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Jul 14,2024

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Canada is rapidly expanding, creating a greater need for qualified professionals. The Canadian government's open policies are intended to attract and keep talent from abroad to strengthen the nation's labor market. Therefore, one of the most well-liked locations for Indians to live and work is Canada.

Do you know that the number of Indians granted permanent residency status in Canada increased by 260% between 2013 and 2022? 

But if there are so many opportunities then the question that arises is how to apply for jobs in Canada from India easily. If you are also concerned about the same, here is what you need to know: Due to the robust bilateral ties between the two countries (India and Canada), there are many employment opportunities for Indian laborers in Canada. 

So, if you are looking for ways on how to apply for jobs in Canada from India then we have got you covered. 

How To Apply For Jobs In Canada From India? Basic Things You Need To Know 

Are you thinking about how to apply for jobs in Canada from India? This article is devoted to providing you with complete answers. But before we get into the details of it, let us have a quick glimpse of everything that you must know.

  • Securing a job in Canada might augment your international work experience since it is a highly promising country to work in. 

  • You can apply for permanent residency in Canada or work there with a temporary work permit. 

  • Your chances of landing a job in Canada can be increased by taking a few simple actions, such as writing an ATS-friendly resume, researching the Canadian job market, being well-prepared for the interview, and choosing the best sources to apply to for jobs in Canada.

  • You will need to regularly transfer money to and from India if you intend to work or relocate to Canada to study or work. 

How To Apply For Jobs In Canada From India? 

Here is a list of 9 ways (including the tips and tricks) that you can use if you are searching for how to apply for jobs in Canada from India. 

1. Research

The first thing you have to do is research the job market in Canada including the company or industry where you are interested or you would like to work through online platforms.

2. Analyse Canada's Job Market

Every country, even Canada, has a unique labor market. Thus, whether looking for traditional or remote work from India, it is essential to: 

  • Investigate top Canadian companies in your industry

  • Take notice of the skills that are in demand in your field

Top Industries For Jobs In Canada

This is a crucial step because just a small percentage of jobs in the country (Canada) are posted publicly. Nevertheless, jobs are abundant in Canada throughout several areas, including:

  1. The Building And Manufacturing Sectors 

  2. Software Engineers

  3. Artificial Intelligence

  4. Web Designers 

  5. Information Technology

  6. Fields Of Promotion And Sales

  7. Human Resources

  8. Financial Services

  9. Healthcare

3. Eligibility Check

Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria of the company or industry where you would like to work. Don’t forget to research and make yourself aware of the PR residency criteria.

4. Get Yourself an ATS-Friendly CV

Creating a solid and strong CV is one method that you cannot go wrong with when you're looking for answers to how to apply for jobs in Canada from India. A strong CV will not only support your job application but also help you stand out from the competition.

People frequently underestimate how easy it is to make a resume and fail to give it the thought and consideration that it requires. However, you must understand that a job advertisement in Canada could result in hundreds of resumes. 

Thus, due to the enormous volume of resumes they get and the desire to hire a quality applicant as soon as possible, the majority of firms now examine resumes through Application Tracking Systems, or ATSs. It is an advanced HR software called the applicant tracking system (ATS) that is used by many companies to manage their hiring process independently.

5. Compelling Cover Letter 

After the CV comes the cover letter; another important part of how to apply for jobs in Canada from India that you should not neglect. 

You should make yourself a good cover letter that highlights: 

  • Your interest in the position to which you would like to apply

  • How much work experience do you have (if any)

  • Educational Qualification

Alter it for each application (according to the job role you are applying for) to show your genuine interest in the position that you would like to have in a company or industry.

6. Choose the Best Available Platform for Job Applications

When trying to figure out how to apply for jobs in Canada from India, one important step that you cannot skip is applying for Canadian employment through the appropriate channels. 

Owing to shifts in the global job market, contacting different foreign organizations is now simpler. To enter the Canadian labor market and find employment for Indians, one can use online job portals such as LinkedIn. 

It's a good idea to look through a variety of sources to find out about how to apply for jobs in Canada from India.

7. Submit Your Application 

After clearing all of the above points, it's time to apply to find a suitable job option and add some extraordinary answers to enhance your chances of confederation. Remember that submitting the application correctly, along with all the required documents, is one of the most important steps of how to apply for jobs in Canada from India.

8. Follow Up

A fantastic method to show that you are interested in a job and possibly improve your chances of being hired is to follow up on a job application. 

Anxiety about when to contact the company after submitting a job application is normal.

But it's crucial to remember that some companies could have a drawn-out hiring procedure, particularly for competitive jobs. Generally, you should wait 1 to 2 weeks after completing your application before getting in touch.

  • You can follow up on a job application in a professional manner in several ways.

  • A convenient and speedy method of following up on your job application is by email. It might be the most effective technique to inquire further about a job application.

  • If you are unable to locate the recruiter or hiring manager's email address online, LinkedIn is a fantastic alternative for communicating with them. After liking their page, send them a direct message asking nicely about the status of your application. Good communication with your potential employers is a foolproof method forming an essential element of how to apply for jobs in Canada from India.

  • You can follow up on your job application by phone if you would rather talk to the business directly.

9. Getting Ready for Interviews

Making a strong, ATS-friendly resume is another essential part of how to apply for jobs in Canada from India. If you have already done so, the next step is to prepare well for an interview. In Canada, getting hired by any form of organization requires you to be ready for an interview.

