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The CA salary in Australia is competitive, reflecting the high demand for skilled financial professionals. A CA job in Australia averages between AUD 70,000 and AUD 100,000 annually, depending on experience and location. For an Indian CA fresher salary in Australia, the starting salary can range from AUD 55,000 to AUD 75,000, which is quite attractive considering Australia's cost of living and lifestyle.

Latest Facts and News

  • Australia's GDP Growth: Australia's GDP is growing at a rate of 7.9%, significantly boosting opportunities for Chartered Accountants (CAs).

  • High Demand for CAs: Chartered Accountants are in high demand due to their financial management, auditing, and taxation expertise.

  • Global Recognition: The CA designation is internationally recognized, opening doors for global career opportunities.

Overview of CA Salary in Australia 2024

Here is the detailed overview of CA salary in Australia:

1. Average Salary

The average CA Salary in Australia is approximately AUD 79,500 per year. This figure reflects the high demand for skilled financial professionals across the country.

2. Salary Range

  • Highest Salary: AUD 123,000 per year

  • Lowest Salary: AUD 43,500 per year

3. Factors Influencing Salary

  • Experience Level: Senior CAs with extensive experience and specialized skills command higher salaries.

  • Location: CA salary in Australia for major cities like Sydney and Melbourne typically earns more than in regional areas.

  • Industry: Certain industries, such as finance and technology, offer higher compensation.

4. Indian CA Fresher Salary

For Indian CA freshers in Australia, the starting salary in Australia ranges from AUD 55,000 to AUD 75,000 per year. This range offers a competitive start in a country known for its strong economy and high quality of life.

5. Salary Trends

Recent trends in CA salaries in Australia indicate a steady increase driven by economic growth and the increasing complexity of financial regulations. The trends suggest a bright future for CAs who stay updated with technological advancements and regulatory changes.

In summary, the CA salary in Australia offers a lucrative career path for both seasoned professionals and fresh graduates. Understanding the factors influencing CA compensation in Australia can help aspiring accountants navigate their career prospects effectively. 

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Factors Influencing Indian CA Salary in Australia 2024

Here are the factors influencing the CA salary in Australia:

1. Experience Level

Experience plays a significant role in determining CA salary in Australia. Entry-level chartered accountants earn around AUD 61,233, while those with extensive experience can command salaries of up to AUD 117,000. This wide range highlights the value placed on seasoned professionals with proven expertise and a track record of success.

2. Education Level

The level of education also influences CA salary in Australia:

  • Diploma or Certification: AUD 66,000

  • Bachelor’s Degree: AUD 83,100

  • Master’s Degree: AUD 114,300

Higher educational qualifications typically lead to better job opportunities and higher salaries, as they provide advanced knowledge and specialised skills that are highly sought after in the industry.

3. Industry Sector

The sector in which a Chartered Accountant works can significantly impact their salary:

  • Public Sector: AUD 92,500

  • Private Sector: AUD 87,900

While the public sector often offers higher salaries due to government standards and benefits, the private sector can provide lucrative opportunities, especially in industries like finance and technology.

4. Location-Based Salary Differences

Geographic location also affects CA salaries in Australia. For instance:

  • Sydney: Higher demand and cost of living lead to higher salaries.

  • Melbourne: Competitive market with robust salary packages.

  • Brisbane: Slightly lower salaries than Sydney and Melbourne, but still attractive.

These differences highlight the importance of location in salary negotiations and career planning.

In conclusion, understanding the factors influencing CA salary in Australia, such as experience level, education, industry sector, and location, can help accountants maximise their earning potential.


CA Jobs Salary in Australia by City for Indians

Understanding the differences in CA salaries across major Australian cities is crucial for making informed career decisions. Whether you're an experienced Chartered Accountant or a recent Indian CA fresher in Australia, the choice of city can significantly impact your earnings and lifestyle. The financial landscape varies considerably between Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, offering unique advantages and challenges. Here is the overview of CA job salaries in Australia in various cities:

1. Sydney

  • In Sydney, the average salary for a Chartered Accountant is AUD 95,600.

  • Sydney's thriving financial sector, which includes many multinational corporations and financial institutions, contributes to the higher salaries. 

  • The demand for experienced CAs is strong, reflecting the city’s status as Australia’s economic hub.

  •  This makes Sydney an attractive destination for accountants aiming for top-tier job opportunities and competitive compensation.

2. Melbourne

  • Melbourne offers an average CA salary of AUD 90,000. 

  • Known for its diverse economy, Melbourne provides robust opportunities in various sectors, including finance, manufacturing, and technology. 

  • The city's business-friendly environment and strong cultural scene attract many professionals. 

  • Despite slightly lower salaries than Sydney, Melbourne's lower living costs and high quality of life make it a desirable location for many Chartered Accountants.

3. Brisbane

  • In Brisbane, Chartered Accountants earn an average salary of AUD 85,000.

  •  While the salaries are somewhat lower than in Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane boasts a growing economy and an expanding job market.

  • Brisbane's lower cost of living is a significant advantage, allowing accountants to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. 

  • The city’s balanced professional and personal life appeal makes it an excellent choice for those seeking career opportunities outside the more crowded metropolitan areas.

