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Jul 25,2024

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Sweden, known worldwide for its high level of living and great economic potential, has abundant possibilities for a well-paying job in many different sectors. While seeking the most lucrative career pathways becomes the motive towards professionals, being attentive to the job market is crucial for the achievement of this aim. If you are trying to know Sweden’s top 10 highest-paying jobs, here is the list that you must go through.

Sweden’s Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

The job market in Sweden is quite good and can be a good start for all the people thinking of Sweden immigration. Here are the Sweden’s top 10 highest paying jobs that you can go through:

1. Surgeon

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs-Surgeon-TerraTern

The first job in Sweden’s top 10 highest paying jobs is that of a surgeon, with a monthly remuneration of SEK 80,000 to SEK 120,000. With the combination of medical specialization and expertise, surgeons are the main game-changers in healthcare institutions spread around the biggest cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

2. Specialist Doctor

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs-Specialist Doctor-TerraTern

Professionals remain behind, being Specialist Doctors, who are offered between SEK 70,000 and SEK 110,000 per month. They remain in the second position in Sweden’s top 10 highest-paying jobs. With the beneficial expertise of these professionals spanning facilities, including cardiology departments, neurology, or oncology, prestigious hospitals and clinics like to recruit them nationwide.

3. IT Manager

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs-IT Manager-TerraTern

IT managers nowadays are under pressure to solve the growing challenges of a transforming technology ecosystem, that usually includes a network of complex technological infrastructures. With remuneration running from 60,000 to 100,000 a month, IT Managers prosper amid tech hubs at the heart of Stockholm and Uppsala, where tech is a spearhead.

4. Lawyer

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs-Lawyer-TerraTern

Swedish lawyers make a lot of money because the figures from SEK 55,000 to SEK 95,000 per month are considered the average earnings. In several ways, legal experts located in different cities, such as Stockholm, Lund, and Örebro, contribute to the growth and sustainability of the rule of law in the nation. This profession makes it to our list of Sweden’s top 10 highest-paying jobs.

5. Engineering Manager

Top 10 Highest Paying Engineer-TerraTern

Engineering Managers are either in manufacturing or any other sector to ensure that everything works perfectly well and that we always develop innovations. Imposing between SEK 50'000 and SEK 90'000, these professionals do not have to look for good jobs in industrial areas like Gothenburg, Linköping, and Malmö.

6. Pilot

Top 10 Highest Paying Pilot-TerraTern

I made transitions to the profession of pilots from a group of aviation enthusiasts who are paid highly satisfactory salaries - SEK 45-85000 a month. Engagement of pilots in various types of aircraft, from regular passenger planes to helicopters, in the two main airports in Stockholm, Arlanda and Gothenburg, Landvetter is readily noticed.

7. Dentist

Top 10 Highest Paying Dentist-TerraTern

Dentists are said to have a crucial position in assuring that the well-being of oral health is being taken care of. The salaries of the dentists may vary from between SEK 40,000 to SEK 80,000 per month. In private practices located in urban areas, dental services are offered as well as public healthcare facilities available in suburban areas, the dentists have different groups of patients to cater for in different parts of Sweden.

8. Pharmacist

Top 10 Highest Paying Pharmacist -TerraTern

Pharmacist is one more job on the list of Sweden’s top 10 highest-paying jobs. Pharmacists are involved in making sure that medicines are properly dispensed and that they provide health advice as well. The salary can range from SEK 35,000 to SEK 75,000 monthly. Across pharmacies and healthcare institutions across Sweden, professionals find plenty of employment opportunities.

9. Air Traffic Controller

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The main academic requirements of this profession are responsible for air traffic management safety and efficiency, with a salary between SEK 30,000 to SEK 70,000. They locate their towers and work from major airports such as Stockholm-Arlanda and Gothenburg-Landvetter. They, therefore, coordinate flights and help to safeguard aviation safety.

10. University Professor

Top 10 Highest University professor-TerraTern

Last but not least, this list of Sweden’s top 10 highest paying jobs comprises the ranks of University Professors who are no less significant, as they deliver knowledge and intellectual learning. Revenues with salary packages ranging from SEK 25,000 to SEK 65,000 per month, these educationalists who are highly esteemed in these institutions are academic giants such as Stockholm University and Lund University.



However, all in all, Sweden is in possession of several equally paying and lucrative career opportunities in the health sector, including the fields of technology, laws, and aviation. Career professionals, in choosing their fields and building their careers, should know about the most advantageous jobs and their salaries, which may help to make better-informed decisions and achieve long-term standing and financial stability. 

To know more about Sweden's job market and the opportunities, you might need to consult a specialist or check out TerraTern for further details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What education does a surgeon-to-be need to take in Sweden?

The way to become a Swedish surgeon is a universal rule: an individual is expected to have a complete medical education, plus a specialization in surgery. These include residency programs in which one enrolls carries out training and is awarded with a license and a certificate.

How hard is the position of the CEO and CEO in Sweden?

To make it to the top executive position in Sweden is a real challenge, as candidates tend to be firstly experienced in management, secondly, possess strong strategic vision and thirdly, demonstrate their ability to perform well under the pressure of complex organizational structures.

Is there enough place for international legal professionals to find practical implementation in Sweden?

Of course, one can find chances to be an international lawyer in Sweden, however, they need to comply with certain preconditions such as getting the required qualifications and proving that they are experienced in Swedish laws and are also able to speak the language.

What is the stage of flight in Sweden for getting the license of pilot?

To become a pilot in Sweden, a person is expected to complete courses through a flight school or an aviation academy and successfully pass a commercial pilot's exam after gaining the required flight hours by practical experience. Along with a nurse's responsibilities and assignments, candidates must also attend basic as well as advanced medical training to prepare them for unexpected situations.

How is the demand for dentists in Canada rising?

In Sweden, the dental sector offers consistent demand for dentists as both the public as well as the private sector generate scope for their employment. Because of this, Dentists should normally possess a Dental Degree and must be members of the Swedish Dental Association.