10 Best Regional Areas In Australia For PR in 2024

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Jul 14,2024

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Australia is a large country with many employment opportunities. The country offers the perfect blend of busy skyscrapers and city life along with a greener, slower lifestyle, based on where in the country you choose to live. 

Australia has some major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. These are bustling places with a fast-paced lifestyle and urban landscapes. On the other hand, Australia has regional areas that are closely connected to the country’s ecology and have a more laid-back lifestyle. This makes Australian immigration one of the most sought-after.

Living in one of Australia’s regional areas will bring you a life of serenity and calm, along with other benefits like good pay. So, which regional areas can you obtain PR in if you move there? Here is a list of the 10 best regional areas in Australia for PR.

10 Best Regional Areas In Australia For PR in 2024

Moving to Australia can be one of the best decisions for you. People can move to Australia for various reasons, from studying in Australia to working in Australia and more. Here is a special list curated for you to find out the best regional areas in Australia for PR:

1. Perth

The first province making it to our list of best regional areas in Australia for PR is Perth. Perth is one of the most popular destinations in regional Australia for obtaining PR. It offers a diverse lifestyle with some of the best employment opportunities in the country. 

There is a lot of diversity in terms of the country’s recreation, food options, etc. Perth is also very culturally vibrant and has many activities for people with an affinity for art. 

2. Adelaide 

Adelaide is one of the most prominent cities in southern Australia. Adelaide sees the most PR applicants among all regional areas in the country. 

Adelaide is currently a hotspot for startups around the country - the economy there is developing quite fast, too. It is a technological hub and a favourite for entrepreneurs, software engineers, and computer graduates. Plus, the cost of living in Adelaide is lower than that of most other countries, strengthening its appeal. 

3. Canberra

Being the capital city of Australia, Canberra is of great importance. This factor makes it one of the best regional areas in Australia for PR.  It is home to many government offices and organizations and also has historical significance. 

Canberra is well-connected to other cities. The city abides by the idea of community living - there are always many community or leisurely activities to do. It also hosts a large community of politicians, policymakers, media professionals, and public relations managers- making these the top sectors in this city. 

4. Gold Coast

Gold Coast is known for its tropical environment, life by the beach, and multicultural society. The cost of living on the Gold Coast is also quite low. Gold Coast makes it to our list of the best regional areas in Australia for PR.

This city is also known for its abundant education system and strongly growing medical sector. So you can enjoy all the modern and technologically advanced facilities in a relaxed, affordable environment- that too, by the beach!

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5. Wollongong 

Being just an hour's reach away from Sydney, Wollongong is known for having great accessibility to big cities while maintaining a laid-back, low-cost environment of its own. So you can enjoy the benefits of city life while residing in this regional area. 

The city also has a strong commitment to sustainable development and promotes sustainable activities within the community, making it the ideal place to live in for the years to come. 

6. Newcastle 

Located in New South Wales, Newcastle is a culturally significant city of historical importance as well. The economy in Newcastle is currently booming, too, making it an ideal place to live. 

It is one of the easiest cities to get PR in, as the job opportunities here are endless. You can easily find jobs in growing industries like health, education, energy, and tourism. 

Moreover, Newcastle is very well connected to other major cities in Australia, which is a big plus point if you wish to seek PR here. 

7. Darwin 

Darwin is known for its opportunities in the business and tourism sector, making it an ideal place to live in. It is often known as the best regional city in Australia to get PR in. 

Darwin, too, has a multicultural society and a strong sense of community. Plus, it has a booming economy with a laid-back lifestyle, offering the best of both worlds. 

8. Hobart 

Hobart is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, with picturesque views harbouring at every corner of the city. It is located in Tasmania. 

Hobart has been an important centre of trade and commerce ever since the Australian settlement first began. Thus, opportunities in commercial and economic fields and trade are very easily attainable. 

Since Hobart is on an island, you can enjoy a bustling business life with the tropical lifestyle right there, which you can access whenever you wish. 

9. Bundaberg

Bundaberg is known for its continental climate, where the summers are warm and sunny and the winters aren’t too harsh. Bundaberg has an agricultural economy, with agriculture, fishing, and mining being the primary sources of income. 

Bundaberg is very abundant in terms of nature as well. It is very close to the Great Barrier Reef, along with many other beaches and gardens for you to let your hair loose in. 

10. Cairns

Last but not least, the region in the list of best regional areas in Australia for PR is Cairns. Cairns is known for its vibrant contribution to the arts and culture, with a very active and vibrant cultural community. It has a strong tourism industry, which is the main source of employment for most people living here. 

Cairns offers a tropical lifestyle with very friendly people who will always help you whenever you need it. 

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In conclusion, Australia has a variety of regional areas from which you can choose to settle. As a permanent resident, you can access the best of these cities. Because of how welcoming the country is of immigrants, you will settle and blend in with ease as well. Make an informed decision based on what you want in the city you wish to live in before applying for a PR visa.

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