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A letter of acceptance is the key to your education in Canada. This document is a mandate for international students seeking to study in Canada. It shows that you have enrolled in some educational institutions and your eligibility also. Letter of Acceptance Canada acts as a confirmation letter of your admission to any Canadian institution.

Letter of Acceptance Canada

Letter of Acceptance Canada is the document that shows that the individual holding this letter has met all the requirements, including the educational requirements and some other requirements. This blog will throw light on what it is, its importance, and its need.

What is a Letter of Acceptance Canada?

It is an official document that shows your confirmation of admission to any Canadian educational institution. It contains certain information about the individual and the program as well. So, in a nutshell, the letter of acceptance in Canada is a valid document showing your acceptance into the educational program. The main role it plays in getting a study permit in Canada.

Is a Letter of Acceptance Required to Obtain a Canadian Study Permit?

Absolutely, having a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is typically necessary when you're looking to get a Canadian study permit. It acts as your golden ticket, showing that a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada has opened its doors for you.

While there are a few exceptions to this requirement, the truth is that for the majority of international students, securing an LOA is a crucial step in the journey toward obtaining a study permit.

What Does the Letter of Acceptance Contains?

The letter of acceptance provides the details of the institution the student has been enrolled in and the information related to the student's enrollment as well. It contains student details, the enrolled program details, the duration and starting date of the study session, tuition fees of the institute, and other related information. The following are the main informations included in the letter of acceptance:

1. Student Information

The most important thing is the identification information of the student who has been enrolled in the study program. It contains the student's name, date of birth, and other personal information, including details of his home country. It is necessary for the correct identification and documentation process. 

2. Contact Information

It also includes the mailing address, institution’s number, and other contact details of the institution you have been enrolled in. It helps in getting in contact with the institution while looking for any information related to enrollment or any concerns or queries related to it. 

3. Program Details

It includes the details of the program in which you will be enrolled, including the name, duration of the program, and other related details. It confirms that you get enrolled in the right program and get all the necessary information related to it. 

4. Cost of the Study Program and Financial Aids

It gives the financial details required to study in the specified program. It has tuition fees and other fee amounts needed for the study program. This helps students to understand the financial requirements and fee structure of the institution. 

It also contains details about the financial aid provided to the students by the institution, such as scholarship details. 

5. Deadline

It contains the last date to reply to the letter of acceptance for the acceptance of their offer of admission, along with the duration of the program. After the deadline, the offer will be provided to other student applicants. Pre-offered students won't be able to get their spot in the program, so students are advised to confirm their acceptance of the admission offer before the deadline. 

6. Terms and Conditions

Certain conditions are required of the students before they get admitted into the program they are offered. After following these conditions, the offer of admission will be unconditional. It contains the submission of the final mark sheet of students from the previous institution, clearing language proficiency tests, and other program-specified requirements. 

Types of Letter of Acceptance

Based on the context and purpose of the letter, there are several types of letters of acceptance. The letter of acceptance Canada sample for all these types can be found online, which will give you a better idea of them.

  1. Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLA)

  2. Unconditional Letter of Acceptance (ULA)

  3. Deferred Letter of Acceptance (DLA)

  4. Co-Op Work Permit Letter of Acceptance (CWP)

  5. Language School Letter of Acceptance (LSLA)

How to Get a Letter of Acceptance From a University in Canada?

International students can study in their study programs provided by Canadian institutes only after getting the letter of acceptance. If you are looking for the answer to “ How to get a letter of acceptance from a university in Canada?” then here’s the complete step-by-step guide to getting the letter of acceptance in Canada:

1. Get the Information About the Universities Related to Your Program 

Canada has several institutes that offer a wide variety of courses and study programs. Firstly, you need to look for institutes that offer study programs related to your field of study or subjects. It's not hard to find colleges that provide high-quality education on your selected courses. However, you have to ensure that it is the right program you want to pursue before applying for the study program. 

2. Checking the Eligibility

The next step of “ how to get a letter of acceptance from a university in Canada?” is,  once you are sure of the college you want to be enrolled in, you'll have to check the eligibility criteria. Different institutes have different eligibility criteria. Check the eligibility criteria of your desired college and meet the requirements to apply for the letter of acceptance.

