Step-by-Step Process of Obtaining a Japan Tourist Visa for Indians

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Jul 25,2024

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Step-by-Step Process of Obtaining a Japan Tourist Visa for Indians

A Japan Tourist Visa for Indians is the most crucial requirement when you are an Indian who wants to go to Japan for a short-term, non-paid visit that doesn't involve participating in employment or business-related activities. The Japan tourist visa for Indians covers everything ranging from Japanese tourism to visiting the land to meet your family and friends. 

So, if you are searching for details related to the essential Japan tourist visa documents for Indian visitors and Japan tourist visa fee for Indian people, you have landed on the right page. 

Right from the cost of a Japan tourist visa for Indians to its validity and the required process of application, this blog has all that you need to know. 

How To Apply For a Japan Tourist Visa For Indians? Step-By-Step Process

The process of getting a Japan tourist visa for Indians starts with filling out an application form. Below, you can find a brief description of the steps that you must follow after that. 

1. Begin Your Application 

  • When you're ready to apply for a Japan tourist visa for Indians, the first step is to download the visa application form. 

  • Fill out this form and print it out. 

  • Then bring it to the visa application centre together with the Japan tourist visa documents for Indians that are required as per the chosen visa category.

2. Book An Appointment 

  • After filling out your visa application, you must schedule a time to submit it at the Visa Application Center. 

  • You will receive the appointment letter and an email confirmation as soon as your appointment is scheduled. 

  • You will need to schedule separate appointments for each member of your family or group if you are a part of one.

3. Payment Of The Japan Tourist Visa Fee For Indian Citizens

After submitting your application, you need to pay the visa application cost. A Japan tourist visa fee for Indians will be made at the time of your appointment if you download the form, print it, and bring it to the Visa Application Center.

4. Going To A Visa Center 

Individuals should visit the visa centre for visa application. It is suggested to visit the visa centre in person, even though the online application for a Japan tourist visa for Indians is possible in some cases.

5. Keep Your Appointment As Scheduled

Your completed visa application form must be turned in at the Visa Application Center. Learn in advance about what goes on in the application centre for Japan tourist visa for Indians.

6. Follow Up 

  • Stay informed about the progress of your application. 

  • As soon as the Visa Application Center receives your decision, you will receive an email update. 

  • Online progress updates for Japan tourist visa for Indians applications are also available. To use this service, enter your birth date and the reference number found on the invoice or receipt that the Visa Application Center sends you.

7. Collect Your Passport

You can pick up your passport from the Visa Application Center once your visa application has been approved. For an extra charge, you can also arrange for a courier to get your passport delivered to your home.

Japan Tourist Visa Documents For Indian Citizens: Paperwork Required

If the visit is self-arranged, the applicant must submit the following paperwork to apply for a Japan tourist visa for Indians:

  • A Valid Indian Passport: The applicant must possess a passport that has been valid for more than 3 months beyond their intended stay in Japan.

  • Application For Visa: The completed, signed, and dated visa application form must be submitted.

  • Evidence Of Adequate Funds: The applicant must provide official records demonstrating that they have the money to pay for their stay in Japan. The length of stay determines how much money is required.

  • Travel Tickets: The presentation of an already booked return ticket is compulsory as proof that the applicant plans to exit Japan by the specified date.

  • Trip Schedule: A copy of the applicant's complete trip schedule in Japan.

The other documents that are required for a Japan tourist visa for Indians include:

  • Two 2 x 2-inch colour photographs with a matte effect placed against a white background.

  • Verified hotel reservations.

  • A detailed visa application.

  • A cover letter outlining the qualifications, schedule, and costs of the applicant.

  • The applicant must submit these details on business letterhead if they are self-employed.

  • You must present the pay stubs from the last 3 months if you are employed.

  • An employment certificate is necessary if one is employed.

  • Original 6-month bank statements with a healthy balance that are signed by an authorised signatory and have the bank's seal.

  • Form 16 or ITR (Income Tax Returns) Original leave letter from the applicable business, college, or educational institution for the preceding 3 years.

  • A copy of the applicant's ID from college or school is needed if they are a student.

  • If the candidate is retired, a copy of their pension passbook or retirement letter is needed. 

