MBA Salary in Australia: The Ultimate 2024 Guide For You

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Jul 14,2024

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Benefits of Pursuing MBA in Australia

  • Top MBA programmes available

  • Higher salary than other countries, as found through many general surveys

  • Various disciplines and specialization available

  • Emphasis on soft skill building, such as time, management, strategic thinking, leadership, project, design, management, et cetera

  • Internationally recognised qualifications, which improve your resume

  • Bus link, business environment, ensuring good placement opportunities

  • Great environment for international students, with a vast student network

Introduction to MBA Salary in Australia

Wondering about what the MBA salary in Australia is like? We have got you covered! Australia is one of the best countries in the world to study in. One of the most popular courses that people go to Australia for is the Master of Business Administration course, most often known as the MBA. The MBA is a very prestigious degree that millions of people strive to do every year. Fast, it is one of the most popular degrees around the world, and an MBA opens up many different job pathways for you. MBA has different specializations and subcourses underneath. The average salary of MBA graduates in Australia is much higher than in other countries of their graduates, making Australia, yet again, one of the most ideal places to pursue an MBA. From public relations to human resources, there are many different types of specialization that you can do in an MBA.

There are many reasons why you should pursue an MBA in Australia. Australia has some of the best educational curricula for many courses, including the MBA. Australian universities are consistently ranked among the top universities in the world every year. There are many different universities in Australia that offer procedure MBA programmes. Plus, you can work in Australia. Once you get your degree, Australia will offer a substantially higher salary for MBA graduates. The average salary in Australia after an MBA is much higher than in other countries. 

Moreover, since an MBA is one of the most popular courses to pursue, it may also help you immigrate to Australia permanently. The job security after getting an MBA is quite high in Australia as well so you will definitely get a good job with a good MBA salary in Australia.

So, what are you waiting for? In this blog, we will be covering all the important information regarding MBA salary in Australia, including the top cities, super MBA in, top salaries, and everything else that you need to know about this.

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Average Salary of MBA in Australia

One of the most important questions that arise is: how much is the average MBA salary in Australia? 

As we have already informed you, Australia has one of the highest salaries for MBA graduates. The average salary for an MBA in Australia is around 95,000 AUD. Amazing, right?  

Freshers earn about 60,000 AUD to 65,000 AUD. 

Experienced professionals’ salaries can go well above 130,000 AUD!

Experience Level

Average Salary of MBA in Australia


60,000 AUD to 65,000 AUD


80,000 AUD to 95,000 AUD

Experienced professionals

130,000 AUD and above


Factors Influencing MBA Salary in Australia

The following factors play a key role in influencing the average salary in Australia after MBA. 

1. Industry 

The type of industry you join plays a key role in influencing the salary earned. Different industries have different demands, therefore they offer a range of salaries to everyone. If you join industries like finance and IT, you are surely going to get a really high salary. Even management industries have a really high average salary for MBA graduates. Thus, think carefully about what industry you want to join. The industry joining will have an influence on the average salary in Australia after the MBA you get.

2. Experience 

How many years have you been in the MB industry? Like many other countries, Australia values experience over other things. When you are starting out as a fresh MBA graduate the MBA  salary in Australia will be quite less than what you will learn around five or six years later. A few years after you start out, you will understand the job's ropes better and start earning more. Of course, experienced professionals have the highest salaries. If you work in the industry for more than like 10 years, you are short yet, really high salaries rewarding you for your work.

3. Location

The part of Australia you work in also matters. Different reasons and states have different demands for MBA graduates. If you work in places like Melbourne and Sydney, the demand for MBA graduates is high there, so the MBA salary per month is also high. On the contrary, if you work in some other regions, like Wollongong or Tasmania, the demand for MBA graduates is a little less there, so the MBA salary per month will also be a little less.

4. Specialisations 

With an MBA, you can do different specializations. Different specializations have different jobs and expectations attached to them. By default, the salaries you can earn are also different. Try to do the specializations that are trending and are the highest paid in Australia. The MBA salary in Australia. It all depends on what kind of specialization you have done.

Factors Influencing MBA Salary in Australia

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MBA Salary in Australia: Trends and Projections

Australia has had some economic concerns for the last few years. However, in spite of that, MBA salaries have remained high and competitive. Australia offers around 90,000 AUD to 95,000 AUD as the average salary of MBA in australia. The MBA salary in Australia per month, as you can already ascertain, is quite strong as well. 

Australia has many globally recognized business schools, all of which have been recognized by many employers. Employers hire a lot of the graduates from these schools. There is a lot of scope for jobs which offer a high average salary in Australia after MBA.

Top Paying Cities for MBA in Australia

The average salary in Australia after MBA differs from place to place. Different cities have different demands and leading occupations. The following cities have the highest MBA salary in Australia. 

The bigger, metropolitan cities have higher MBA salary in Australia per month. So here are the top 5 cities which have the highest MBA salary in Australia! 


Average salary in Australia after an MBA

Top Job Role


110,000 AUD

Management Consultant


100,000 AUD

Business Analyst


100,000 AUD

Project Manager


99,000 AUD

Management Consultant


90,000 AUD

Business Analyst



Your search for an MBA salary in Australia has led you to us, and hopefully, we have been able to help! MBA is one of the most sought-after professions, and many students worldwide apply for MBA programs in Australia every year. So, what makes you stand out from the large pool of MBA candidates you compete with for a job? Your skills, experience, and additional courses can make or break your resume. 

If you want to immigrate to Australia, getting an MBA job is one of your best bets. For any immigration-related assistance, TerraTern is right here to help! We specialize in immigration sectors and have years of specialization aiding us. Reach out to us today for any questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which field has the highest MBA salary in Australia?

Financial Analysts earn the most after their MBA in Australia. The MBA salary in Australia per month for financial analysts ranges from 80,000 AUD to 100,000 AUD. It is one of the most prestigious specialisations for high MBA salaries in Australia, making it a very lucrative profession.

What are the top MBA specialisations in Australia?

Finance, marketing, health administration, accounting, human resources, entrepreneurship, and technology management are some of the most popular MBA specialisations. They have the highest MBA salary in Australia. These specialisations also have unparalleled growth opportunities which you can explore after getting a job in Australia.

Is MBA in the PR list for Australia?

Yes! MBA is one of the most in-demand degrees in Australia and leads to plenty of occupational opportunities. It has made it to the PR list of Australia, ensuring that the pathway to PR is easier and faster if you do one of the jobs after this degree, and get a really high MBA salary in Australia while you’re at it!

What is a good MBA salary in Australia?

Any salary from 65,000 AUD to 90,000 AUD is considered quite good in Australia. Considering that the average MBA salary in Australia is above these numbers, the starting MBA salary in Australia is quite good itself! If you work your way up, your salary will increase as well!

What are the best job portals for MBA in Australia?

Indeed, LinkedIn, SEEK and Wow Recruitments are the best for finding jobs in Australia. Some of the most reputed companies post job postings on these sites, so you are sure to get a high MBA salary in Australia via these portals.