3. Fill the Application

After passing the eligibility criteria, you can get your form of application from the nearest Canadian visa application office to obtain your study permit application form. Fill in all the required details correctly, and make sure to recheck them. Attach the required documents, such as mark sheets and test scores from your previous institutions, along with the application, and submit your application for admission to the study program. The answer to the question “How to get a letter of acceptance from a university in Canada?” It is not that tough. You simply go through these simple processes.

4. Wait for the Institution's Decision

Once you have followed all the steps under “How to get a letter of acceptance from a university in Canada?”, you will have to wait for the institution's decision after submitting your application. The process of verification and confirmation of your application can take time. The time to decide on your application depends on your applied program and the institution. So be patient and wait for the decision because the duration of the verification is not fixed. 

Steps for Letter of Acceptance- TerraTern

5. Offer of Admission

You will receive an offer of admission from the institution to apply for the letter of acceptance after your application is accepted. The admission offer will give you the details about your study program and the conditions you need to meet before your enrollment in the study program. 

6. Accepting the Offer

Read all the details and costs of the study program provided. If it is the right fit for you, accept the offer by following the instructions stated by the institution. It may include submitting the required forms or making a financial deposit. 

7. Get a Letter of Acceptance

Now, after following all the steps to get a letter of acceptance from a university in Canada, this is the time to get the result. After meeting all the requirements and accepting the offer of admission, the institution will provide you with your letter of acceptance. The letter of acceptance contains all the necessary details related to your study program, which are mentioned above. It also provides information on how to apply for a study permit. 

8. Apply for a Study Permit

Your letter of acceptance will give you the details about how to apply for a study permit. Follow the instructions and apply for the study permit. After your study permit is granted, you'll be ready to fly to Canada and make your dreams come true. 

Letter of Acceptance Canada Sample

Here is a letter of acceptance Canada sample for your reference:

Sample letter of acceptance

Letter of Acceptance Canada Time

The processing time till the letter of acceptance is at your doorstep can vary depending on different factors, but considering an average letter of acceptance Canada time that most universities take is 4 to 6 weeks. 

Letter of acceptance in Canada time can depend on the universities. Different universities take different times depending on the amount of applications the university has received. Another necessary thing to take care of is to ensure that the application is complete and every necessary document is mentioned. Letter of acceptance in Canada time also varies depending on the time you apply for it, so it is suggested that you apply early. Which can shorten the time needed for your letter of acceptance in Canada.

Usually, the university websites have a letter of acceptance Canada time, and in case of delay, you can simply contact the admission office and can politely enquire about the letter of acceptance Canada time.

Who Doesn't Need a Letter of Acceptance for a Canadian Study Permit?

Certain groups are exempt from requiring a letter of acceptance for a Canadian study permit:

  • Registered Indians in Canada (even if not Canadian citizens)

  • Minor children in Canada, depending on their situation

  • Refugees or refugee claimants, along with their dependents

  • Family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents attending preschool, primary, or secondary school

  • Family or staff of accredited foreign representatives, subject to specific conditions

Additionally, short-term study programs lasting less than six months do not require a letter of acceptance, though they may restrict work eligibility and post-graduation work permit applications. Always verify the latest requirements with Canadian immigration authorities.


A letter of acceptance in Canada is key to applying for a study permit. You can get it by applying to any university. You just need to decide the program in which you want to study and apply for a letter of acceptance. The blog contains all the necessary information about the letter of acceptance in Canada, how to get a letter of acceptance from a university in Canada, and several other internships. 

If you still need assistance or information about how to apply and what to do after you receive your letter of acceptance, you can consult TerraTern right now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study in Canada without getting the letter of acceptance?

No, international students are required to get a letter of acceptance to get enrolled in their desired study programs. You will also need a study permit to study in Canada.

After how much time will I get my letter of acceptance?

There's no fixed period. The time taken to review your application and offer the students for admission depends entirely on the institution and the study program you've chosen. The period can vary from several weeks to several months.

For how much time is the letter of acceptance valid?

It's the same as the time taken to provide you with your letter of acceptance. It depends on the institution that has provided your letter of acceptance. You can still guess for around 6 months to a year

Where to get the application form for applying to the institute for the letter of acceptance?

You can get your form of application from the nearest Canadian visa applying for visa.

How will I get the letter of acceptance?

Apply for admission to your researched institute for your specified study program. After verification and completing the required process, the institute will provide you with your letter of acceptance.