What happens at the Immigration Checkpoints?

As soon as you arrive in Japan with your Japan tourist visa for Indians, the officials at immigration checkpoints will examine all of your papers. These processes are to confirm that you have the correct version of  Japan tourist visa for Indians. They will also inspect your passport and question you about the duration and purpose of your stay in Japan. 

The documentation you need to bring to the checkpoints is as follows: 

  • Japan Visa

  • Passport

  • Itinerary

  • Round-Trip Tickets

  • And Proof of Financial Stability

Japan Tourist Visa Fee For Indian Citizens: Types And Cost Variations

The Japan tourist visa fee for Indian citizens varies based on the type of visa and duration of stay.Here are some cost estimates:

      Application Type 

Application Fee (INR)

Direct Application 

550 INR

Single Entry 

1,600 INR

Multiple Entry 

3,200 INR

The Validity of the Japan Tourist Visa for Indians 

Depending on whether you have obtained a single entry visa or multiple entry visa, the validity can vary according to the: 

Visa Type 

Validity Period 

Maximum Stays (In Days)

Single Entry 

3 Month 

90 Days

Multiple Entry 

5 Years 

90 Days

 Processing Time Of The Japan Tourist Visa For Indians

According to the Japan Embassy, the processing period for a Japan tourist visa for Indians to enter Japan is 1 day, not including the day the application is sent to the authorities. When applying for a visa through travel companies, the application processing period might range from 3 to 7 days. 

Some Common Reasons For The Visa Rejection Of A Japanese Tourist Visa for Indians

For some reason, the immigration officials of the nation you are visiting in Japan may refuse Japan tourist visa for Indians tourists. The following is a summary of some of the most crucial components that could hurt your visa application and lead to its denial:

  • Your visa application may be rejected if you provide misleading information.

  • If you have been the victim of past criminal action.

  • If you submit a hasty visa application without a valid justification.

  • If there is a bad rapport between the nation you plan to visit and your own.

  • If any infectious diseases affect you.

  • If your passport runs out of blank pages before it expires.

  • If you don't have a good reason to use a visa that you were previously granted.

  • If the immigration officials find that it's uncertain if you plan to leave the destination country and return.

  • If you don't provide enough proof to dispute your eligibility.

  • If you are visiting a nation without a valid reason.

  • If your good character certificate is absent.

  • If you have previously violated any of the rules for applying for a tourist visa to Japan.

  • If you are unable to establish strong ties with the country you now reside in.

  •  If the type of visa you have is incorrectly indicated.

  •  A denial of a visa might also occur due to inadequate health or trip insurance.

Bottom Line

Obtaining a Japan tourist visa for Indians might not be a child's play, but it is also not a very difficult thing to do either. The right research and contacting the right kind of agencies and people to learn more about Japan tourist visa for Indians can make the process of application much easier. 

So, if you want to know in depth about what documentation is required, what to do at immigration desks as soon as you arrive, and the common reasons why visas are denied, TerraTern is here for your assistance. Get in touch with us today to get expert advice on Japan tourist visa for Indians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations on Indian tourism to Japan?

Yes, there are restrictions in place for Indian visitors to Japan. As per the standards set by the Japanese Consulate General or the Japanese Embassy in India, the applicant needs to provide the required paperwork and evidence of their legitimate purpose for visiting Japan. Also, it is compulsory to have Japan tourist visa for Indians.

Is it Possible to Extend a Japan Tourist Visa for Indians?

No, normally not. Immigration offices in Japan usually do not extend tourist visas once they expire. A tourist visa would only be extended in extreme cases, such as an unanticipated illness or accident. A Japan tourist visa for Indians is extended only if they are approved for an extended stay in Japan.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to submit my application?

An appointment is not required for those who apply for visas. However, if multiple people submit for the same visa, reservations for a specific day and time may be necessary.

Can I apply for a Japan Tourist Visa for Indians up to 90 days before my intended departure date?

90 days before the intended departure date, it is not possible to apply for Japan tourist visa for Indians.

How can one find out how his or her visa application is progressing?

By providing the reference number and birthdate, it is possible to verify the status of the visa application.