7 Simple Steps for Getting a Japan Tourist Visa

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Jul 14,2024

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7 Simple Steps for Getting a Japan Tourist Visa

If you wish to travel to Japan for leisure, to see family or friends, or for any other brief, non-paid visitation that does not involve engaging in paid activities, you must have a Japan tourist visa. For that, it is essential to make yourself aware of the requirements related to Japan tourist visa. 

So, if you're looking for information related to: 

  • The steps for getting Japan tourist visas

  • Japan tourist visa requirements

  • Things to do at immigration checkpoints right after landing

  • Common reasons for visa rejections of Japanese tourist visas

You are at the right place! This blog has all that you must know about Japan visas to make your journey and stay in Japan trouble-free. 

Step-by-Step Guide For Japan Tourist Visa

Right from getting your eligibility verified to finally getting your passport stamped with a Visa, here are the 7 essential steps to getting a Japan tourist visa: 

1. Verify Your Eligibility

To apply for a Japanese visa, a candidate must be an Indian citizen with a current Indian passport.

2. Gather All Required Documents

Before applying for a visa, you must bring together all the official documents (records) that can stand as proof of your reason to travel to Japan. 

Japan tourist visa requirements related to documents: 

  • Authentic passport valid for 6 months after the date of entry into Japan.

  • Two matte-finished, 2 × 2-inch colour photos set against a white background

  • Tickets for a verified journey back

  • Confirmed hotel arrangements

  • A particular visa application

  • A cover letter detailing the applicant's credentials, availability, and expenses. If the applicant works for themselves, they have to send in these details on company letterhead.

  • Everyday timetable

  • If you are employed, you must provide your last 3 months' worth of salary stubs.

  • If one is employed, an employment certificate is required.

  • Original 6-month bank statements, each page bearing an authorized signature and the bank's seal, and with a healthy balance.

  • For the previous 3 years, Form 16 or ITR (Income Tax Returns)

  • Original leave letter from the relevant company, university, or educational institution.

  • If the applicant is a student, a copy of their ID from college or school is required.

  • A copy of the candidate's retirement letter or pension passbook is required if they are retired.

Additional papers and testimonials may also be needed, depending on the type of visa you need and your planned journey.

3. Schedule a Visa Appointment

Direct visa applications through the Japanese embassy are not permitted. Only official and diplomatic visas are granted by the embassy. You should apply for a visa by going to a visa application centre.

4. Book Your Visa Appointment 

Bookings for the visa appointment are available on the official website.

  • The exact time and date of the application submission will be conveyed to you. 

  • An email confirming your appointment will be sent to you. You must print it off and bring it to your visa appointment. 

  • Ensure you follow the instructions on the official website to begin the application process. 

Appropriate instructions on how to send in your paperwork will be given to you. 

5. Pay The Visa Fee

  • You must pay the visa cost as soon as you receive the necessary paperwork and have booked your appointment. 

  • Upon payment, your visa application will be completed. 

  • Remember to print off the receipt for the visa fee payment for future reference. 

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6. Send In Your Application

After paying the Visa fee, you must provide all necessary documentation to the visa application centre on the specified date. You must have your printed appointment confirmation letter and the receipt for the visa fee payment with you.

7. Get Your Passport Stamped With a Visa

The processing time of the visa application will take 5 to 7 working days after it is submitted. 

Lastly, depending on your chosen method, your passport will either be mailed to you or available for pickup at the Consulate.

The authorities will handle the visa application after the previously specified processes are completed. 

Arrival At The Immigration Checkpoints With The Tourist Visa: What Happens Next? 

When you arrive at the immigration checkpoints, the authorities will verify your visa and review your documentation. In addition, they will interrogate you about the purpose and length of your visit to Japan, as well as check your passport. 

Japan tourist visa requirements and documents that you must present at the checkpoints: 

  • Japan Visa

  • Passport

  • Itinerary

  • Return Airfare

  • Evidence Of Stable Finances

Cost, Validity, And Processing Time Of a Japan Tourist Visa

Here is a general estimate of the cost, validity, and processing time of the Japan tourist visa application. 

