Which State Is Easiest To Get PR In Australia?

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Jul 14,2024

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One of the top choices for most people worldwide is Australian immigration. It offers great facilities and amenities in terms of healthcare, education, and jobs. The Australian economy holds a very competitive role in the global market as well. Thus, you are not alone if you want to move to Australia. 

The question arises- which state is easiest to get PR in Australia? Australia is not just a country where people move temporarily- it is also a very desirable country to gain permanent residency status. 

Australia has many states where you can get PR. However, which state is the easiest to gain PR in? 

Tasmania- Easiest PR Availability In Australia 

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The answer to your question about which state is easiest to get PR in Australia is Tasmania. Tasmania, an island in Southern Australia, is the easiest place to get permanent residency. Tasmania is Australia's least populated state and the 26th largest island in the world. It is often regarded as the state with the cleanest air in the world. 

The capital of Tasmania is Hobart. The economy here mainly consists of agriculture, tourism, education, and healthcare. 

Tasmania has a bustling eco-tourism-based economy, and they a pioneer in sustainable living. 

Why You Should Move To Tasmania?

Now that we know the answer for which state is easiest to get PR in Australia, here is why we should consider moving there. Apart from the easy attainment of PR there are many reasons Tasmania is a wonderful state to live in.  


1. Affordable Property

The property rates in Tasmania are quite low, especially when compared to other places in Australia. The prices in Tasmania are almost half the prices of the rates in Melbourne or Adelaide. So, you can afford big, luxurious housing for half the price. You also get the same amenities as other big cities. 

2. Natural Resources 

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Tasmania is known for its abundant natural resources. It is full of green forests, protected natural lands, and so on. There are many mountains, rainforests, wetlands, and a thriving ecosystem within. There is great biodiversity among its plant and animal life. There are many national parks and reserves and animal life lives in complete harmony with the city life. 

3. Culinary Diversity

Tasmania is also known for its food and wine culture. The quality of food is also really high. Due to the abundant natural resources, the natural produce is also very healthy and of the best possible quality. Thus, the taste of the food and wine produced is gobsmacking and mouth drooling. 

4. Easy and Convenient Transportation 

The commute in Tasmania is very easily accessible throughout the state. While you may face traffic jams and time delays in other, bigger cities, no such thing exists in Tasmania. The travel times are very short. It also fosters easier connections and communications with your neighbors. Hence, this makes it one of the best options for which state is easiest to get PR in Australia.

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Move To Tasmania- Skilled Nomination Visa 

Tasmania natural landscape with a man enjoying the view- TerraTern

The skilled nomination visa (subclass 190) is perhaps the easiest way to move to Australia. This is a permanent visa that allows you to live and work in Australia forever. To avail of this visa you need to be nominated by the Government of Tasmania (state government). 

The nomination criteria are:

  • You should be less than 45 years of age. 

  • Your occupation should be listed on the skilled occupation requirements for Tasmania. 

  • You should obtain more than 65 points on the skill assessment test. 

  • Your English should be at working proficiency, and you should have an English proficiency test as proof. 


Tasmania is a very favourable destination in which to live. It has many opportunities for you to avail yourself and provides a calm and slow-paced lifestyle so that you can enjoy the regular pleasures of life, without getting caught up in the fast-paced bustle of a big city. You can find time for yourself and enjoy a healthy life. 

This was all about which state is easiest to get PR in Australia, and you can choose to move to Australia easily.

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