Sweden Increases Foreign Workers Salary to 2.25 Lakhs

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Jul 14,2024

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Sweden has long been one of the best countries to live and work in around the world. It has a key concentration of a lot of South Asians, especially Indians who live there as well. In June 2024, Sweden increased the pay for foreign workers to 2,25,000. By doing this, the Swedish government has raised the salary threshold for the applicants for the Swedish work permit by a whopping 120%. Thus, the new minimum work salary requirement is now 2,25,000 per month. This new salary threshold will be effective immediately for all the work permit applicants who have applied for the Swedish work permit after 18 June 2024.

Highlights of the Increase in Foreign Workers Salary

Listed below are the important highlights and information from the new salary rise of foreign workers in Sweden:

  • The Swedish government has increased the minimum salary threshold for all the people who hold the Swedish work permit by 120%, which is quite a large figure.

  • The new minimum salary requirement will be effective immediately for all the applications who have applied for the Sweden work permit after 18 June 2024.

  • The salary threshold for temporary foreign workers in Sweden is one lakh as of June 2024. That is their minimum salary requirement, and they must be paid at least one lakh if they’re working in Sweden.

  • This updated salary threshold results from the newly released average salary figures by Statistics Sweden. 

In light of the new salary threshold provided by the Swedish government, all the applicants who applied for the work permit must re-evaluate and assess their financial planning and plan for the salary negotiations they plan to hold to meet the new salary threshold.

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Other Important Changes to the Sweden Salary Threshold

In other news, the salary threshold in Sweden has been increased overall. Based on recent statistics, on average, the monthly salary of everyone working in Sweden has been increased to around ₹300,000. This statistic was derived on 18 June 2024 as well. Based on the newly raised figure, the new requirement for work permit applications’ salaries has been fixed at ₹2,25,000 every month.

The government plans to increase the salary threshold by another hundred per cent of the average salary in Sweden. This new implementation is said to be in motion by June 1, 2025. A list of certain workers will be exempted from the new salary threshold. This will ensure that the new and updated rules are equitable and all sections of workers are considered while enforcing these rules.

In addition to this, the government of Sweden also plans to introduce a grace period of one year for the renewal applicants. While the grace period progresses, 80% of the average monthly salaried individuals will apply for renewal applications. This one-year Grace period is expected to end by 1 June 2026. This will allow all the work permit holders enough time to address and plan accordingly based on the new threshold.

How Does This Impact Temporary Workers?

The salary threshold for temporary workers is different. They work on a temporary work permit in Sweden. Temporary workers who work less than 90 days in Sweden must continue with the previous salary requirement of one lakh rupees per month. Additionally, they must ensure that the salary complies with the industry standards and agreements they operate. 

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Sweden was already one of the top countries for everyone worldwide to work in, but with this move, they have become even more procedures as a country for immigrants. Sweden continues to see many applications from foreigners who wish to work in Sweden. There has also been a surge in the number of international students who wish to study in Sweden. Sweden is emerging as a superpower in the immigration industry. With the salary threshold increased by such a number, we can expect an influx of foreigners who wish to work in Sweden soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high salary in Sweden?

Any figure above 90,000 SEK is a good, high salary in Sweden. Salaries can go as high as 150,000 SEK depending on what field or industry you are a part of. Finance, healthcare and IT have some of the highest salary pay-offs in Sweden.

What is the minimum wage in Sweden 2024?

There is no minimum wage system in Sweden. Sweden follows the policy of its neighbor, Norway, Norway also has no minimum wage system in its country. However, Sweden has good salaries and good labor laws which make sure that you are not underpaid as a foreign worker, you do have a minimum wage of ₹2,25,000 INR that you are entitled to.

What is a livable salary in Sweden?

If you are around 10,000 SEK or 15,000 SEK, that would be a livable salary to live in Sweden.

Is Sweden costly to live in?

Yes, Sweden is an expensive country to live in. When compared to its European counterparts, Sweden does have high prices. If you compare it to Indian markets, yes, Sweden is quite an expensive country. However, the salary in Sweden, also quite high and much higher than what you can earn in India, so the cost of living and the income you earn are at par.

Which city is cheaper to live in Sweden?

Nykvarn and Sodertalje are the cheapest cities in Sweden. Stockholm, the capital is the most expensive city in Sweden, followed by Gothenburg and Uppsala.