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Jul 25,2024

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The interview is an integral part of your immigration to Australia. It determines your eligibility to live, work, or study in Australia. The immigration officer will ask you some questions to get to know you better and determine whether you are a good fit for the country. You must answer all the questions honestly to the best of your knowledge, to complete this part of your Australia Immigration process. 

Most Important Interview Questions And Answers For Student Visa: Australia 

The immigration officer will ask you a few questions that you must answer promptly. Some of them are discussed below so that you are acquainted with the process and prepare accordingly!

1. Can you provide a short introduction about yourself?

This is most commonly the first question asked in any interview. You must provide a crisp answer covering your identity, where you’re from, what you’re currently studying, and so on. 

2. What visa are you applying for?

The officer is simply trying to verify your application with your interview via this question. Since you have applied for a student visa, tell the immigration officer that. 

3. Why do you wish to study in Australia?

Through this question, the officer wishes to know why you have chosen Australia as your country of study instead of other countries. You must tell them all the reasons why you chose Australia and how you will benefit from the country’s education.  

4. What course have you applied for and why?

With this question, the officer wishes to learn more about your aspirations and goals. In your Australia immigration interview, you must share all your course details, why you’ve chosen the course, what motivated you to do so, and so on. 

5. Do you plan to pursue any courses in Australia after this one ends?

Australia immigration interviews are also designed to ascertain whether you will stay in Australia for other reasons after this course. In case you will be returning home after your course ends, you must make it clear to the immigration officer and provide clear, strong reasons for the same. 

6. Do you plan on working in Australia after the course ends?

Once again, the immigration officer is trying to understand whether your main goal is to settle in Australia in the long run. Do you plan on working in Australia after? If so, answer accordingly. 

7. What studies does your course entail?

Provide a thorough structure of your course plan. 

8. How long will your course last?

If you are going for an undergraduate degree, it will last for 3 to 4 years. If it is a postgraduate degree, it will last for 2 years. The officer wants to determine how long you will stay in the country through your Australia immigration interview. 

9. How will this course benefit you?

Provide all the reasons why the course you have chosen is beneficial to you and aligns with your life goals and plans. 

10. What is the total fee for your course?

Provide an accurate overview of the pricing model of your course and how much you are paying for it. 

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11. Have you estimated your living expenses?

Provide an honest answer on how much you expect your living expenses to be. 

12. How are you going to be paying for this course?

Provide an honest answer- whether you’re paying for it yourself, taking out a loan, or have achieved a scholarship or so on. 

13. How long have you been planning to study here?

Tell the immigration officer when you have been preparing to study here and when you selected Australia as your top choice. 

14. Where have you completed your education so far?

Share an honest record of your educational history. If you have changed schools in between, mention that too. 

15. Can you present your high school transcripts?

Carry your high school transcripts to the interview, and if asked, share them. If you are going for a master's degree, carry your undergraduate transcripts as well. 

16. What subjects did you study previously?

Tell the officer about your past subjects/streams in your Australia immigration interview. 

17. How many universities did you apply to and receive acceptance letters from?

Answer this question honestly as this information can be verified by the immigration authorities. 

18. Why did you choose this specific university out of all your choices?

Walk the officer through your thought process as you pick your university of choice through the others. 

19. Why did you choose to move out from your home country to pursue this course?

Share your reasons for pursuing this degree abroad instead of your home country. Also, mention reasons why studying in Australia would benefit you more than in other countries. 

20. Can you tell me about the university you have chosen?

The immigration officer wants to know how you found out about this university and what it stood out to you. Answer honestly. 

21. What made you change your field of study from your previous education?

If the course you’ve applied for is different from what you’ve studied so far, you can expect this question to come up. Provide all the reasons that made you change your mind. 

22. What jobs do you wish to seek upon the completion of your course?

Discuss your career aspirations and what prospects you wish to avail yourself of by completing this course. 

23. Where is your university located?

Tell the officer where your university is based. 

24. What language test have you taken?

Tell the officer which test you have taken - TOEFL, IELTS, CELPIP, or any other. 

25. Can you share your score transcripts with me?

Carry your test scores with you and present them when asked. 

26. Can you explain why you received low scores in a certain section?

Be honest while answering this question. Explain why you have received a low score in a segment and how you plan to improve that. 

27. Tell me a little about your family?

Share your parents' names, qualifications, and jobs (if any). 

28. Do you have any siblings? 

Share your siblings’ names and ages, if any. 

29. Are your siblings studying, or have they completed their education?

If your sibling is studying, share their grade, what they are pursuing, and where they are studying. If they have completed their education, tell the officer what they are doing now. 

30. Who is the breadwinner of the family?

Depending on whether one of your parents is the sole wage earner or if you are from a dual-income household, answer accordingly. 

31. How much does your family make in a year?

Answer these questions honestly. The officer wants to ascertain your family’s financial background. 

31. Have you taken any loans? 

If you have availed of any loans, completed or ongoing, answer honestly. Tell the officer why you have taken the loans. Your financial background is an important part of your Australia immigration interview. 

32. Have any of your siblings attended university?

Provide an appropriate answer, and, along with that, add other information as well. For example, if a sibling has attended university, which university, what have they pursued, etc? 

33. Do you have a sponsor to live in Australia?

Share the details of the entity that will be financially supporting you while you are studying in Australia. 

34. How many people are financially dependent on this sponsor?

Share the sponsor's family details or how many dependents rely on them for support. 

35. How do you plan on managing your personal expenses in Australia?

Share details of any part-time jobs you are doing or looking for or if you have any scholarships or funding supporting you. 

36. Have you been to Australia before?

Answer if you have or have not. If you have, state the reason for your trip. 

37. How will you spend your semester break?

Answer honestly whether you will return to your home country or stay in Australia with a job or if you have any other plans. 

38. Why should we grant you a student visa?

Take your time and answer this question. List out all the reasons why you deserve to get the student visa, how you will benefit from it, and how the university will benefit from having you as a student. 

39. What if your student visa application gets rejected?

Inform the student officer that you will be better prepared next time and will work on all the reasons behind the visa rejection.  

40. Will you be applying for any part-time jobs or internships in Australia?

Tell the immigration officer about your plans and whether you wish to get work experience in Australia. This is an important question to be asked in your Australia immigration interview. 

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The Australia immigration interview might seem like a sturdy task, but if you are well prepared, then it will be a cakewalk. You must be calm and poised throughout your interview. Think well before answering; do not be in a hurry to respond. Be respectful towards the immigration officer, as any sort of rude behaviour will go against you. All the best!

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