Understanding B1 B2 Visa Rejection Reasons for 2024

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Jul 14,2024

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B1 and B2 visas are the way to enter the United States, if you are visiting for any business purposes, tourist visit, for any sort of healthcare matter, or a temporary visit. These are nonimmigrant visas provided to people who want to visit the US for business and travelling purposes, respectively. 

Illegally, Staying in the US is not a new thing; people stay in the US even after visa expiration. Due to this, the US government has started taking extra precautions in providing temporary visas to people. As a result, the rates of B1 B2 visa rejection reasons are getting higher. It has been almost impossible to get a visa by providing some vague reasons. You will have to be crystal clear about your purpose and other information. 

The common practice is people start with the application process without having proper knowledge and guidance. This blog will answer all your doubts regarding B1 B2 visa rejection reasons and guidance to minimize your B1 B2 visa rejection reasons. 

US B1 B2 Visa Rejection Reasons

Visa rejection is a common thing people face, and most of the time, the reasons are small, silly mistakes that can be fixed by taking precautions. There are several B1 B2 visa rejection reasons varying from ethical grounds to silly mistakes in visa applications. 

1. Not Passing The Eligibility Criteria

The most common of the B1 and B2 visa rejection reasons is not passing the eligibility criteria. You will be required to show proof of having a strong connection to your home country and your family members. It would help if you had a valid job and bank statements showing sufficient funds for the trip. You should also have legal documents from your home country. If you're married, that's a plus point for you. If not passing the eligibility criteria is one of your US B1 B2 visa rejection reasons, you can apply for a waiver. 

2. Incomplete Application

First things first, applying for a visa is not a matter of hurry. You have to be patient while going through the application process and tick out all the requirements checkpoints. You can not afford to leave any space blank in the form or miss out on attaching any mandatory documents. You have to make sure that all the details are filled accurately and the documents attached are authentic. Wrong documents will also lead to your B1 B2 visa rejection reasons. So you need to be extra cautious till the time of form submission.

3. Previous Immigration Violation

Suppose you have been previously granted a US visa and were caught violating immigration policies, such as staying in the country even after visa expiration. In that case, your visa can easily get rejected because of that. This type of past activity creates suspicion and shows the intention of illegal immigration in the US. The US has had numerous cases of illegal immigration in the past, making it one of the prime US B1 B2 visa rejection reasons. 

4. Fraudulent Behavior

You will have to provide details about your past visa refusal and the reason for it. You will also have to provide information about your relatives if any of them reside in the US; not providing this information will make you likely to engage in fraudulent activities. If you are found to be applying for a visa to hide yourself from past illegal activities, your visa won't be granted. Your purpose of visiting the country should be clear. 

5. Health Issues

Communicable health issues can be a great challenge sometimes, even for the countries with the greatest research and medical facilities. As in the last few years, we saw the disaster caused by COVID-19 all across the globe, security health guidelines are being strictly followed by not allowing visitors with infectious diseases that can be a threat to public visitors. Because of their highly known medical facilities and innovation, many visitors apply for visas to get treatment in the US. But in the case of a threatening infectious disease, your visa can get rejected. If you are not an infected person, you'll still have to provide the necessary documents of commonly recommended immunization vaccination to get the visa. Drug abusers are also most likely to get denied their visa approval. 

6. Criminal Activities

Your visa will be rejected if you're found to be engaged in criminal activities or if that's your purpose for visiting the US. Applicants with several criminal records have the most chances of their B1 B2 visa rejection reasons. A convicted person will not be granted a visa. To maintain the safety and security grounds of the country, you should have a clear background with no criminal records. 

What Should Be Done in the Case of B1 B2 Visa Rejection? 

If your visa has been rejected, you'll be provided with the information about your B1 B2 visa rejection reasons. 

If you're in ineligible criteria, you can apply for a waiver to get the visa. 

You can reapply for the visa, correcting the mistakes that caused your B1 B1 visa rejection reasons. This blog is your complete guide to US B1 B2 visa rejection reasons. 


US B1 B2 visa rejection is not the end; you can reapply without repeating the same mistakes. Certain mandatory guidelines shall be followed if you do not want your visa to get rejected. It is a simple process if you know everything about it. The above-mentioned information about the requirements and common reasons for visa rejection can help you to smooth your visa process. If you are still having any trouble getting a B1 B2 visa, you can always consult TerraTern for guidance.

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