4300 Millionaires To Leave India, Mass Emigration Expected

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Jul 14,2024

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In a startling news report, about 4300 millionaires are set to leave India in 2024. This discovery, made by the Henley Private Wealth Migration Report of 2024, highlights the net loss of millionaires that India is set to experience, which is quite significant. India has been experiencing a ‘brain-drain’ of millionaires for the last few years. The number has reduced from 2023, when India experienced an emigration loss of 5100 millionaires. 

India continues to be one of the top-ranking countries with the strongest high-net-worth individual (HNWI) departures worldwide. This growing trend, especially in India, demonstrates global wealth-related patterns, social mobility inequality-related reasons, and other geopolitical tensions that motivate this movement. 

Causes For The HNWI Departures 

Many reasons motivate the emigration of so many millionaires out of India every year. It may not necessarily be one reason, but a combination of many different reasons and factors that motivate them to move to a different country. So, this outflow of millennia from India is a result of a combination of many different factors, which include better quality of life, better education, and health, environment, safer societies, stable political environments, and the outlook for better lifestyles. 

Economic and political stability are crucial determinants of this outflow. This has also been confirmed by Dr. Hannah OBE, who is the CEO and Director of the Institute for Government in London. She says that having political and economic stability is a very important aspect of retaining these individuals in their home countries.

China, South Korea, Brazil, Nigeria, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Africa, and the United Kingdom are also other countries that are expected to face significant outflows of high-net-worth individuals and millionaires alike from their countries. These countries have their problems and challenges which are causes of the millionaire migration patterns arising from them.

Migration Trends Regarding Global Wealth

2024 has been deemed a crucial year for determining future global migration trends. Almost 130,000 millionaires are expected to immigrate worldwide this year, a brand-new world record set that exceeds the one set in 2023 of 120,000 millionaire relocations. This unprecedented millionaire migration pattern indicates a huge shift in the global landscape and increased demands for the countries they live in and move to. Dominic Volek, the Group Head of Private Clients at Henley and Partners, has made these determinations. 

The top destinations for the millionaire include the United States, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. These are the top countries where these millions relocate to. These countries are expected to see a significant growth of the net inflow due to the individuals. They will also benefit from the economic contributions and new job opportunities that these millionaires bring to the new countries.

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Where Do Most Indian Millionaires Go? 

The United Arab Emirates has risen as the most popular destination for Indian film millionaires to immigrate to. The UAE has many different policies that promote HNWI immigration. The UAE is one of the safest countries in the world with one of the highest immigration rates for many different reasons. Its zero-income tax policy, luxurious lifestyles, golden visa programs, and location that benefits politically have made it one of the top destinations for global immigration.

In 2024, the UAE is expected to receive a net flow of 6700 wealthy immigrants globally, many of whom are Indians. UAE has one of the best wealth management ecosystem policies around the world and a robust regulatory framework, allowing the rich to protect and enhance their wealth. Indians constitute one of the highest numbers of migrants in the UAE.

Apart from UAE, Portugal, Greece, Spain, and Malta are top destinations for the wealthy Indians who immigrate out of India every year. These countries have many different golden visa and permanent residence programs, which attract a lot of Indians and their families every year to immigrate and settle in their countries; their investment visa schemes also provide lucrative opportunities for Indians to take up, promoting immigration.

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Global wealth migration trends continue to change and adapt to new political situations. Countries with favourable policies for immigrants, especially wealthy immigrants, are on the rise as they receive a lot of international immigrants who are quite affluent and well-off every year. The fight that India loses so many millionaires. Every year is a testament to India’s weak policies, which need amendment to retain top talent and increase the country's wealth. The individuals receive many good opportunities abroad that they will not receive in their home country, motivating them to move to different countries. India needs to work on their policies, especially the ones that drive the affluent away.

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