Salary Visualisation City Wise for CA Jobs Salary in Australia


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Understanding the variations in CA salaries across different cities in Australia helps professionals make informed career decisions. Whether prioritizing higher earnings in Sydney, the balanced lifestyle in Melbourne, or cost-effective living in Brisbane, Chartered Accountants can find compelling opportunities in Australia’s diverse economic landscape.

Indian CA Fresher Salary in Australia 2024

Here is the overview of Indian CA fresher salary in Australia:

1. Entry-Level Salaries

For Indian CA freshers, entering the Australian job market can be a rewarding, professional, and financial experience. Entry-level Chartered Accountants in Australia typically earn between AUD 43,500 and AUD 61,233. This salary range reflects the starting point for fresh graduates, providing a solid foundation for career growth in a competitive industry.

2. Pathway to Higher Earnings

To enhance their earning potential, Indian CA freshers in Australia should focus on gaining practical experience and pursuing additional certifications. Working in diverse industries and taking on challenging roles can significantly boost one’s skill set and market value.

  • Gain Practical Experience: Hands-on experience is invaluable. Seek internships or entry-level positions that offer exposure to various accounting practices.

  • Pursue Further Education: Advanced certifications like CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant) Australia or specialized courses can make a significant difference.

  • Networking: Building a professional network through industry events and associations can open doors to better opportunities.

  • Stay Updated: Keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and regulatory changes can give you a competitive edge.

Testimonials and Case Studies

  • Testimonial: "Starting my career as an Indian CA fresher in Australia, I initially earned AUD 50,000. By gaining experience in different sectors and completing my CPA certification, my salary increased to AUD 80,000 within five years." - Anjali, Chartered Accountant in Melbourne.

  • Case Study: Rahul, an Indian CA fresher in Australia, started with a salary of AUD 45,000 in Brisbane. By taking on additional responsibilities and completing a master's degree in finance, he transitioned to a senior accounting role within three years, with a salary of AUD 85,000.

Understanding the potential salary range and growth opportunities for Indian CA freshers in Australia is essential for career planning. Starting with a solid entry-level salary, there are numerous pathways to higher earnings through experience, education, and strategic career moves.

How to Increase Your CA Salary in Australia?

Understanding how to enhance your CA salary in Australia is essential for new graduates and seasoned professionals. Whether you are an Indian CA fresher in Australia or an experienced accountant looking to boost your earnings, several strategic steps can make a significant difference.

1. Advanced Certifications

Advanced certifications can significantly boost your earning potential as a Chartered Accountant in Australia. Consider obtaining credentials such as the CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant) or CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst). These certifications enhance your knowledge and skills and make you more attractive to employers.

  • CPA Australia: Recognized globally, this certification helps you gain expertise in accounting and finance.

  • CFA: Specializing in investment management, this certification is ideal for those looking to work in the finance and investment sectors.

2. Networking

Building a strong professional network is crucial for career advancement. Join professional organizations like Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) or CPA Australia. Attend industry events, seminars, and conferences to meet industry leaders and potential employers.

  • Join Professional Organizations: Membership in organizations like CA ANZ provides access to resources, job boards, and networking events.

  • Attend Industry Events: Regularly attending seminars, workshops, and conferences can help you stay updated on industry trends and connect with key players.

3. Specialization

Specializing in high-demand areas can lead to higher salaries and better job opportunities. Focus on niche fields such as forensic accounting, tax advisory, or financial planning.

  • Forensic Accounting: This specialization investigates financial discrepancies and fraud, offering lucrative job prospects.

  • Tax Advisory: Expertise in tax laws and regulations is always in demand, and tax advisors often command higher salaries.

  • Financial Planning: Helping clients manage their finances effectively can lead to high-paying roles in financial institutions.

4. Actionable Steps

  • Enroll in Certification Programs: Start with CPA or CFA courses to boost your credentials.

  • Join Professional Bodies: Become a CA ANZ or CPA Australia member to access valuable resources.

  • Attend Networking Events: Make it a habit to attend at least two industry events per year.

  • Choose a Specialization: Identify a high-demand area that interests you and seek relevant courses and certifications.

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In conclusion, CA salary in Australia offers many opportunities for entry-level professionals and seasoned experts. Understanding the factors influencing salary levels, such as experience, education, and specialization, is crucial for maximizing earning potential. By pursuing further education through advanced certifications and continuously expanding professional networks, Chartered Accountants can unlock new career prospects and higher remuneration. 

Networking events, industry seminars, and joining professional organizations like CA ANZ or CPA Australia are invaluable avenues for career growth. Embracing these strategies can lead to financial success and personal fulfilment in Australia's dynamic and rewarding accounting field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary for a CA in Australia?

The average salary for a Chartered Accountant in Australia is approximately AUD 79,500 per year.

How much does an entry-level CA earn in Australia?

An entry-level CA in Australia can expect to earn around AUD 61,233 per year.

What factors influence CA salaries in Australia?

Factors influencing CA salaries include experience level, education, industry sector, and location.

How can an Indian CA increase their salary in Australia?

Indian CAs can increase their salary by gaining experience, obtaining advanced certifications, and specializing in high-demand areas.

Is there a difference in salary between the public and private sectors for CAs in Australia?

Yes, the public sector typically pays around 5% more than the private sector.