Get Your Japan Work Visa For Indians In 5 Steps

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Jul 14,2024

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Get Your Japan Work Visa For Indians In 5 Steps

Working in Japan has a large number of other benefits apart from just the financial rewards. High-tech cities, vibrant culture, great weather, friendly and welcoming people, and excellent work-life balance are a few to name. 

But in order to enjoy every bit of your life in Japan, the first step is to get a Japan work visa. For getting a Japan work visa for Indian workers, there are a few important steps. 

In this blog, we have mentioned a brief description of the process of getting a Japan work visa for Indian workforce. We have also provided an estimated cost for the Japan work visa fees for Indian applicants.

The 5-Step Process To Get A Japan Work Visa For Indians 

Right from getting together all your official papers to finally submitting your application, here are the 5 essential steps to getting a Japan work visa for Indian people. 

1. Assemble The Necessary Paperwork 

Gather all the paperwork required for the work trip, taking into account the destination.

2. Schedule Your Visa Appointment

The Japan visa application center where you intend to apply must verify a visa appointment for you. You can follow the guidelines on their website to make an appointment for a visa.

3. Paying The Japan Work Visa Fee

After scheduling your appointment, you need to pay the Japan work visa fee. For your records, preserve a copy of the payment receipt. 

4. Send In Your Application 

On the appointed date, bring all required papers/evidence/records to the Japan work visa application center.

5. Get Your Passport And Visa

You have to wait for the visa processing time after submitting your visa application. You can pick up your passport in person at the application center or have it mailed to you, depending on the application option you use.

Required Documents for A Japan Work Visa For Indians 

Getting a work visa for Japan as an Indian involves collecting important documents. These papers are necessary for finding a job and applying for a visa. This comprehensive list of all the essential documents required to make sure everything goes smoothly during the application process:

  1. Original passport, whose validity will last for some time beyond the trip to Japan. The passport should have 2 or more blank pages

  1. A duly signed Japan work visa application having all of the applicant's true details

  1. The cover letter for an application

  1. A single, recently taken, 2-by-2-inch photo with a white background

  1. Original bank statements or passbooks from the previous 6 months, including the bank's stamp on each page so that the Japan Embassy can confirm it. Once everything has been verified, the applicant will get the passbook back that they sent.

  1. A Certificate of work experience

  1. Materials that should all be included in the curriculum vitae or CV:

    • The Applicant's Name

    • Educational History

    • Address

    • Phone Number

    • Professional records from prior employers

    • Current Title

    • Company Address

    • Company Phone Number

    • Employment Details, etc. 

  1. Duplicates of the instructional materials

What to do after getting the Japan work visa for Indian workers? Entry And Settling

Below, we have mentioned 3 essential elements that you must pay attention to as soon as you land in Japan. 

1.  Landing Permit

At the port of entry, you will be issued a Landing Permit when entering Japan using your Japan Work Visa. The Landing Permit serves as your "permission" to enter Japan and takes the role of the visa. A residence card and a re-entry permit are also required in addition to the landing permit as part of the Japan work visa for Indian workers. 

2. Residential Pass

You will receive a Japanese Residence Card in addition to your landing permit if you enter Japan via: 

  • Narita

  • Haneda

  • Kansai

  • Or Chubu Airports

If you enter Japan through any other port, you'll need to go to the local municipal office. Following that, you must register with the local municipal office (or Ward Office) of the Japanese residence you have established within 14 days of moving there. 

The Residence Card will bear your address printed on it.

3. Special Re-Entry Permit 

Re-entry permits are only required if your stay outside of Japan is more than a year. All you need is a Special Re-Entry Permit, which you may obtain at the airport before departure if you plan to depart and return within a year.

Duration of Processing of a Japan Work Visa For Indian Emigrants

Generally, it takes 5 to 10 days to process a Japan work visa for Indian workers. If officials discover a problem with your application, though, or if more people are seeking Japanese immigration, it can take longer.

Japan Work Visa Fees for Indian Migrant Workers

Below is a table to help you get an insight into the Japan work visa fees for Indian applicants.



