of uncertainty as the illegal member of the family can be deported at any time without having a legal staying permit. 

Parole in Place

Biden's Democrats have considered ‘parole in place’ as a possible option for the spouses of US citizens. Parole in Place (PIP) allows illegal immigrants in the US to stay for a certain period. They can even be provided with limited-time work permits. 

These are the following benefits providing Parole in Place can entail to the spouses of US citizens:

1. Temporary legal status

The Parole in Place granted illegal immigrants will be provided with temporary legal status to stay in the US. This can relieve the stress of separation and can help them live and find work in the US.

2. Work Permit

Parole in Place granted people will also be provided with access to work permits. They can get job opportunities with a work permit. This will help them financially and sustain their family. 

3. Road to Citizenship

Parole in Place can be a potential pathway to get citizenship for the spouses of US citizens. There has been no final decision made but getting Parole in Place is the hope to get citizenship for the illegally staying immigrants. This will relieve their spouses of the burden of fear of their family being torn apart. 

4. Advocacy on the Topic

The attention asked by the illegally staying immigrant spouses of the US citizens is of great importance for the citizens as well as for the upcoming election.

Democratic Lawmakers and advocacy groups have constantly pressured President Joe Biden to carry out some changes in the policies to provide immigration relief for spouses of US citizens. While it has only been considered, and no final decision has been made yet, it can greatly impact the upcoming November 5 election. 

5. Voices from the Community

Many people from the community are pleading with Biden to make changes in the immigration policies, stating their constant stress among the family. While the White House is considering making changes in immigration policies, a decision hasn't yet been made. The fear of deportation of the spouses of US citizens that can tear their families apart can't be ignored. The community has been constantly pleading to provide immigration relief for spouses of US citizens.


The number of illegally staying immigrants who are married to US citizens is more than a million and can’t be ignored. Facing several criticisms from the Republicans related to illegal immigration, Democrats soon have to take a bold step on the very topic of providing immigration relief for spouses of US citizens. The consideration of policies by the White House for the spouses of US citizens who are illegally staying immigrants and the US - Mexico border migration is still in discussion, with no final decision made yet. President Biden is being constantly pressured by the community,  Democrats, and advocacy groups to take action on this topic soon. The implications of the Parole in Place or changes in immigration policies and the provision of immigration relief for spouses of US citizens can help the community from this persistent stress, which will also play a major role in the upcoming November 5 election. 

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