Top 10 Country Best For MS In Computer Science in 2024

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Jul 25,2024

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If you are searching for which country is best for MS in computer science, look no further. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the top countries that offer the best programs in computer science and why they are considered the go-to destinations for aspiring computer science aspirants.

Computer science is one of the leading fields of study around the world. A degree in computer science allows you to dabble in leading developing fields like artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics, and so on. It is a very prestigious degree, and gaining this degree from a universally renowned institution makes it even more prestigious.

Obtaining an international MS degree in computer science will help you boost your career like no other opportunity! Not only will your education be at par with international standards, but you can also get a job in the country you graduate from and make the best of its technological resources. 

So, which country is best for MS in computer science? Many factors can influence your decision. Based on the quality of education, cost of living, quality of life, and other factors, you can decide which is the best country for MS in computer science.

Best Country For MS In Computer Science: Which One Is It?

We have compiled a list of the top countries where you can further your education in computer science. Based on all the listed factors, you can decide which country is best for doing MS in computer science. 

1. United States 

united states flag on its map

  • Average tuition: 20,000 to 45,000 USD

  • Average living costs: $10,000 to $13,000 per month 

  • Top universities: Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Berkeley

This is no surprise - the US is not only regarded as the best country for MS in computer science but also a top country for most educational fields. The US offers cutting-edge technology and resources for education in computer science. The US is home to some of the best institutions for science-based degrees, and computer science is no exception. 

The US also has some of the most well-paid jobs in the world for computer science; the demand for computer science graduates is quite high there. Besides, the US is home to innumerable opportunities. So, when you ask yourself - which country is best for doing an MS in computer science - the US is an obvious answer. 

2. Canada 

Canadian flag infront of some mountains

  • Average tuition: 15,000 to 50,000 CAD

  • Average living costs: 10,000 to 12,000 CAD monthly 

  • Top universities: University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Ottawa

Canada has made a name for itself in the international market regarding education, and computer science is no exception: it is often considered the best country for MS in computer science. Canada has some of the best universities worldwide, which have ranked in most global world ranking lists. Canada is also very immigrant-friendly and welcomes immigrants to live and work there. So you can get a job here after you earn your degree and live and work here once you graduate. 

Canada also invests a lot in its research and development sectors, so you can expect innovations in the computer science field, or you can be the one inventing! 

Canadian university applications do not require additional tests- only the IELTS to prove your English skills are at par with Canadian standards. Hence, you have another reason why Canada might be the best country for you to get an MS in computer science!

3. United Kingdom 

united kingdom flag

  • Average tuition fee: 15,000 to 40,000 GBP

  • Average living costs: 1010 to 1265 GBP per month 

  • Top universities: University of Oxford, University of Nottingham, University College London

The UK is one of the most well-known destinations for higher education, and it is no exception in terms of computer science. It is the hub of businesses, both local and international, and provides many internships and job opportunities for computer science graduates. 

With universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and UCL, the UK is a top choice for many and might be the best country for MS in computer science. One of the major benefits of studying master's in the UK is that its duration is only one year, unlike the two years available in most other countries. This not only saves your time but also your financial resources. This is another reason why the UK is considered to be the best country for MS in computer science. 

4. Germany 

German flag infront of a building

  • Average tuition fee: 900 to 2788 euros 

  • Average living costs: 800 to 1300 euros per month 

  • Top universities: Technical University of Berlin, University of Bayreuth, Dresden University of Technology

If you are looking for a degree in a technology-related field, you know Germany will make it to this list. Germany is years ahead of most Western countries in terms of robotic technology and manufacturing and is, therefore, home to many businesses in the industry. Due to the ample resources in technology and science, it is regarded as the best country for MS in computer science. 

Moreover, Germany has the most affordable education out of all the countries on this list. Education costs are cheaper than in the US, UK, and other countries. Germany also occupies a central position in the EU’s landscape and provides easy connectivity to other institutions across the EU. Hence, its position as the best country for MS in computer science remains unchallenged by most. 

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5. China 

Chinese palace

  • Average tuition fee: 20,950 to 2,17,732 yuan 

  • Average living costs: 6,501 to 14,440 yuan per month 

  • Top universities: Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University

One of the leading countries in not only Asia but the world, China provides opportunities and exposure to technology that can compete with the level of the US. China also has access to technology that is years ahead of most other countries. 

The only limitation you may face is the limited number of jobs available for not only computer science graduates but also others. Since China has a hefty population, jobs might be an issue. However, it is no cause for worry as there are still a healthy number of jobs available. 

More importantly, an MS in computer science will be taught in English for international students, so you will not have any language barriers as such preventing you access from a good education. Due to no language barriers, China might be the best country for an MS in computer science for you. 