Single - Entry Normal Work Visa 

3000 Japan Yen 

Triple Or Double Entries

6000 Japan Yen 

Japan Work Visa For Indian Workforce: Validity Processing Time And Visa Extension

The details regarding the validity of the Japan work visa for Indian immigrants, the estimated processing time, and the period of visa extension, along with its requirements, are mentioned below. 

1. Validity 

Depending on your skill set and experience, the validity of your Japan work visa can range from 3 months to 5 years as stated below: 

Occupation Type 

Length Of Employment Contract 

Skilled Professionals 

5 Year 


3 Year 

Worker (On a Temporary Basis) 

1 Year 

Seasonal Employee

4 Month 


3 Month 


You can also request an extension of your Work Visa before it expires, provided you meet the Japan work visa requirements, regardless of how long your current visa is valid.

2. Processing Time

After the visa application is submitted at the visa application center, the visa processing time may take up to 15 days or longer. It excludes the time needed to:

  • Schedule courier services

  • Wait for an appointment

  • Complete the online form

3. Extension Of the Duration of Stay

Applying for a Japan Work Visa Extension (sometimes called an Extension of the Period of Stay) requires you to go to the immigration office in the community where you work and live. 

Documents Required: 

  • Extension of stay duration application form filled out and signed

  • Your passport and residence card

  • A photo of yourself (taken recently in the last 3 months)

  • The size of your passport that meets the following requirements:

    • Measurements: 4 cm by 3 cm

    • A simple, light-coloured background devoid of all shadows and patterns 

  • A high-quality image must be sharp, clear, and focused.

  • Evidence that you can maintain your living expenses in Japan

  • Evidence of continuous employment that includes information about your employment, including: 

    • Position

    • Pay

    • Length Of Service

  • The documents about the company's registration

  • Evidence of the yearly income and taxes paid

9 Common Reasons for Rejection of the Japan Work Visa for Indian Applicants 

Japan Work Visa for Indian Applicants might sometimes get rejected because of reasons: 

  1. You don't meet any of the Japan work visa for Indian worker’s requirements to apply for a Japanese work visa.

  2. It appears that you have an infectious disease.

  3. A criminal case has been filed under your name.

  4. You pose any form of risk to the country.

  5. Too few documents have been provided to the officials of the team responsible for issuing a Japan work visa for Indian immigrants as evidence.

  6. Mistakes in your visa application form.

  7. The balance on your bank statement appears unusual.

  8. You selected the incorrect type of visa. 

  9. You have made a false assertion or filled out your  Japan work visa for Indian immigrants application form incorrectly.


In short, moving to Japan and staying there for professional reasons is not a hard task when you know what are the right steps to follow and how to proceed with japan work visa for indian. Along with filling your application correctly, getting a residential pass and landing permit are equally important too. 

At the same time, there are certain factors that can lead to the rejection of your application. It is crucial to be aware of these and to deal with them in time.

So, if you're looking for experts who can help you make your way to Japan in a trouble-free way, then TerraTern is here for your assistance. Right from the advice on how to deal with the paperwork to getting your passport stamped before your journey, our expert consultants are here to guide you on every step. Get in touch with us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a Japan work visa for Indian aspirants?

The cost of Japan work visa for Indian aspirants varies based on: The type of visa The nationality of the applicant And whether the visa allows for one or many entries. The typical cost of a single-entry japan work visa fees for Indian is approximately ¥‎3,000 (US$22), but a multiple-entry visa is approximately ¥6,000 (US$44).

What is the duration of a Japan work visa for Indian immigrants in Japan?

Depending on the kind of visa, Japan work visa for Indian immigrants has different expiration dates. The typical Japan work visa has a three-month to five-year validity period, depending on the occupation and unique circumstances of the applicant.

How can a Japan work visa for Indian workers be extended?

An employee can renew their work visa at the appropriate local immigration office if their Japanese work contract is still in effect. If someone is unemployed in Japan, they might think about requesting a specified activity visa. With this visa, they can extend their present work visa's expiration date by 6 months and resume their job search in Japan.

What should be a good time to apply for a Japan work visa for Indian residents?

Since japan work visa for Indian is only good for 3 months, the earliest you can apply for one is 3 months before your planned visit to Japan.