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Jul 25,2024

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Pursuing PR courses in Australia is one of the best ways to move to the land down under and pursue a livelihood. Finding a good PR course in Australia can make Australia immigration easier for people. There are many job opportunities available for individuals who graduate with one of these PR courses, which pay well and have good growth prospects. 

There are many PR list courses in Australia 2024 for you to choose from, which can be challenging. Hence, we have compiled all the important information in one blog. All the details about PR courses in Australia are here!

Exploring the Best PR Courses in Australia for 2024

Of all the PR courses in Australia, which are the best options for permanent residency? Navigating the extensive list of options can be a tad difficult. Worry not! We have compiled the best PR list courses in Australia 2024 to make your search easier and faster. 

1. Engineering 

Australia offers many engineering programs suited for different majors, with many viable minor options. Engineering is one of the most in-demand PR courses in Australia. There is a huge demand for engineers globally, and Australia is no exception. With a wide arena of job opportunities, engineers can seek jobs in different industries like energy, manufacturing, construction, etc. 

2. Information Technology 

Information technology specialists are required in almost every sector. No doubt they make it to the top PR courses in Australia. It involves practical knowledge and its application, and since almost every industry is driven by technology, it makes the importance of IT even more profound. This field has many attractive employment opportunities, which are expected of it post-graduation. 

3. Medical Fields

Australia has a stellar healthcare system and often relies on foreigners to keep it running. There are many openings in the healthcare sector, making it one of Australia's most lucrative PR courses. Fields like nursing, dentistry, surgery, and pharmacy have a lot of high-value courses leading to employment in Australia. The education you have to undertake is tough, but ultimately, it turns out to be a very rewarding form of education. 

4. Business 

Business is perhaps one of the best courses for PR in Australia. There are so many jobs available for people who graduate with a business degree, and you can start your own business, too! This course allows you to gain special professional experience and engage in creative yet methodical forms of work. It also helps people gain permanent residency in Australia. People who complete business PR courses in Australia also earn high wages- another lucrative plus point. 

5. Education 

There is a high demand for educators and teachers in Australia. Teaching is perhaps one of Australia's most rewarding forms of work and is a respected and revered profession. As a result, teachers and professors are also paid quite well. 

6. Nursing 

Nursing is one of the most popular PR courses in Australia. Many international students choose nursing as their course of choice and move to Australia. Nursing is also a beneficial course to work with if you wish to move to Australia through the General Skilled Migration program. Again, since Australia has a robust healthcare system, you can expect the nursing sector to be very rewarding and fulfilling as well. 

Top Fields for PR in Australia

top fields for PR in Australia

Here is all the important information you need to know about the top PR courses in Australia before you commit to one. 

Course Name

Average Fees

Average Salary 

Top Job Roles


22 lakhs INR to 30 lakhs INR

50 lakhs INR to 60 lakhs INR

  • Software engineer

  • Mechanical engineer

  • Aeronautical engineer

  • Civil engineer

Information Technology

23 lakhs INR to 28 lakhs INR

50 lakhs INR to 1.5 Cr INR

  • IT manager

  • Software developer

  • Project lead specialist

  • Web developer

Medical Fields

40 lakhs INR to 80 lakhs INR

60 lakhs INR to 20 Cr INR

  • Doctor

  • Surgeon

  • Medical practitioner

  • Physiotherapist

  • Dentist


10 lakhs INR to 60 lakhs INR

45 lakhs INR to 80 lakhs INR

  • CEO

  • Banking (retail, investment etc)

  • Consultant

  • Management positions


10 lakhs INR to 25 lakhs INR

30 lakhs INR to 55 lakhs INR

  • Teacher

  • Professor

  • Management positions in educational institutions


20 lakhs INR to 40 lakhs INR

55 lakhs to 70 lakhs INR

  • Nurse

  • Nurse manager

  • Clinical nurse specialist


Trade Courses for PR in Australia

Trade courses, including vocational or diploma courses, are based on trades or a specific skill. These courses focus on technical skill training and imparting practical knowledge. There is a list of trade courses in Australia for PR that are popular and allow for permanent residency. This list of trade courses in Australia for PR focuses on skill enhancement and training for hands-on jobs and occupations. 

