H-1B Visa: Explore Your Options for A Job Switch In The US

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Jul 25,2024

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The H-1B visa program is a great opportunity for people who are looking for different workplace experiences as there are many H-1B visa benefits as well. This is a trend among people who are looking for frequent job switches. The H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant temporary visa by which U.S. employers provide job opportunities in their specialty occupation in the U.S. to highly skilled foreign workers for a specific duration of time. 

H-1B Visa And Job Switch

The H-1B visa providing the job switch option is the major reason for its attraction and this is creating several challenges among the H1-B visa program job seekers and their employers. 

Here's the complete guidance on how to switch jobs on an H-1B visa.

1. A Booming Market Breeds Opportunity

If you are a highly skilled professional, the U.S. job market will provide you with several desired opportunities. The H-1B visa opens various doors to explore different opportunities for their holders along with a satisfactory payout. You just have to know how to switch jobs on an H-1B visa and you can easily grab those opportunities. 

2. Seeking Growth and Satisfaction

This not only helps you satisfy financially but also in your career development giving you a sense of positive growth and satisfaction. This allows you to explore further and raise a curiosity about how to switch jobs on an H-1B visa. 

3. Understanding the H-1B Job Change Landscape

Do you think you are stuck at a job that has made your career growth stagnant? Is your full potential not indulged at work? Be boundless and feel free to explore your desired jobs and get H-1B visa benefits.

Even though H1-B visa holders are provided with numerous job opportunities, they still need to follow some specific rules and regulations. This blog will help you understand the process and considerations during the job switch by providing you with the necessary data on why and how to switch jobs on an H-1B visa. 

4. Eligibility to Apply for an H-1B Visa

  • You should have a job offer from a US employer in your skilled field. 

  • You should have valid documents along with your passport. 

  • You should at least have a bachelor's degree in your skilled field. 

  • Your employer should validate that the job you are applying for has fewer US applicants to increase your chances of selection as it is done by a lottery selection. 

How to Switch Jobs on an H-1B Visa and get H-1B Visa Benefits?

  • Firstly you'll have to be selected after applying for the H-1B visa lottery. 

  • After being selected, your employer will pay and start filing the petition Form I-129 (Petition for nonimmigrant worker) with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your behalf. 

  • After your Form I-129 is approved, you can start working after submitting the required documents. 

Why the Increase in Job Switching? 

The reasons for the increase in job switching can be various. Some of the reasons were:

1. Unsatisfied with Current workplace

There can be various reasons for an employee's dissatisfaction. Most of them are unsatisfactory payout, not a positive growth workplace, lack of benefits, etc. An unsatisfied employee is most likely to opt for the job switching as the current workplace is not letting his full potential work. Make yourself satisfied by knowing how to switch jobs on an H-1B visa easily in this complete guidance and get your desired job with H-1B visa benefits. 

2. Career Growth

If one is thinking that he is stuck working at a place where there's no positive growth, they will decide to a job switch to boost their stagnant career growth. Gaining several workplace experiences will help you in your career enhancement with a satisfactory financial output. These are some of the H-1B visa benefits. Job switching helps them find their desired job where they can work with their full potential. 

3. Several Opportunities

The US job market is currently providing countless opportunities to highly skilled professionals and there is no doubt the salaries are amazing as well. So it is more likely for passionate people to opt for job switching. This blog on how to switch jobs on an H-1B visa will let you know and get those opportunities. 

How to switch jobs on an H-1B visa Procedure?

Job offer: You should have a job offer from a US employer for your skilled occupation because if you are selected for an H-1B visa, the employer will pay for your form of Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker. 

H1-B transfer petition: The employer will pay and file Form I-129 (Petition for nonimmigrant worker) with USCIS. This petition is required to transfer your H-1B status to the current employer from the previous one. 

Key Points to Remember

Notice period: You will have to provide prior notice to your current employer to prevent yourself from obligations or future issues.

Grace period: You will have 60 days after being unemployed to find a new H1-B employer to hire you or you will have to depart the US. 

Portability: After your H1-B petition is filed with USCIS, you can start working for the current employer during the processing of the petition. 

Planning Your Move

Consult an Immigration attorney: You should consult an experienced immigration attorney to make your job switching hassle-free and without any complications. He will provide you with proper guidance on how to switch jobs on an H-1B visa and will provide you with every detail and H-1B visa benefits. 

Attention to the timeline: You will have to discuss the timeline for working after the job switch because you will have to manage the grace period or it can lead to your deportation from the country. So negotiate with the employer for the petition filing date to manage your grace period effectively. 


To conclude, if you are an ambitious person looking for several work experiences to boost your career without compromising your financial output, an H-1B visa is all you need to get ahead in that direction. Just be prepared with your skills and dive into the ocean of numerous opportunities to explore, learn, and grow. 

To fast forward your career and experience this was how to switch jobs on an H-1B visa with every detail you need to know before applying for an H-1B visa. 

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