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Everything You Would Like to Know Canada PR visa process. This article looks to offer a point-by-point outline of this pined-for opportunity, covering its benefits, qualification criteria, application process, and more. By giving a comprehensive direction, people fascinated by making Canada their permanent home can carefully understand what it involves and how to explore the method successfully. The Canada PR visa serves as a door to realizing this dream. From social administrations and business openings to the plausibility of supporting family individuals, the Canada PR visa opens entryways to a large number of benefits and openings in one of the world's most alluring nations for immigrants.

Why Apply For a Canada PR Visa?

These are a few of the many reasons why you should apply for a Canada PR visa.

  • Invites 4.85 lakh Canada PR visa in 2024

  • Welcoming 2 million new Canada PR visas by 2026

  • 1 Million jobs lying vacant for 100+ days

  • Earn 5 to 8 times your current salary

  • Access to Universal Healthcare System

  • FREE Education for your children

  • Retirement benefits

  • The easiest path to get Canadian Citizenship from a Canada PR visa from India

Understanding Canada PR Visa

  • The Canada PR visa, regularly alluded to as the Canada PR visa, gifts people the flexibility to dwell anyplace inside Canada's endless geological scene without any time imperatives. This adaptability permits holders to settle in districts that best suit their way of life, career yearnings, or family needs.

  • Canada PR visa holders appreciate indistinguishable rights and benefits as Canadian citizens, cultivating a sense of having a place and integration inside Canadian society. This incorporates a comprehensive healthcare scope, quality instruction for themselves and their dependents, and different social administrations outlined to bolster people and families in their travel toward changeless residency.

  • Canada offers a large number of pathways for getting changeless residency, catering to assorted foundations, aptitudes, and circumstances. From the highly competitive Express Passage framework, which prioritizes talented specialists based on justify, to Common Candidate Programs (PNPs) custom fitted to particular common labor advertise needs, and family sponsorship programs empowering reunification with cherished ones, people have many choices to seek after their Canadian dream. The Canada PR visa from India guarantees that Canada remains available and comprehensive to people from all strolls of life, contributing to its notoriety as an inviting and diverse nation.

Canada PR Visa Eligibility

In order to be eligible to get a Canada PR visa, you will have to take care of the following criteria and meet those criteria.

  • You need a minimum of 67 points in the Canada PR visa process.

  • You should be below 40 years of age.

  • IELTS/PTE Score

  • Educational Credential Assessment

  • Proof OF Funds

  • Job Offer In Canada(Optional)

Qualification Criteria

  • To be qualified for the Express Section framework, candidates must qualify for one of the government financial migration programs: the Government Talented Specialist Program, the Federal Talented Exchanges Program, or the Canadian Encounter Class.

  • Each Canadian territory and domain has its own PNP with particular qualification criteria custom-made to their labor showcase needs.

  • Canadian citizens and inhabitants can support their companion, common-law accomplice, dependent child, parent, or grandparent for the Canada PR visa process.

Application Process 

The application process and the qualification criterion are as follows:

  • Candidates qualified for Express Passage make a web profile and are positioned based on a Comprehensive Positioning Framework (CRS) score. Canada PR visa from India with good scores are welcome to apply for lasting homes through standard draws conducted by Movement, Displaced People, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

  • Candidates fascinated by PNPs must begin by applying to a particular territory or region and get a nomination. Once designated, they can apply for permanent residence through the Express Passage framework or straightforwardly to IRCC.

  • The support and the supported person must both meet qualification necessities. The support starts the method by applying to support their family part, and the supported person applies for a lasting home once the sponsorship is approved.

Documents Required for Canada PR Visa from India

For a Canada PR Visa from India, essential documents include a passport, education credentials, language proficiency test results, etc. Each category has specific requirements, so applicants must ensure they meet all criteria to increase their chances of success. The required documents are as follows:

  • Personality Status Records: International ID, birth certificate, marriage certificate (in case appropriate), etc.

  • Instruction and Work Involvement Records: Instructive transcripts, recognitions, certificates, business letters, etc. Dialect Capability Test Comes about: English dialect proficiency tests (IELTS, CELPIP) or French dialect capability tests (TEF, TCF).

  • Police Clearance Certificate: Verification of a clean criminal record from all nations where the candidate has lived for six months or more since turning 18.

 Process Time and Fees

  • The handling time for Canada PR visa applications shifts depending on the migration program, the volume of applications, and other components. Generally, it can extend from several to over a year.

  • The Canada PR visa fees associated with the application incorporate preparation expenses, biometrics expenses, therapeutic examination expenses, dialect testing expenses, etc.

Canada PR visa fees

Amount In-CAD

Canada PR visa for Primary Applicant


Right of PR Fee


Spouse/Partner Processing Fee


Dependent Child(Per Child)


ECA Fees





Canada PR Via PNP 

  • Canada has almost 80 different Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), each with its own eligibility criteria. 

  • The PNP program helps provinces address their unique immigration needs by filling job vacancies that are in demand and meeting labor shortages in their province.

  • Most PNPs require applicants to have some connection to the province. This could include having worked or studied in the province before. 

  • Alternatively, applicants could have a job offer from an employer in the province for a job visa. However, some PNPs do not require any previous connection to the province. In such cases, applicants can apply for a Canada PR visa directly to the PNP program of that province. 

The Most Popular PNP Programs for a Canada PR Visa are as follows:

- Saskatchewan PNP

- Manitoba PNP 

- Alberta PNP

- Ontario PNP 

- New Brunswick PNP

- Nova Scotia PNP 

- Prince Edward Island PNP

- British Columbia PNP

 Fees for Canada PR Visa from India

The Canada PR Visa application fees for Indian applicants vary depending on factors such as the type of visa, number of family members included, and processing times. Additional fees may apply for medical exams, language tests, and biometrics.

Number of Family Members

Canada PR visa fees (CAD)















If more than 7 people, each additional member



Key Takeaways

A Canada PR visa opens doors to a world of opportunities, from access to universal healthcare and education to a pathway to Canadian citizenship. With various immigration programs catering to diverse backgrounds, Canada remains a welcoming destination for those seeking permanent residency and a brighter future. With our expertise and personalized guidance, TerraTern streamlines the application journey, ensuring applicants meet eligibility criteria and compile necessary documentation effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a Canada PR visa from inside Canada?

Yes, certain people with transitory status in Canada may be qualified to apply for a Canada PR visa from inside the country.

Is there an age restrain for applying for Canadian Permanent Residence?

No, there's no age restraint for most Canada PR visas, even though the focus may be granted in an unexpected way based on age.

Can I incorporate my family individuals in my Canada PR visa application?

Yes, spouses, common-law accomplices, and subordinate children can be included in the application.

How long does it take to get a Canada PR visa?

Preparing times vary depending on the pathway and the person's circumstances for a Canada PR visa. It can run from a few months to a couple of years.

Can I work in Canada while my PR application is being processed?

In numerous cases, people with substantial work can work in Canada whereas their Canada PR visa process is pending.