Massive Immigration Invitations Issued by Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba

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Jul 14,2024

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Quebec, British Columbia (BC), and Manitoba have issued 1,763 invitations to immigration candidates in nine separate draws since the beginning of August, which is a considerable development in the Canadian immigration landscape. This is the province's thing to invite skilled workers, businessmen and others with an invitation to help that province's economy and society. Below are the particulars of these invitations, the selection criteria, and the regional impact this news blog explores.

Quebec's Latest Draw

The province of Quebec- recognized for its vibrant culture and stable economy-implemented its most recent selection round under the Arrima system.

 Key Highlights:

  • Total Invitations Issued: 1,006

  • Targeted Sectors: IT, Engineering, Health, and Education

  • Eligibility Criteria: Based on Quebec’s specific labour market needs and the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) scores.

Invitation Distribution by Sector:


Invitations Issued










The province of Ontario, however, is focused on candidates with job offers in the tech sector, while employers in British Columbia and Manitoba are again evidently hungry for skilled workers. Saskatchewan says the strategy will help address severe labour shortages and grow its economy.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

The Canadian province of British Columbia, a well-known destination for its profound natural landscapes and flourishing tech industry, has issued 215 invitations to the PNP draw held at the end of February.

Key Highlights:

  • Total: 215 invitations issued
  • Categories: Skilled Workers, International Graduates, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Workers
  • Minimum CRS Score Range: Changes by type; commonly, it is over 80 points.

Distribution by Category:


Invitations Issued

Minimum CRS Score

Skilled Workers



International Graduates



Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled




In British Columbia, the PNP program aims to draw in people from all walks of life. This includes tech experts with a lot of skills and folks looking for crucial starting jobs. 

It meets different kinds of money needs. Manitoba boasts a workforce full of skilled individuals alongside a steady flow of business operations. In its vibrant urban centres and across regions known for robust farming, Manitoba handed out 542 invites.

 Key Highlights:

  •  Total Invitations Issued: 542

  •  Streams: Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Overseas, and International Education Stream.

  •  Selection Criteria: Based on CRS scores, job offers, and work experience in Manitoba.

Invitation Distribution by Stream:


Invitations Issued

Minimum CRS Score

Skilled Workers in Manitoba



Skilled Workers Overseas



International Education Stream




With the release of 1,763 invitations, there's a big move towards tackling the work shortages and population issues these provinces are dealing with. Quebec, BC, and Manitoba have set their sights on pulling in skilled workers and business minds of various backgrounds. They aim to spark economic expansion, drive innovation, and increase population numbers. 

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Exploring the Steps to Sign up for Programs Nominated by Provinces 

  • When one sets out to apply for a provincial nominee program, one embarks on various stages. 

  • People who wish to move to a new place start by sending an Expression of Interest to the province they hope to call home. 

  • When it comes to the Invitation to Apply, or ITA, for short, those who have racked up the highest points or ticked all the boxes for certain requirements find themselves on the receiving end. 

  • Candidates who receive an invitation are asked to submit a full application along with any documents supporting their submission. A provincial nomination is awarded to successful candidates, adding extra points to their total score in the immigration application process. 

  • Once nominated, individuals can request permanent residency by navigating the federal immigration framework. Conclusion

Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba sent out 1,763 invites. This move shows their forward-thinking and strategic plan to tackle the specific needs of their job markets and population challenges. These provinces aim to draw in skilled workers, graduates worldwide, and seasoned experts in fields that need more hands. Their goal is to pump up their economy and make their communities better places to live.

 In Quebec, the focus is on areas like IT engineering, health, and education, which ensures that there are enough skilled people to fill important job gaps. In the same way, the variety of categories in British Columbia's Provincial Nominee Program plays a key role in boosting its tech industry and vital services. Manitoba has rolled out a plan to keep skilled individuals and draw in new people from other places. This includes special programs for skilled workers from abroad and for those involved in international education. The goal is to keep the economy growing strong.

Working together clarifies how much we need immigration plans for each province. This way, Canada's job market grows strong and lively. Lately, by inviting more people to live in Canada, we have done more than help them start over. We also ensure the provinces stay vibrant and do socially and economically well. With new immigrants settling in the provinces, they will likely see their economies strengthen, and their communities become livelier, especially in Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba, because of these focused immigration rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arrima system in Quebec?

Quebec has an online hub named Arrima where people looking to move there can apply. This place takes their details and decides who gets an invite by looking at what jobs are needed and their CRS scores.

What are the minimum CRS scores required for BC's PNP?

The minimum CRS scores vary by category, but they generally need to be above 80 points.

How does Manitoba's Skilled Workers Overseas stream work?

This stream targets skilled workers living outside Canada who have the necessary skills and work experience in high-demand occupations in Manitoba, and it requires a job offer from a Manitoba employer.

Can international students apply for Manitoba's PNP?

Yes, international students who graduate from Manitoba institutions can apply through the International Education Stream, provided they meet the criteria.

What sectors are prioritized in Quebec’s latest draw?

Quebec's latest draw prioritised sectors including IT, Engineering, Health, and Education, reflecting the province's current labour market needs.