1. Cost Of a Japan Tourist Visa

The following fees apply to visas to Japan:

Work Visa 

Cost (Yen)


Single Entry Visa 

3000 Yen 

1,668 INR

Multiple Entry Or Double Entry Visa

6000 Yen 

3,336 INR

Transit Visa 

700 Yen 

389 INR

Depending on the local currency and your country of residence, the costs for a Japan tourist visa may vary.

2. Validity

  • The primary visa validity period of the Indian tourist visa to Japan is 3 months from the date of issuance. Thus, the applicant will be allowed to remain for a 90-day maximum. 

  • A single-entry visa is only good for 3 months.

  • A multiple-entry visa is valid for 5  years.

3. Japan Tourist Visa Processing Time

According to the Japan Embassy, the Japan tourist visa processing time for a tourist visa to enter Japan is 1 day. This duration does not include the day on which the visa application is sent to the authorities. 

Agency Type 

Tourist Visa Processing Time 

Japan Embassy 

1 Day

If the visa application is sent to travel companies, it will take 3 to 7 days for the application to be processed.

The Japan Tourist Visa Rejection: 15 Common Causes

The authorities of the country you are visiting in Japan may deny your visa. They may do so for various reasons. 

Some of the most common reasons for your visa rejection can include:

  1. If you entered false information on your visa application form, your visa may be denied.

  2. If there has been prior criminal activity against you.

  3. If you quickly apply for a visa without providing a good reason.

  4. If there is a poor relationship between your own country and the country, you intend to visit.

  5. If you suffer from any infectious illnesses.

  6. If there aren't enough blank pages in your passport before it expires.

  7. If you lack a legitimate basis for not using a visa that was previously awarded to you.

  8. If the immigration authorities determine that it is unclear if you intend to return from the country of your destination.

  9. If you don't offer sufficient evidence to refute your eligibility.

  10. If you are travelling to a country without a legitimate purpose.

  11. If your certificate of good character is missing.

  12. If you have previously broken any of the Japan tourist visa application requirements.

  13. If you are unable to forge close national links with the nation that you currently call home. Applications for non-immigrant visas are subject to this.

  14. If you have not specified your visa type.

  15. Rejection of a visa may also result from insufficient health or travel insurance coverage.

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Bottom Line

These were some of the easy procedures for obtaining a tourist visa for Japan: Japan tourist visa requirements, Japan tourist visa processing time, what to do at immigration desks as soon as you arrive, and the typical grounds for visa denials. 

Still, no matter how much research you perform,  sometimes the lack of knowledge and expertise can negatively impact your visa application. That is why we at TerraTern are here to help you simplify the process of visiting Japan. Get in touch with us today to get all your queries solved.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Indians subject to any restrictions when traveling to Japan?

Indeed, there are certain limitations for Indian tourists visiting Japan. The Japanese Embassy in India sets the rules. Or, the Japanese Consulate General does. An applicant must provide the needed documents. They must also provide proof of their valid reason for visiting Japan.

Can I apply for a tourist visa to Japan up to 90 days in advance of my planned trip?

It is not possible to apply for a tourist visa to Japan 90 days before the planned date of travel.

Do I need to make an appointment to submit my application?

There is no need to schedule an appointment while applying for Japan visas. However, booking a certain day and time may be required if visa applications are filed in groups.

Can I use my Japan tourist visa to work in Japan?

You CANNOT. When visiting Japan on a tourist visa, you can't work or do any other paid job. You can only get this kind of visa for leisure, travel, and tourism. You need a Japan Work Visa to work in Japan.

Can a Japanese Tourist Visa be extended?

No, you typically cannot. In Japan, immigration offices do not usually extend tourist visas. They do not extend them past their expiration date. Only a few things, like an unexpected illness or accident, would extend a tourist visa. Only long-term visa categories can get a Japan visa extension.