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Pursuing a career in pharmacy in the land down under is a great option since for pharmacist salary Australia has the best reputation and perks. The average pharmacist salary in Australia is higher than in most countries around the world making immigration to Australia more exciting. Pharmacy is one of the most integral sectors in the global healthcare system. To enable accessible healthcare in a country, its pharmacy system should be strong and reliable. Australia has an accessible pharmaceutical market which is quite well regulated as well. The pharmacist salary in Australia per month is quite high as well, enabling you to live a good lifestyle as you pursue a fulfilling job in this industry.  

Latest Facts and News

  • The federal government in Australia received almost 90 applications to open new pharmacies in Australia recently. 

  • This is a follow-up to the reforms introduced in Australia that changed the 30-day supply to a 60-day one for 184 common medicines.

  • The average hourly pharmacist salary Australia is about AUD 55.19 per hour. 

  • The average annual pharmacist salary Australia is around AUD 107,614. 

  • The average tax rate in Australia is about 15.4 percent annually, so pharmacists still withhold a lot of the money they earn. 

  • Demand for pharmacists is expected to grow by 9 percent in 2026. 

  • In March 2024, the Australian government announced that it had reached a non-binding draft agreement with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the leading authority on pharmacy) that they would allocate an extra 3 billion dollars to the industry over 5 years. 

  • Despite abundant work opportunities, Australia faces a shortage of pharmacists, opening up opportunities for expats to take up. 

Understanding the Average Pharmacist Salary in Australia

The average salary of pharmacists in Australia is well above AUD 100,000. However, it is not the same for entry-level pharmacists. If you are just starting, you will need to gain some time and experience before your income increases. Regional locations also create some differences in the existing average pharmacist salary Australia offers to its people. 

1. Entry-Level vs. Experienced Pharmacists' Earnings

Entry-level pharmacists include freshers who have just graduated with the required qualifications in pharmacy and people with up to 2 years of experience. They handle the basic duties of pharmacy and are in the process of learning practical skills. 

The average pharmacist salary Australia offers to beginners ranges from AUD 61000 to AUD 64000 per year. Thus, you can expect the entry-level pharmacist salary in Australia per month to be about AUD 5000 to AUD 6000. 

Experienced pharmacists, who have been in the pharmacy industry for up to a decade or more, earn significantly more than entry-level ones. The average pharmacist salary Australia provides to experienced professionals is almost double the entry-level salary. 

These professionals take up leadership roles and have a much greater level of knowledge of pharmacy. Their annual salaries range from AUD 90000 to AUD 113,000 annually. It is possible to earn even more than this as well. Thus, you can expect an experienced pharmacist salary in Australia per month to be around AUD 6500 to AUD 7000. 

2. Regional Variations in Pharmacist Salaries

While the demand for pharmacists in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney persists, there is a very high demand for pharmacists in rural Australia right now. While a pharmacist in a city like Sydney, with mid-level experience, can expect to earn up to AUD 64000 annually, a pharmacist intern can expect to earn about $54000 in a rural Australian setting due to their high demand. 

Similarly, while pharmacist interns in Melbourne and Brisbane can earn up to AUD 50000, pharmacist interns in rural Tasmania and Victoria earn almost AUD 60000. The pharmacist salary in Australia per month in rural regions is also much higher than in the metropolitan regions for beginners. 

The contrast in the cost of living expenses, which are higher in the metropolitans and significantly lower in the rural regions, is also to be noted. This factor makes pharmacy a better option in rural Australia, at least for entry-level and mid-level workers. 

Average salary of pharmacists in various regions of Australia


Which are the Highest Paying Cities for Pharmacists in Australia?

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Factors Influencing Pharmacist Salaries in Australia

Various factors influence pharmacist salary in Australia. Some of the prominent factors are:

1. Education and Specializations

To become a pharmacist, one needs to have a doctoral degree in pharmacy. That is the bare minimum requirement for entry-level jobs in pharmacy. The average pharmacist salary Australia offers to pharmacists is higher if the pharmacist has a master's or a PhD in pharmacy. Moreover, the specialization you work in also matters. If you are a clinical pharmacist, you are bound to make more money than most pharmacists. If you are a chief pharmacist, that also guarantees you a good pharmacist salary in Australia per month. 