1. Carpentry

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years
  • Tuition cost: 10000 to 15000 AUD
  • Salary: 30000 to 50000 AUD

Carpentry does not require a formal educational qualification in Australia. You need to be familiar with the job and its requirements or be willing to learn the same. Carpentry requires you to be familiar with the industry plan, organize work, and actively undertake it as well. You will have to complete the vocational course, which will give you all the knowledge you need to have before you formally join the industry. 

2. Engineering Fabrication 

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years
  • Tuition cost: 10000 to 15000 AUD
  • Salary: 35000 to 50000 AUD

Engineering fabrication is one of those trade PR courses in Australia, and it has applications in many other fields. Engineering fabrication opens many pathways for many industries and is a good way to acquire PR. It allows you to work as a welder, structural steel trades worker, metal fabricator, and so on. 

3. Boat Building

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years
  • Tuition cost: 10000 to 15000 AUD
  • Salary: 40000 to 60000 AUD

Boat building is one of the most popular trade PR courses in Australia. It is a relatively popular way for unskilled workers to migrate to Australia. Boat building requires you to undertake a course usually given by a marine school where you can work for large corporations and assemble boats, frames, masts, etc, and install them. Since Australia has many ocean pathways, its seafarer industry is quite strong, and thus there are always spaces for professional boat builders in this industry. 

4. Electrical Engineering Specialist

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years
  • Tuition cost: 10000 to 15000 AUD
  • Salary: 30000 to 50000 AUD

Electrical engineering technicians and specialists work hand in hand with the engineering and technology industries. They are required to perform tests and test the functions of different electrical systems, analyze them, provide the requisite details, and help estimate costs for the same. They work together with other engineers. These specialists must have an advanced diploma in electrical engineering or an equivalent recognition to work in this field. 

5. Plastering 

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years
  • Tuition cost: 10000 to 15000 AUD
  • Salary: 20000 to 35000 AUD

Plastering is one of the trade PR courses that requires you to complete a special, hands-on, two-year-long program to be eligible. These specialists usually work along with carpenters and other professionals in the trade. This is often considered one of the best PR courses in Australia. Unlike most PR courses and their year 10 requirement, plastering requires its applicants to have completed education till the Australian year 12 or an equivalent. 

6. Bricklaying

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years
  • Tuition cost: 10000 to 15000 AUD
  • Salary: 30000 to 50000 AUD

Bricklaying is one of the trade PR courses in Australia that attracts many people to the land down under. Once you complete the two-year course, you will be able to interpret floor plans, understand building layouts, conduct masonry, and so on. This job allows you to gain exposure to the construction and building sector, and you can build on it further. 

Eligible PR Courses at Top Universities in Australia

Where can you pursue PR courses in Australia? Here are the top universities offering PR list courses in Australia in 2024. 

Name of University

University Rank 

Global QS World Ranking 2024

About The University

University of Melbourne



  • One of the top academic institutions in Australia for decades

  • High-ranking employer and academic standing

  • Over 30,000 international students

University of New South Wales



  • Outranks USyd in terms of placement opportunities

  • A strong network of international research

  • Offers best career outcomes post-graduation

University of Sydney



  • One of the oldest universities in Australia

  • Research-based education

  • Strong international faculty and student body

Australian National University



  • Located in the ACT

  • Consistently ranked as the best university in Australia in the past

  • Leading university in terms of sustainability in the world

Monash University



  • Has 5 international campuses around the globe

  • Very vibrant student body and international connections

  • International Faculty

University of Queensland



  • The most diverse faculty and student body in Australia

  • Strong alumni network

  • High-quality student life

University of Western Australia



  • A global leader in research

  • The faculty is very accessible 

  • One-fifth of the student body is international

University of Adelaide



  • Australia’s third oldest university

  • Strong employer relations

  • Best known for its international faculty around the world

University of Technology, Sydney



  • One of the youngest top universities in Australia

  • Strong industry connections 

  • One of the best schools for research

Macquarie University



  • Known for fields like business, STEM, Health Sciences and Engineering

  • Best known for international faculty and sustainability

  • Located in the heart of Sydney


PR Course Duration and Eligibility Criteria

steps for applying to pr courses in australia

The PR courses in Australia have a minimum duration of at least 2 years. The list of trade courses in Australia for PR indicates that the trade courses last for 2 years. Bachelor’s degree courses last for 3 to 4 years, and master's degree courses last for 18 months to 2 years. You must also meet the eligibility criteria attached to the PR list courses in Australia 2024. 