Tips For Interview

Here are some tips that can help you to prepare for an interview for your job in Canada:

  • Examine the job opportunities or descriptions for the company or organization you would like to work in. This includes being aware of: 

  1. Job Responsibilities

  2. Work Experience

  3. Qualifications needed for the position where you would like to work. 

  • Ensure that you memorize all the information that you have mentioned in your CV and cover letter and use it in your verbal communications with the company so they are aware of your qualities. Plus, you must be able to communicate about your experiences during your interview session if you are including your previous year's work experiences on your resume.  

  • During the interview, you have to be ready for the questions from the company asked by HR. 

  • It's also important to research about the working environment in Canada. 

  • Use simulated interviews as practice. For a mock exam, select an experienced person who can provide you with helpful criticism.

How to apply for jobs in Canada from India: Is a Canada PR Visa Important? 

If you want to stay and work in Canada for a considerably long length of time, you may want to consider applying for Canadian Permanent Residency, or PR. Companies won't have to worry about paying for your stay in the nation if you have a Canada PR visa. Thus, it improves your chances of landing a job there. 

You must be aware that the PR Visa is not an absolute necessity but is a good thing to consider when you are searching about how to apply for jobs in Canada from India and if you really want to get a good job there. 

A PR also provides reassurance to the employer that the candidate plans to stay and work in Canada for a considerable amount of time, saving them time and money when recruiting and training the candidate. 

Indian nationals are permitted to work in Canada after obtaining a permanent residence (PR) visa. You can apply for a range of positions that suit you through the Canadian Government's job bank once your PR has been verified.

How To Get A Job In Canada From India: Work Permit And Its Significance

Depending on the kind of work permit you are requesting, there are several steps involved in the procedure. For instance: 

  • Part-Time Work Permit: A work permit to work part-time is typically granted to international students studying in Canada as part of their study permit. These candidates need to be exempt from LMIA or have a positive LMIA. 

  • Open Work Permit: An open work permit is available to foreign applicants in Canada who wish to apply for one without receiving a job offer.

  • Closed Work Permit: To apply for a closed work permit, you need to have a job offer from Canada ready. If you are granted a closed work permit, you have to stay employed by the same company and work at the same site until the work permit expires. 

Cost of Work Permit in Canada

Here is the table showing the type of fee that is charged for different types of work permits along with its cost:

Type of Fee

Cost (in Canadian Dollars)

Approximate Cost (In INR) 

Work Permit Application 

    155 CAD

9,534 INR

Group Of 3 Or More Work Permit Applications

    464 CAD

28,541 INR

Open Work Permit 

    100 CAD

6,151 INR

To Restore Status As A Worker 

    355 CAD

21,836 INR


Canada's Immigration Procedure in 2024

Once you've cracked the code to how to apply for jobs in Canada, the procedures listed below can be used to immigrate to Canada:

  • Verify that you fulfill the conditions to be eligible to immigrate to Canada

  • Turn in your IELTS certification, show up for the Education Credential Assessment, and pass it

  • Make an express entry profile

  • Make sure you have all the paperwork needed for the application invitation

  • Within 60 days of getting the invitation to apply, submit your visa application

  • Send in your PCC reports and medical test results

  • Obtain the stamping of your visa

How To Apply For Jobs In Canada From India: Are There Any Extra Benefits? 

Now that you know about the essential elements of how to apply for jobs in Canada from India, here are some of the advantages that you can get when you have secured a good job: 

  1. Canada has a welcoming workplace culture that offers protection for its employees under both federal and local laws. 

  2. Furthermore, the country has strict regulations about: 

  • Minimum Wages

  • Weekly Work Schedules

  • Health And Safety Standards

  • Parental Leave Guidelines

  • Annual paid time off for Asian workers, especially those from India.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, good research, a comprehensive analysis of Canada's job market, making an ATS-friendly CV or research, compelling a good and genuine cover letter, submitting an application correctly, and getting ready for an interview are important ways that can increase an individual's chances of success.

Whether your job application follows a permanent residency or you want to work with a temporary permit, Canada has vast opportunities that make it an attractive destination for Indians seeking international work experience. 

Still curious to know more about the advantages that await you if you secure employment in Canada as an Indian national? Learn from experts about how to apply for jobs in Canada from India at TerraTern. From making a career in Canada to applying for reliable jobs, TerraTern has solutions to each of your questions. Reach out to us today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreign students get employed in Canada?

Yes, foreign students can get employed in Canada. If there is a clause in your study visa allowing you to work in Canada, you do not require separate employment permission if your study permit permits it.

Does getting an IELTS score mean you can work in Canada?

For the most part, you can obtain a Canadian work permit without taking the IELTS or any other language test. However, for some specialized work permits, including those for live-in caregivers, proof of language competence might be necessary.

If I want to apply for a work permit in Canada, do I need a job offer?

To apply for an employer-specific work visa in Canada, you must have a legitimate job offer from an employer. On the other hand, you do not require an employment offer if you are qualified for an open work permit.

Can my work permit in Canada be sponsored by my employer?

In Canada, job sponsorship does not exist. Most of the time, if a Canadian business is interested in hiring you, they will need to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to ascertain how recruiting foreign workers will affect the Canadian labor market.

What age is required to obtain a work visa in Canada?

To be eligible for a Canadian work permit, foreign employees must be at least 18 years old. For Canadian work permits, there is typically no upper age limit. Only work permits granted under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program are exempt; to be eligible, candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 35.