Common Mistakes To Avoid As A Newcomer To Canada

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Jul 25,2024

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Canada is indeed a dream destination. For the people looking to have educational openings and employment opportunities. Canada provides a conducive environment to grow in a stable economy. Also, the country has a welcoming nature and an effective immigration process. As a result, a large number of people solemnly desire to move to Canada.

Around 20 percent of the entire Canadian population are immigrants with permanent residence. Every year nearly 50,000 people move to Canada from across the world. This blog covers the challenges and difficulties faced by newcomers to Canada, and the common mistakes to avoid as a newcomer to Canada.

Mistakes To Avoid Moving To Canada For The First Time

There are some common blunders people make when they relocate to Canada for study, work, or any other purposes. Let's understand what to prepare before moving to Canada to have a seamless life there. Following are some common mistakes that people make while relocating : 

1. Say No To Unnecessary Initial Expenses 

The time period from which you step into Canada to place things at their places can become hectic and not so budget-friendly for you. The challenges include finalizing the locality and house to live in. You need to find a place to stay until everything gets settled. All these factors could be daunting and could affect your pockets badly. 

Not planning and settling in an expensive hotel before you get your place to live could shake your future plans. In this case, it is suggested to find a hostel to live in till you find a suitable place for yourself. Unnecessary expense in the initial stage is one of the common mistakes to avoid as a newcomer to Canada. 

This way eventually you’ll end up saving more. Not only accommodation, there are some other reasons that can cause a burden on your pocket. Things to avoid in this case also include keeping an eye on the market regarding the pricing. Doing this can avoid paying extra security deposits, Which can cause overburden in the initial stage itself and will lead to a chain of troubles.

Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. The housing market varies by location. Due to its economic, demographics, and other factors. Without researching the housing market, it is common for people to make a mistake as a newcomer in a long-term agreement and regret it later.

2. Understanding Of The Province You Are Locating To 

Without proper preparation and research about the relocating location can be proven as a mistake for the newcomers to Canada. Understanding the place helps you to build connections. It helps you to make financial decisions, as mentioned above about the housing market. It also helps you to understand the industry job market and opportunities. 

Understanding the cultural attractions is also essential for newcomers in Canada. It leads to the seamless flow of social interaction and results in the development of valued connections at your workplace and house. 

So it is suggested that preparation and homework about the place you are relocating to is a must. You should not avoid it, it can be helpful for you in the long run. Hence, not studying your location is considered to be one of the common mistakes to avoid as a newcomer to Canada. 

3. Weather Conditions 

Avoiding weather conditions is a common mistake immigrants make. This needs proper preparation before you move to Canada. The answer to what to prepare is the understanding of the varying weather conditions in different provinces. 

The information about the weather can be accessed at your fingertips by visiting forecast platforms. It will explain all about winters, summer, and rainy conditions in Canada. Preparation by keeping suitable garments for the weather conditions there can ease your living in Canada.

4. Opening A Bank Account 

Delaying opening a bank account can turn out to be a mistake. People think of waiting for a long period to do it. As soon as you reach there, you should open a bank account. Opening a Tax Free Saving Account (TSFA) can be an option to consider. 

This is beneficial in terms of getting a debit card, credit card, and other financial support in the future and also boosts the credit score. The loan can be applied, and the scheme for child educational programs can be availed through it. 

One of the common mistakes to avoid as a newcomer to Canada is not opening a bank account immediately after shifting. So it suggested that a newcomer should enroll in it in the 1st month itself.

5. Underestimating The Job Market Or Depending On It

Canada has a stable economy and multifaceted job opportunities. But still, rejection of immigrant job applications is also quite common in Canada. The understanding of the job market is essential for newcomers, as to what is the labor demand in which province. 

Association with industry can help you to boost credibility in the market and can result in getting a job. Waiting for a call to happen and not hustling for it can be proven as a mistake for newcomers. So start finding out the labor trend and market flexibility if you are planning to move to Canada.

6. Language 

This apparent factor and also latent in the eligibility criteria for getting a Canadian passport. Having language proficiency in English at least is a must. Immigrants should watch English media. 

This way they can have a better understanding of the place and its socioeconomic context. A better understanding of society will help you make decisions and understand the common mistakes to avoid as a newcomer to Canada.

French is also the official language in Canada and some special benefits can be availed through it. How? By exploring the policies provided by the Canadian government for Francophones. You can explore this subject by reading “Immigration to Canada after 45” only on Terratern.

7. Future Roadmap

Relocating to a new country without a roadmap and backup plans for a year at least can be damaging for you. This is the most common mistake. People make it by not having backup plans if they do not get a job or if things go wrong. 

They do this when planning for a permanent home and other factors. In this scenario you have to have a backup plan for your financial stability, a plan for making things work until you get yourself on track.


Do you want to understand the common mistakes to avoid as a newcomer to Canada? Preparations are key. They're needed for your office presentation, your marriage, or your tour plans. They avoid conflicts and struggle. The same goes with moving to Canada, you need some extra guarding when you’re relocating to Canada. By keeping small things in mind you can ensure a seamless transition of your relocating process. 

From considering weather conditions to the understanding of the province you're shifting to. The local cultural practices should be known by you to have a social life with people there. language proficiency and some other small but important factors mentioned above can help you have a great life in Canada.

You can avoid making mistakes as a newcomer to Canada with an expert like TerraTern who provides support throughout the process as well as post-landing.

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