8 Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe

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Jul 14,2024

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Have you ever dreamt of living in Europe? I think we all have! Indians are known globally for their zesty travel appetite and for their ability to live and adjust in any country around the world. 

Europe has been a popular destination for immigrants to move to for years. Students, working professionals, and retired individuals all prefer Europe as their country of choice to live and work in. There are many different reasons for this- higher wages, great quality of life, better opportunities and better government support, universal healthcare, and easy accessibility within the EU. 

10 percent of the total immigrants in the world live in Europe- that is quite a large number! So if you’re considering moving to Europe, you’re not alone. Now the question arises- where in Europe should you move to? Here are the 8 best countries for Indians to live and work in Europe.

8 Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe 

Here are the 8 Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe:

1. Germany 

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The first among the best countries for Indians to live and work in Europe is Germany. Germany is one of the most popular countries for immigration around the world for various reasons. It is one of the leading economies and is a pioneer in research, manufacturing, and technology. It is known for having technology that’s usually ahead of the rest of the world. People can immigrate to Germany with ease, as it has a transparent and fair immigration policy. The country also offers excellent healthcare services and has an efficient public transportation system. Its major cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt are ranked among the best places to live in Europe.

Germany has made many contributions in the field of education as well. It is a much sought-after destination for higher studies. Students can get study visa easily and the tuition fees are comparatively low. The country has many renowned universities like Technical University of Munich, Heidelberg University, and Humboldt University of Berlin.

In terms of job opportunities, Germany is a top choice for skilled professionals. With a strong economy and low unemployment rate, there are ample job opportunities in various sectors such as engineering, IT, finance, healthcare, and more. Germany also offers attractive salaries and benefits to its employees. Furthermore, the government provides a lot of support for international immigrants. 

One of the biggest perks about living in Germany is that employees work only 27 hours a week on average and get well-distributed paid leaves, universal healthcare, and much more, making it an ideal place to live. 


2. The Netherlands

Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe-Netherland-TerraTern

The second country on the list of best countries for Indians to live and work in Europe is the Netherlands. The Netherlands has one of the best quality-of-life provisions for its people. Ranked 5th in the Global Happiness Index, people from this country are satisfied with their lifestyle choices and the government as well. 

The Netherlands has impeccable safety standards. The crime rate is usually at an all-time low there. It also has a very strong economy. The country actively seeks out and welcomes investors and international entrepreneurs. Government support for immigrants, especially those belonging to these two categories, is quite strong and reliable. 

The Netherlands focuses on work-life balance a lot. It is one of their main goals and as a country, they integrate it in all their activities, including the workplace. The Netherlands offers about 20 days of paid leave, 16 weeks of maternity leave, and much more. 

3. Sweden

Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe-Sweden-TerraTern

Just like the Netherlands, Sweden, too, is in the top 10 countries of the Global Happiness Index. Sweden has recently been growing and undergoing an economic transformation, making it at par with other countries in the EU. This makes it one of the best countries for Indians to live and work in Europe.

Sweden has a healthy job market, where they focus on equitable wealth distribution and workers' rights. The country also has the highest employment rate in the world, guaranteeing job security for sure. 

Plus, the social security system in Sweden is very well designed- making your employees work overtime is considered a crime so you can be assured that you will never be exploited by your employers! 

4. Denmark 

Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe-Denmark-TerraTern

Denmark is one of the safest and happiest countries, not just in Europe but also in the world. Denmark is also known for having the least wealth disparity in the world. It has ranked 2nd in the Global Happiness Index, and the quality of work-life balance practised in Denmark is incomparable with that of any other country. 

People in this country have consistently provided high satisfaction levels, both in their jobs and their recreational lives. Though the national language is Danish, English is widely spoken and accepted in Denmark, breaking down the language barrier. 

Denmark’s geographical location is also a key benefit- it is located between Sweden and Germany, which facilitates trade routes, easier access, and collaboration between the countries. 

5. Norway

Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe-Norway-TerraTern

Known for its Scandinavian landscapes and ecological systems, Norway has the highest concentration of the Fords worldwide. It has an abundant wildlife population and many open green lands. With that being said, Norway’s social system also provided a lot of rights and benefits to the bourgeoisie and offered a beautiful blend of an urban and natural lifestyle. 

Norway is 3rd in gas production and 9th in oil production and, therefore, has a lot of job opportunities that pay well in these sectors. Other booming sectors in Norway are engineering, information technology, transportation, etc. 

The country also has much to offer in terms of culture, recreation, food, healthcare, and education. It is also known for its insurance and pension policies. 

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6. Portugal

Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe-Portugal-TerraTern

Portugal is world famous for its climate - a continental climate with warm summers and cool winters, with moderate temperatures overall. Portugal has always ranked consistently in the top ranks in the Global Peace Index. High ranks in the happiness index general life satisfaction among the people as well. 

Portugal has a history of warmly welcoming expats and has one of the best environments for cultural integration as well. 

7. Finland 

Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe-Finland-TerraTern

Another country in the list of best countries for Indians to live and work in Europe is Finland. Finland has consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world for decades. It is also one of the most equal societies in terms of gender- with equal play for all men and women. 

Finland is also known for its impeccable healthcare and safety standards. Its recreational standards are also very high, with 40 national parks and a lot of other greenlands in which you can find solace. 

8. United Kingdom 

Best Countries For Indians To Live And Work In Europe-United Kingdom-TerraTern

The United Kingdom has been a popular immigration destination not just for Indians but for other global citizens as well. It is one of the most economically developed countries, which also holds a significant global presence socially, economically, and historically. 

The UK has ample employment opportunities, including opportunities for multinational corporations, start-ups, freelancers, local businesses, and so on. It is also home to some of the best universities in the world, such as Oxford and Cambridge. 

Moreover, the United Kingdom is quite literally a melting pot of culture, so you will never feel out of place there!


In summary, there are many different options for the best countries for Indians to live and work In Europe. You most likely will never feel out of place as there are many Indians settled in all of these countries and others too. So based on your research and preferences, be sure to choose a country that fulfills all your needs and makes you feel happy and satisfied to live in.

Still waiting for an answer? Don't worry, you can always reach out to our experts for any further assistance or queries. At TerraTern our team is dedicated to helping individuals like you find the best place to live and work in Europe. So don't hesitate to contact us and start your journey towards a fulfilling life in Europe! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which country in Europe has the highest job opportunities for Indians?

Germany currently has the most job opportunities for Indians.

Where do most Indians live in Europe?

You will find a lot of Indians in the United Kingdom.

Which country gives jobs to Indians easily?

Most of the countries listed in this article have jobs that can be easily attained.

Which job is easy to get in Europe?

Jobs in IT, AI and industrial sectors can be obtained easily.

Which European country is best for salary?

Luxembourg provides the highest salaries in Europe.