US Visa Bulletin for July 2024: Major Leap Forward in Green Card Category for Indians

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Jul 22,2024

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The July 2024 Visa Bulletin is a game changer for many Indians desiring to obtain Green Cards (Permanent Residency) in the US. The most remarkable one is the major forward movement registered on the EB-2 (Employment-Based Second Preference) category that can fast-track the process of getting thousands of Indian applicants their green cards. This change represents a significant shift in the US immigration landscape and has far-reaching implications for individuals and businesses.

Key Highlights of the July 2024 Visa Bulletin

The Department of State’s US Visa Bulletin for July 2024 has captured several significant updates. Among these, India’s EB-2 stands out as it has advanced more than any other category. Advanced degrees or individuals with outstanding achievements in their respective fields fall under this group, making it critical for highly skilled professionals.

Here is a summary of key updates and advancements from the July 2024 Visa Bulletin:


Previous Priority Date

New Priority Date


EB-2 India

January 1, 2012

December 1, 2013

23 months forward

EB-2 China

January 1, 2019

January 1, 2020

12 months forward

EB-3 Worldwide



No change

F1 (Family 1st)

January 1, 2015

January 1, 2016

12 months forward

F2A (Family 2A)



No change

F2B (Family 2B)

January 1, 2016

January 1, 2017

12 months forward


EB-2 Category Witnesses Unprecedented Progression

The most remarkable modification in the July 2024 Visa Bulletin is seen in the EB-2 priority date advancement for Indian applicants. The EB-2 India priority date has moved by almost two years, a change many had been looking forward to. This jump is believed to alleviate some of the long-standing backlog that has hindered this category for years.

Implications for the Indian Applicants

For many Indian nationals, this new priority date implies their long wait for a Green Card may finally end. Those individuals whose priority dates now fall within the new window can begin preparing their adjustment of status applications, which forms one of the most significant steps towards a Green Card. This move offers hope to thousands waiting in the queue, sometimes even for decades.

Factors Leading to Advancement

Several factors have resulted in such a massive shift in the EB-2 category for India. The key among them was reallocating visa numbers not used from other categories and countries. Furthermore, concerted efforts by US immigration authorities to reduce backlog and improve processing efficiency have played a pivotal role.

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Broader Impact on the US Economy

This is not just a good thing for those applying in the EB-2 category, but it also has much to say about the US economy. In supporting American businesses in their hunt for top talent, this move facilitates entry and retention of highly skilled professionals. Those industries that depend so much upon the presence of skilled immigrants, such as technology, healthcare and engineering, could be beneficiaries.

Response from the Indian Diaspora

Relief and hope are mixed reactions that have greeted this move within the Indian community in America. As many plan what to do next with their immigration journeys, social media platforms and community forums have been abuzz with discussions, advice, and shared experiences. Immigration lawyers and consultants have also witnessed an upsurge in enquiries by hopeful applicants willing to know more about new priority dates.

Challenges and Considerations

Though advancement under the EB-2 category is positive, it is important to note that the green card process is complicated. People who want to apply for adjustment of status must ensure they meet all requirements before submitting their applications. Proper documentation, timely submission, and conformity with all procedural guidelines are vital to preventing delays or denials.

 Looking Ahead: Future Visa Bulletins

The changes in the July 2024 Visa Bulletin have set a precedent that many hope will continue in future updates. The US immigration system, often criticized for its slow processing and lengthy backlogs, may be on the path to more significant reforms aimed at efficiency and fairness. Applicants and advocates will closely monitor subsequent bulletins for further advancements and opportunities.

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Many Indian nationals suffering from their Green Card from the EB-2 category are expected to get a chance from the Visa Bulletin of July 2024. The unprecedented movement of the priority dates offers new hope and the possibility of a shorter path to a green card. Not only is this a big relief to the applicants, but it is also a good sign for the US economy since they need highly skilled workers now.

With changes in immigration always around the corner, applicants need to keep themselves up-to-date and prepared. This development will not only reverberate through different industries but also demonstrate the need for high-skilled immigrants, which we will need to fuel innovation and any future growth. Looking ahead, we will all eagerly await the next Visa Bulletin in anticipation of more steps forward and the need for long-term structural reforms that cater to the unique demands of the immigrant community and the entire U.S. economy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the priority date matter For EB-2?

For the EB-2 category, the priority date is the date used to determine an individual's place in line for a Green Card. The earlier on in the cycle they were certified, the earlier their priority date will be, and therefore the shorter the wait for visa availability.

What are the implications of the August 2024 Visa Bulletin progress for Indians?

The advance opened up the possibility for Indian petitioners with older priority dates to be more proactive in the Green Card procedure, thus permitting them could file their adjustment of status applications as per an earlier estimate.

What should applicants do to take advantage of the new priority dates?

Applicants should review their priority dates and ensure that all required documentation is ready. Consulting with an immigration attorney can help navigate the process efficiently.

Why has there been a significant movement in the EB-2 category for India?

The movement is due to factors such as the redistribution of unused visa numbers and efforts by immigration authorities to address backlogs and improve processing times.

What impact does the Visa Bulletin have on the US economy?

By facilitating the entry of highly skilled professionals, the Visa Bulletin advancements help American businesses access top talent, supporting innovation and economic growth.