The eligibility criteria for PR in Australia are discussed below. 

  • You must apply for a temporary student visa under subclass 485 after completing your course. 

  • Your course should not be under two years old. It should also be at least two years long. 

  • The CRICOS, which is responsible for courses for international students in Australia, should approve your course. 

  • The job you plan to do after graduation should be listed on the ANZSCO job list. 

  • It would be best to have an IELTS score of 8.0 or equivalent. 

Only after you meet these criteria can you stay and work after completing one of the PR courses in Australia.

Study Abroad Experience in Australia for PR Students

Doing one of the PR courses in Australia also allows you to experience the city's vibrant and happening student life. If you pursue one of the PR list courses in Australia 2024, you will ease your path to residency and sign up for a life unlike any other. Some of the best factors that outline the study abroad experience in Australia are listed below. 

  • Australia offers a variety of educational opportunities to its students. There are over 20,000 courses available for international students, with no shortage of PR courses in Australia. This ensures that you have many options when choosing an educational institution in Australia. 

  • Australia has a booming market, and they are always seeking for foreigners to work in Australia. Many job opportunities are available in the country, skilled and unskilled, across almost every industry in Australia. Once you complete one of the PR courses in Australia, you are bound to find a job almost immediately. 

  • If funding is stopping you from pursuing one of the PR courses in Australia, then worry not! The Australian government offers almost 3000 scholarships to international students from different economic and cultural backgrounds every year. These scholarships, along with other loan and bursary options, make the dream of studying in Australia a reality for many. 

  • Australia is a hotspot of multiculturalism. The student body, the corporate network, and the Australian society in general have enriching, diverse backgrounds. Australia thus offers exposure to the cultures of the entire world through the lens of one country. 

  • This advantage might be the most obvious- Australia is best known for its natural wonders and diversity, which is one of the biggest plus points of studying in Australia. You get to explore the wonders of the natural world and stay close to the roots of nature while making the best out of all the other benefits Australia gives you. 

  • The quality of life in Australia is quite good. Healthcare is accessible, and you get the same high-quality amenities as other Western countries for a cheaper price! What more could we possibly ask for? 

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We can conclude that the PR courses in Australia offer the best pathway for Australia immigration. There are so many courses for you to choose from, and with a minimum of 2 years, you can easily complete them as well. Getting PR as an international student in Australia is a great opportunity, and you should not let it go! Once you complete your course and start working, you can obtain permanent residence status in no time. For any immigration and PR-related guidance, Terratern is here to help.

To learn more about PR courses in Australia, TerraTern is right there to help you through them. You can consult the expert team and seek guidance about the best PR courses in Australia and on Australian immigration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the STEM subjects crucial for PR in Australia?

Petroleum engineering, agricultural sciences, health sciences and ICT infrastructure are the best STEM fields for PR in Australia. In terms of primary education, there is no specific requirement as such for STEM subjects at the high school level.

Which universities offer the best PR courses in Australia?

The University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, and the University of Adelaide have the best PR courses in Australia. The complete top 10 list is covered in this article.

Are there specific course durations required for PR eligibility in Australia?

Yes, your course should be at least 2 years (24 months) long for you to be eligible for PR in Australia.

Can international students pursue PR courses in Australia?

Ofcourse, these PR courses are primarily aimed at international students who wish to live and work in Australia permanently.

Do PR courses in Australia guarantee permanent residency status upon completion?

As long as you meet the criteria upon completing one of the PR courses in Australia, you should get PR. The criteria have been listed in the blog.