6. Australia 

Australia map outline

  • Average tuition fee: 20,000 to 50,000 AUD

  • Average living costs: 1400 to 2500 AUD per month

  • Top universities: University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of Canberra

Australia has some of the best higher education prospects in the world. If you want to pursue your higher education in a country, not in the West, then Australia is the best country for MS in computer science for you! Australia has some of the best MS courses in general due to their cutting-edge technological ventures and masterful quality of education. 

Australia provides three types of master's degrees: professional masters, professional development masters, and traditional academic masters. Depending on your career prospects, you can choose the type of MS that suits your needs best. 

7.  Sweden

Sweden flag with sky in the background

  • Average tuition fee: 112143 SEK

  • Average living costs: 8568 SEK per month

  • Top universities: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University of Technology

Sweden is one of the leading countries, not only in the EU but also in the world, in terms of education. Over the last decade, Sweden has risen as a pioneer of higher education. Its computer science programs have made a name for themselves in the world. Studying in Sweden is also more affordable than foreign education. A master's degree in Sweden will cost you much less than one from most other countries. 

Even though the price is lower, the quality remains to be at par with the expectations of international education. Swedish universities have a very healthy educational environment with guaranteed placements at top multinational corporations around the world. 

8. Ireland 

Ireland landscape

  • Average tuition fee: 22,000 euros

  • Average living costs: 982 to 1000 euros per month.

  • Top universities: University College Dublin, Technological University of Dublin, University of Galway

Ireland has risen as a technological hub, making it the best country for MS in computer science. With many research and development opportunities and unlimited facilities for computer science students, Ireland has a lot to offer to the world. Irish universities also have some of the best universities in the world, and their quality of education remains at the top. Ireland is also home to a multicultural society with many expats from around the world. 

This allows you to get in touch with people from all parts of the world and build a truly global network. Ireland offers many networking opportunities through conferences, forums, industry events, and so on. 

9. France 

France fla with sky in the background

  • Average tuition fee: 243 to 26,600 euros

  • Average living costs: 300 to 500 euros

  • Top universities: Ecole Polytechnique, Sorbonne University, Telecom Paris Institute of Technology

France has seen a huge surge in their technological growth over the last few years. France is one of the student-favourite countries in the European Union, not just because of its impeccable quality of education but also because of its rich cultural heritage. Over the last few years, France has made much technological progress and advanced greatly in the STEM fields. Studying computer science in France will push you to discover and learn new things and new approaches to deal with this educational discipline. 

Higher education in France is very affordable, especially when compared to other countries that offer degrees in computer science. It is the second cheapest country to study in, after Germany. Also, France has a very strategic location in the EU, offering great connectivity with other countries like Germany, the UK, and Switzerland, which are also very well known for their MS in computer science programs. 

10. Switzerland

Swiss flag with alps in the background

  • Average tuition fee: 650 to 1000 euros

  • Average living costs: 1500 CHF

  • Top universities: ETH Zurich, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, University of Zurich

Switzerland is often regarded as the best country for MS in computer science, especially in Europe. Switzerland has two institutions ranking in the top 10 QS world rankings list as well, proving just how competitive and prestigious education is in this country. It is known for its cutting-edge research and technological programs with state-of-the-art facilities. 

Switzerland is also known as the most beautiful country in the world. It is also located in the centre of Europe, so the country has great connectivity with other European countries, just like France. Switzerland also offers a multilingual environment- German, French, and Italian are the main languages. Education in Switzerland isn’t as cheap as its European counterparts, but the quality of education is high, and so are the salaries you will receive in this country. 

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“Which country is best for MS in computer science?” We hope your question is answered now and you better understand your options for quality education in computer science. The standard of education for computer science is very high worldwide, so you are bound to receive the best facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure for your education in these countries. Other countries you can consider are Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, and Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take any standardized tests to pursue MS in computer science?

If you are pursuing this degree in the US, you must take the GRE. Otherwise, the requirements depend from country to country. Institutions themselves may have an entrance test for some courses like computer science that you may have to attempt.

Which country is the cheapest to do MS in computer science?

Germany is a very affordable country for this degree, making it the best country for MS in computer science.

Is an MS in computer science from a foreign university worth it?

Yes, it is! Gaining this degree from a university abroad is worth it as it helps you gain skills and access resources that are at par with global standards. There are many good universities where you can pursue this course in, and you can decide which is the best country for MS in computer science for you.

Which country is best for doing MS in computer science?

The US, UK, Germany, China, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, and France are some of the best countries for this course. You can decide which is the best country for MS in computer science based on your requirements.