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Benefits of FHM University Germany 2024

Here are a few key benefits of studying at FHM University Germany.

1. Industrial Connections

2. Practical Training

3. Experienced Faculty

4. Modern Facilities

5. Strong Alumni Network

6. Global Exposure

Comprehensive Guide to FHM University Germany

The FHM University Germany is a private university situated in the country. It has several campuses across Germany, such as Berlin, Cologne, Bamberg and Hannover. The university’s dedication towards merging theoretical and practical knowledge has ranked it among the top universities in Europe. It offers diverse courses in fields such as business, media, healthcare, and engineering. The university has strong partnerships with major industrial hubs, providing students with job and career opportunities. The university aims to provide holistic development for students and an enriching learning process. 

Overview of FHM University Germany

The FHM University Germany was founded in Bielefeld in 2000. The FHM University (Fachhochschule des Mittelstands) was started with the mission to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Its main goal was to equip students with all the required skill sets to make them employable. The university aimed to provide quality education and attract students from all over the globe. The university has significantly grown, and today, FHM University Germany is among the top institutes in Europe. The university has expanded over the years and has several campuses in Germany today. The institutes are located in key locations in Germany, such as Berlin, Cologne, Bamberg, etc. It provides students with various courses and offers great career opportunities. 

Academic Programs at FHM University Germany

The FHM University Germany ranking is very high due to its focus and attention on the holistic development of students. Here’s an overview of academic programs offered at FHM University Germany, along with their course specialisation and duration.




Bachelor in Business Administration

Emphasis on practical skills and real-world business applications

3 years

Bachelor in Media Management

Merging of theoretical knowledge with practical media projects

3 years

Bachelor in Health Management

Combines healthcare knowledge with management skills

3 years

Bachelor in Tourism & Event Management

Hands-on training in event organisation and tourism services

3 years

Bachelor in Engineering Management

Blends technical engineering skills with management strategies

3.5 years

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Designed for professionals seeking leadership roles

1.5- 2 years

Master in Media Management

Prepares graduates for senior roles in media industries

1.5- 2 years

Master in Engineering Management

For engineers aiming for high-level positions in industries

1.5- 2 years

Ph.D. in Health Sciences

Aimed at producing high-impact research for the healthcare sector

3- 5 years

Ph.D. in Business Management

Emphasis on contributing original research to the field of business

3- 5 years



Campus Life at FHM University Germany

The FHM University Germany ranking is among the top European universities because of its vibrant campus life. The university aims to provide holistic development for students. Here’s an insight into the campus life at FHM University Germany. 

1. Academic Environment

There are a wide variety of programs offered at the FHM University Germany. These courses are designed to meet the market requirements so that students can easily find job opportunities in the global world. The university focuses on providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help the students grow academically. 

2. Student Clubs

There are various student clubs and organisations at FHM University Germany. This is a part of extracurricular activities for the students. Students can be a part of any club according to their individual interests. There are sports clubs, dance clubs, cultural clubs etc. 

3. Events

Many events, such as workshops, seminars, cultural fests, and sports competitions, are regularly held at the university. These events allow the students to showcase their talent and skills. It gives them a platform to build networks and socialise with larger groups.

4. Facilities 

The facilities provided at the FHM University Germany are top-notch. Modern classrooms have all the essential tools to make learning easier and fun. Apart from that there are well-equipped laboratories, libraries and computer rooms. All these factors enhance the learning experience of students. 

5. Career Counsel

The FHM University Germany has tie-ups with various industries for placements and internships. This assists the students with finding an ideal job for themselves and growing professionally. The university helps students build their resumes and interview skills so that they can get jobs at the companies they choose. 

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Admission Process at FHM University Germany

Follow the given steps to apply successfully at FHM University Germany. 

1. Course Selection

Research through the various courses offered at FHM University Germany. Decide on the course from the courses listed at the official site of the university and prepare for it.

2. Requirements

Check the eligibility requirements essential for admission at FHM University Germany. Generally, the requirements include previous degree or education qualifications, German language proficiency, and other documents. 

3. Application Form

Fill out the application form for your selected course at FHM University Germany. Submit all the essential documents as per the university's instructions. 

4. Prepare for Interview

Prepare well for the interview round. FHM University Germany usually takes interviews of students before accepting their admission form, so be prepared for that. Practise all the commonly asked interview questions to boost your confidence.

5. Student Visa 

After getting acceptance from the university, apply for a student visa. This is mandatory for international students. So, contact any visa embassy to help with the process.

Requirements for FHM University Germany

There are a few eligibility criteria that need to be met to study at FHM University Germany. Here’s a list of all the requirements that are important for admission to FHM University Germany.

1. Educational Qualification

The FHM University Germany has some academic requirements that are mandatory for seeking education there. To pursue any bachelor's degree, a high school diploma is a must. On the other hand, for a master’s degree, one must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. 

