Essential Guide to Hospitality Management Courses in Australia

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Why Pursue Hospitality Management Courses in Australia?

  • World-Class Education: Australian education is highly accredited with reputable universities and hospitality management courses recognized across the globe.

  • Thriving Industry: The tourism and hospitality business has been strong and expanding in Australia and many other countries hence creating many employment openings for graduates.

  • Cultural Diversity: Cultural diversity also plays a critical role in the learning process and employment prospects, making the Australian learning environment more appealing to the students.

  • Work Experience Opportunities: Most of the Australian programs have elements of internships and practicals, enabling the students to have base exposure.

  • Post-Study Work Rights: Post-study work rights are available to international students in Australia, which allows them to get job experience after their studies.

  • Innovative Curriculum: Most Australian hospitality management courses are equipped with the current trends and technology in the field to expect the graduates of the courses.

In this guide, we will check out the aspects of hospitality management courses in Australia, the best universities to study at, the degrees offered, and the options in this rapidly growing field. Thus, Australia has a high level of dynamism in hospitality, and it presents a diverse educational environment and many job opportunities for students who plan to build a career in hospitality. There are numerous choices regarding careers and degrees, including choosing a profession of an aspiring student – a world-famous university with the best professors, selection of faculties and specialities of universities, Colleges, Schools of media and communication, specialized training courses, etc. So, if you want more information about Hospitality Management Courses in Australia, you have come to the right place. 

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Top Institutions Offering Hospitality Management Courses in Australia

The question arises: what are the best institutions offering hospitality management courses in Australia? Here are the finest institutions to study hospitality management courses in Australia, which offer the greatest educational possibilities, internships, hospitality training, and other resources that ensure a successful career in hospitality.


Cost per Semester (AUD)

Cost per Semester (INR)


The University of Queensland



Globally recognized programs, strong industry ties

Griffith University



Excellent internship opportunities, industry connections

Torrens University Australia



Flexible study options, innovative curriculum

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School



Practical experience, high employability rates

William Angliss Institute



Specialized programs, industry partnerships

Southern Cross University



Strong focus on practical learning, scenic campuses

La Trobe University



Research-driven approach, diverse student community

Victoria University



Strong industry focus, extensive support services

Edith Cowan University



Industry-experienced faculty, modern facilities

International College of Hotel Management (ICHM)



Dual degree options, extensive industry placements


Degrees and Programs Available for Hospitality Management Courses in Australia

Uncover the many degrees and programs designed for people interested in Hospitality Management in Australia, including diplomas, bachelor's, master's, and specialist certificates. 

1. Diploma of Hospitality Management: It is commonly presented as a one-year curriculum and may involve lecture-based training and practical sessions in different aspects of hospitality management.

2. Bachelor's Degree: Normally, a three to four-year option with a strong emphasis on training hospitality management professionals, but it may also include practical training through internships and industry assignments.

3. Master's Degree: Master’s degree, which, speaking, takes one to two years for those students who wish to be promoted to higher ranks or gain specialized knowledge about fields like international hotel management, tourism, or event management.

4. Specialized Certifications: Students’ involvement in concentrated courses for a short while, for instance, professional cooking and managing hotels or meetings and events, can be incredibly useful. 

Degrees and Programs Available for Hospitality Management Courses in Australia

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Career Opportunities in Hospitality Management Courses in Australia 

Here are some of the employment opportunities and wider job prospects for holders of certificates if you are planning to pursue hospitality management courses in Australia, including in tourism, event management, hotels, and other industries.

  • Hotel Manager: They are in charge of ensuring all operational systems are efficient and that personnel and many resources are available to meet guests’ needs at the hotel.

  • Event Coordinator: In this role, the event coordinator must handle conferences, business meetings, and other presentations also, as well as weddings and other ceremonies.

  • Tourism Manager: This role is demanding as you would have to make Marketing tourism plans and products and work cooperatively with other players for the advancement of tourism.

  • Restaurant Manager: In this field, you should be an individual who can supervise all the activities of the restaurant, including employees, customers, and cash matters.

  • Resort Operations Manager: In this role, you should be able to supervise the operations of the resort daily and ensure that clients do not experience any discomfort.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying to Hospitality Management Courses in Australia

Here below are some of the requirements if you plan to apply for Hospitality Management Courses in Australia:

  • Educational Requirements: Formal education up to the secondary education level or Year 12 or its education equivalent with satisfactory standards is required 

  • English Proficiency: A minimum score of 6 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) set at the time of admission is needed if you want to get into some of the top universities which offer hospitality management courses in Australia

  • Pre-requisite Subjects: At times, specific ‘classes’ or subjects are required from your classes 11th and 12th to be able to apply for hospitality management courses in Australia

  • Work Experience: It goes further to note that some of its postgraduate programs may require the students to possess working experience.

