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Jul 14,2024

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Are you in search of some good postgraduate scholarships in Canada to realize your academic goals?  While moving abroad, one thing we are always eyeing for is a sound scholarship that can save us from the burden of education loans. Well, you can always have one if guided on the right path. There are multiple scholarship options in both private and public universities in Canada, and you can study in Canada through postgraduate scholarships.

Where some scholarships ease your education by up to 70%. Most scholarships in Canadian universities offer to cover your tuition fees, lodging on campus, and even travelling allowances. Some competitive scholarships provide extra funds for your research projects and internships, too. So you can think this way if you want to study in Canada thoroughly for postgraduate scholarships.

Study In Canada Through Post Graduation Scholarships

Every year, a good number of students relocate to Canada for the post-graduation programs, among these a major number of students move through student scholarships. These scholarship programs offer financial aid to the students for their post-graduation tenure.

Even though these scholarships have different provisions for European Union students and students from South Asian countries, some scholarship opportunities for Indian students planning to pursue postgraduate studies in Canada are mentioned below.

1. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

The first one to make it to the list of postgraduate scholarships is the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship. The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship is a rewarding opportunity for people who want to pursue research. It is a two-year support program worth ₹42,45,760. This is for students pursuing research in social science, environment, and healthcare services and studying in Canada through postgraduate scholarships.

You can simply apply for this and avail of scholarships to study in Canada through scholarships. Start researching for the deadline and application dates.

2. Vanier Graduate 

If you are an Indian student eyeing to relocate to Canada for doctoral studies, the Vanier Graduate Scholarship is for you. This scholarship is for three years. The scholarship provides financial support of ₹30,32,570. 

In the case of Vanier Graduate Scholarships, the candidate will only be nominated by a Canadian university that has a quota program under this. So before going this way, you need to list down the universities that got this right. The universities that hold Vanier CGS Quota. The field options you can go for are science, engineering, social science, health research, and humanities. Start the process as early as possible to get this done.

3. IDRC Research Awards

This opportunity is for students pursuing master's or PhD degrees in Canada. It's a great opening for Indian students to study in Canada through postgraduate scholarships. 

This scholarship is awarded by the university or institute where your admission is approved. This scholarship provides financial support through travel and research expenses up to ₹9,09,800 for one year. 

It is suggested you start researching the procedures and dates to avoid missing out on this year’s opportunity. Applying earlier would save you time and make your dream of studying in Canada through postgraduate scholarships possible.

4. Ontario Graduate Scholarships

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship provides financial support for students appearing in Master’s and PhD studies and want to study in Canada through postgraduate scholarships. The students need to be from Ontario University. The eligibility criteria are your academic achievements and a minimum score of 80%. This scholarship is a partnership between the provincial government and the university to which you are admitted. It is a great option for people who want to study in Canada through postgraduate scholarships.

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5. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

One more scholarship in this list of postgraduate scholarships is the Ontario Trillium Scholarship. Funded by the Ontario government and universities in a 2:1 ratio, this scholarship program is worth ₹24,26,300 for annual support. This is given to 75 international PhD students who have performed exceptionally well.

The scholarship is renewable if your doctoral program’s tenure is more than 1 year.

6. Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

The Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship offers merit-based financial assistance to deserving international students. This annual scholarship provides support for both Master's and PhD programs, with doctoral students receiving a higher award value of ₹15,16,270 per year and postdoctoral students receiving ₹21,22,990 annually. 

One who wants to study in Canada through postgraduate scholarships can consider this option. You can look for the dates and application deadline on official websites. The application process is most likely to start in the middle of the year. 

7. Canada- ASEAN SEED

The Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) program offers a fantastic opportunity to boost your skills and knowledge. This program provides funding for short-term exchange opportunities for study or research at Canadian colleges, as well as undergraduate and graduate institutions. The scholarship covers various expenses, including the program cost (₹6,06,390), flights, visa, health insurance (₹3,03,330), and even a weekly allowance (₹97,060). 

You can check for the application forms around March and April every year to apply for this application. This option can be considered for studying in Canada through postgraduate scholarships. 

8. York University International Student Scholarships

All foreign students can apply to York University when they apply. Through this, you can avail CAD 1,000 to CAD 40,000 as financial aid to study in Canada. This support is for students who perform well in the admissions test. This can be one of the options for studying in Canada through postgraduate scholarships.

9. Later B. Pearson International Scholarship

The program is named "Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship" is." It is part of the University of Toronto's International Scholarship program." It is the best one. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship is a 100% scholarship. It covers tuition, books, and incidental fees. 

It also covers full house costs for the whole course, usually four years. The program gives scholarships to the best students. They must show exceptional merit, creativity, and other qualities. This scholarship is your direct way to Canada without any hurdles and makes your dream of ‘studying in Canada through postgraduate scholarships’ true.

10. University of British Columbia Scholarship

It is eligible for new internship students who are on a study permit. There are certain eligibility criteria to get this scholarship such as your financial status, academic achievement, and several other factors. Studying at the University of British Columbia can be a great opportunity for postgraduate students. You can apply for this if you look forward to studying in Canada through postgraduate scholarships.

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To sum up, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Your way to Canadian education is through sound research, strong will, and the most suitable scholarship. Planning, researching thoroughly, and strategically applying to scholarships that align with your profile can increase your chances of securing funding for your postgraduate studies in Canada.

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