The education level also determines the average salary someone can earn in the pharmacy sector. 

  • Diploma level: AUD 50000 to AUD 58000
  • Bachelor's degree: AUD 95000 to AUD 99000
  • Master's degree: AUD 111000 to AUD 150000 (experienced professionals)

2. Industry Sectors and Employment Settings

Working in a corporate setting is bound to increase the average pharmacist salary Australia gives you. If you work as a director of pharmacy or a chief pharmacist- you can be assured that the average pharmacist salary Australia offers leadership roles is well above AUD 100,000 on average. A pharmacy specialist or a clinical pharmacist will earn about AUD 88000 to AUD 90000 per month. 

Changes in the salary of Pharmacists over the years in Australia

Navigating Salary Negotiations and Increases

As a pharmacist, you need to be able to negotiate your salary and income and make sure your skills and contributions to the healthcare industry are compensated well. 

  • Know your industry well and understand the different expectations from differently qualified pharmacists, as well as the average pharmacist salary Australia pays in different sectors. 

  • Keep a record of all your accomplishments. If you have any research work that you have done or metrics and case studies that are worth documenting, make sure you have a record of all of it. 

  • Evaluate your skills. Develop new skills, too. Make sure the average pharmacist salary in Australia per month in your sector is being met, and try to aim for above that. Get paid for your worth! 

  • At the same time, you must be realistic about your expectations while expecting a raise in salary.

  • The best way to ensure you get paid high is to develop your skills while monitoring industry changes and trends constantly. 

How do You Become a Pharmacist in Australia from India?

Since Australia is one of the top countries in which to pursue pharmacy, there are also some strict qualifications for pharmacy aspirants who wish to work in Australia. If you want to work in pharmacy:

  • You must have a bachelor's degree or diploma at least from an accredited university in Australia or equivalent from a foreign country. Keep in mind that the degree you start with influences your entry-level salary. 

  • You must complete an internship training program from 6 months to 1 year. 

  • You must attempt to pass a registration exam that will give you a license to work as a pharmacist in Australia. 

Future Outlook for Pharmacist Salaries in Australia

The future of pharmacy in Australia seems to be quite strong and bright. The following reasons supplement the expectation of growth in pharmacy in Australia. 

  • The scope of jobs and growth in pharmacy is expected to be a whopping 9 percent by 2026 in Australia. 

  •  Around 70 percent of pharmacists work in metropolitan cities right now, while the demand in rural and regional Australia keeps rising. 

  • Currently, Australia needs almost 3000 pharmacists to meet their needs in pharmacy. Again, this number is expected to rise. 

  • Research suggests that the demand for pharmacists in Australia is expected to be consistent for many, many years. 



To summarize, Australia has always been and remains one of the best countries in which to pursue pharmacy. The average pharmacist's salary in Australia is much higher than in most countries. Pharmacy interns themselves earn a whopping amount of salary, much more than most interns in healthcare fields. 

Australia is expected to have a continuing scale of pharmacy growth, and salaries are expected to remain competitive. If you wish to pursue pharmacy, Australia is your best bet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting salary for a pharmacist in Australia?

The starting salary for a pharmacist in Australia is about AUD 90,800, for most entry-level positions.

How do pharmacist salaries in Australia compare to other countries?

Australia is in the top three countries for the highest-paying salaries in pharmacy, only behind the United States and Iceland.

What are the best industries for pharmacists to work in Australia for higher salaries?

The retail trade industry offers the highest salaries in pharmacy in Australia. Clinical settings also offer high salaries.

Can specialization increase a pharmacist's salary in Australia?

Yes, specialization can significantly increase a pharmacist's salary in Australia. Pharmacists with advanced degrees, such as a master's or PhD, and those specializing in fields like clinical pharmacy, typically earn higher salaries compared to general pharmacists. Specialized roles often come with additional responsibilities and expertise, which are compensated with higher pay.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected pharmacist salaries in Australia?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a surge in the demand for community pharmacists. The role of pharmacists otherwise, has remained important and became even more crucial since then.