  • Additional Tests: Some other tests or interviews may be offered based on certain institutions or if you intend to take a certain specialization in a degree.

How do you Apply for Hospitality Management Courses in Australia from India?

Here is a checklist for you to follow if you are interested in pursuing  hospitality management courses in Australia from India: 

1. Research Programs: Discover more about the various operations of different institutions, the courses offered in hospitality management, and the program of your choice.

2. Check Eligibility: It is very important to ensure that you know and fulfil all the criteria to qualify and apply to a university; these include level of education or language proficiency, among others.

3. Prepare Documents: The most important requirements for submission of the application include academic transcripts, TOEFL/IELTS scores, resume, statement of purposes, photograph, experience with online discussion/posting, and any other relevant document that the application required threshold body may deem necessary.

4. Apply Online: Finalize your application using an institutional application or a middleman application, the ApplyStudy application.

5. Pay Application Fee: Some institutions require an application fee; this way you are required to make the payment for your application to be processed.

6. Visa Application: For international students, there are various visa categories in Australia despite most students being affiliated with a student visa. As soon as you get a letter of offer from an institution in Australia, you are expected to apply for an Australian student visa and provide documents concerning enrollment, financial capability, and health insurance.

7. Plan Your Departure: Get yourself a room in the hotel you want to reserve, book your trip to Australia, and prepare for the trip.

How do you Apply for Hospitality Management Courses in Australia

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Studying hospitality management courses in Australia is one of the most exciting journeys because it provides international quality education and practical experience while experiencing a dynamic culture. Australia has a strong hospitality industry and many premier universities, which offer great learning about the hospitality business and technological competencies for a successful hospitality career. Courses are comprehensive and are offered in many top-notch universities in Australia, including The University of Queensland, Griffith University, and Torrens University Australia, among others, providing graduates in this field who are prepared to meet the global hospitality market demands.

Hospitality management courses in Australia raise the international bar and offer excitement, job satisfaction and a rewarding career for learners who aspire to succeed in the hospitality industry. Suppose you dream of taking up a challenging job as a hotel manager, event coordinator, or tourism manager. In that case, Australian hospitality management courses are perfectly designed to assist you in getting the job of your dreams. To give your dreams of studying hospitality management courses in Australia, you must contact TerraTern. With experience in immigration services, TerraTern will help you immigrate to Australia easily!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements for hospitality management courses in Australia?

The entry requirements commonly include the completion of secondary education at least till the year 12 level or equivalent and the grades achieved by the candidates. The candidates must prove competency in English, for most courses, an IELTS of 6 is required. 0 or equivalent. Certain programs can have set conditional subjects such as English or mathematics that need to be met.

How long does it typically take to complete a bachelor's degree in hospitality management?

Hospitality Management as an undergraduate degree can take about three to four years of studies in Australia. The period of such programs can differ by the institution and can be longer if this program includes internships or work placements, which is useful in the future. Some of these universities also have accelerated programs that allow part-time studies, which will enable a student to take faster or slower depending on the time required.

Is it guaranteed that internships are offered to students while they study hospitality management?

Indeed, there are hospitality management programs offered in various tertiary institutions across Australia which incorporate internships as part of their course offerings. These internships equip the learners with a real-life experience within different hospitality industry sectors including hotels, resorts, event managing companies and tourism departments. Internships are meant to develop the full potential of students by providing them with an opportunity to gain practical experience through the practical application of their academic knowledge and connect with potential employers.

Are there any available employment entry points for International applicants interested in Hospitality Management in Australia?

Yes, international students are encouraged to pursue hospitality management courses in Australia. Australia caters to its policies on diversity well and schools, colleges and universities have a large number of international students. It implies that applicants have to fulfil every single requirement that domestic students have to fulfil including fulfilling their academic transcripts and English language proficiency tests.

What are the number of skills that are important to make it to the list of best performers in the field of hospitality management?

Soft technical skills are highly essential when it comes to hospitality management such as listening and speaking skills, interpersonal skills, customer service and leadership skills. Cognitive and practical skills that deal with problem-solving and decision-making are well-suited for the management of different challenges. Further, other relevant academic skills include organisational and time management, especially in handling many tasks and occasions. Evaluations of global hospitality trends and flexibility to understand different cultures are also crucial since the working area can include interactions with people of different origins.