2. Language Proficiency

English proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL are required to pursue education at FHM University Germany. A minimum score of 90-100 is required for TOEFL, whereas a score of 6.5-7.0 is required for IELTS.

3. Documents

Prepare all the essential documents required for admission at FHM University Germany. The documents include an application form, academic certificates, a copy of my passport, and my CV and visa. 

4. Student Visa

A student visa is mandatory for international students pursuing education at FHM University in Germany. So, apply for a student visa soon after getting an acceptance letter from the university. 

5. Financial Proof

Proof of financial background is required for admission at FHM University Germany. This is to ensure that the student can take care of all the living expenses and tuition fees of the course. 

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FHM University Germany Fees for Various Courses in 2024

Here’s a list of courses offered at FHM University Germany, along with their fee structure:


Tuition Fees (per semester)

Tuition Fees (per semester)

Bachelor in Business Administration

€5,000 - €6,500

INR 4,46,645 - 5,80,638

Bachelor in Media Management

€5,000 - €6,500

INR 4,46,645 - 5,80,638

Bachelor in Health Management

€5,000 - €6,500

INR 4,46,645 - 5,80,638

Bachelor in Tourism & Event Management

€5,000 - €6,500

INR 4,46,645 - 5,80,638

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

€6,000 - €7,500

INR 5,35,974 - 6,69,968

Master in Media Management

€6,000 - €7,500

INR 5,35,974 - 6,69,968

Master in Health Management

€6,000 - €7,500

INR 5,35,974 - 6,69,968

Master in International Management

€6,000 - €7,500

INR 5,35,974 - 6,69,968

Master in Engineering Management

€6,000 - €7,500

INR 5,35,974 - 6,69,968

Doctoral Programs

€6,000 - €8,000

INR 5,35,974 - 7,14,632

These numbers are as per the latest details available on the web.

Career Opportunities and Alumni Network at FHM University Germany

Here’s a detailed overview of career opportunities and alumni network at FHM University Germany.

1. Internships

The FHM University Germany ranking is very high, which benefits students in terms of job opportunities. The university has many tie-ups with big companies in Europe, providing valuable internship experience to the students. This helps the students to improve their practical skills and get exposure to the industrial world.

2. Practical Assignments

Most of the projects or assignments given by the FHM University Germany are real-world work. These projects are given in collaboration with industry partners. This helps the students to apply their classroom learning in practical projects. 

3. Career Fairs

FHM University Germany organises career fairs regularly. This gives the student a chance to meet their potential employers. It also helps them stay updated on the latest job openings and connect with industrial professionals. 

4. Mentorship Programs

The university holds regular mentorship programs where the alumni members are called guests. The alumni members share their experiences and guidance with students. This helps the students to broaden their horizons about the current job market and possibilities. 

5. Job Portal

FHM University Germany maintains an online job portal for their students. Here, the students can look up the latest job and internship opportunities and apply for them. This makes the placement procedure easier for both the university and its students. 

6. Alumni Network

The university organises alumni networking sessions. This helps the students connect and bond with the alumni members and stay connected. This helps in their professional setup and career growth.

Latest Facts and News about FHM University Germany

  • FHM University has over 5,775 students enrolled across 10 locations in Germany.

  • The university offers a range of traditional full-time degree programs, part-time courses, and online learning options.

  • FHM is known for its strong focus on practical and applied sciences.

  • The university has a high employability rate for graduates, with many securing jobs within six months of graduation.

  • FHM has been consistently ranked among the top private universities in Germany.



In conclusion, FHM University Germany has a great reputation and ranking in the country and abroad. The university offers practical skill sets to students that are essential for surviving in corporate life. They ensure that their students are employable so that they can have personal as well as professional growth. Their alumni have successful career growth that gives more credibility to the university. They provide a great learning experience to their students with modern facilities, which makes it an ideal destination for studying abroad. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs does FHM University Germany offer?

The FHM University Germany offers various bachelors, masters and PHD courses such as Bachelor in Media Management, Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in International Management, PhD in Health Sciences etc.

How is the campus life at FHM University?

The FHM University Germany ranking is among the top European universities because of its vibrant campus life. The university aims at providing holistic development for the students by offering modern facilities, global exposure and academic excellence.

What are the admission requirements for FHM University?

The admission requirements for FHM University Germany include educational qualifications, language proficiency and other legal documents such as passport, visa etc.

How does FHM University rank nationally and internationally?

The FHM University Germany ranking is among the top universities. The university has a global recognition and is well-connected to major industries. It provides a good academic experience to students and is well-regarded in the country.

What career opportunities are available for FHM graduates?

The FHM University Germany has industrial connections in many sectors. Students have career opportunities in various fields such as business, media, healthcare, and engineering.