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Jul 25,2024

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Dreaming of sipping tea in London while making strides in your career? Well, you're not alone! For many talented Indians, the allure of the United Kingdom's vibrant culture and professional opportunities is irresistible. But before you pack your bags and bid farewell to the motherland, let's dive into the UK Work Visa for Indians!

Types of UK Work Visa for Indians

Interested in working in the UK as an Indian? Great! But before you make plans, it's important to know about the different types of work visas you can apply for. Whether you're a skilled worker or looking to transfer within a company, there's a visa for you. Let's explore your options together.

Skilled Worker Visa

Under this flexible visa, you can work as a skilled employee in the UK. Since certified employers support your application, it works best for individuals trying to see themselves leading ground-breaking research as a lab scientist in London, coding revolutionary software at the heart of a successful tech startup, or working on masterpieces from behind your easel with this powerful visa.

Global Talent Visa

Are you an elite scientist, artist, or researcher in your field? This fast-track visa acknowledges your exceptional talents and gives you complete freedom to work for any UK company without sponsorship. You can work alongside the sharpest minds in your sector, promote revolutionary projects to research or advance creative expression by applying for this prestigious visa.

Start-Up Visa

Entrepreneurs, make your dreams real in the UK! This visa allows creative people to start and run their businesses in the UK. Thanks to this entrepreneur visa, you can build a flourishing cultural hub in one of the dynamic cities, launch your innovative application right at the heart of London’s tech industry zones, or change sustainable solutions for local areas.

Additional Options

  1. Domestic Workers in a Private Household Visa

  2. Representative of an Overseas Business visa

  3. UK job seeker visa

Fees for UK Work Visa

The UK Work Visa for Indians entails various fees, including the application fee, healthcare surcharge, and biometric enrolment fee. Costs may vary depending on the visa type and processing time. Here is some of them:

UK Visas

Visa Validity

Stay Period

Entry Type

Visa Fees

6 Months Short Term UK Visa

6 Months

6 Months

single or multiple entry

INR 12,515

2 years Long Term UK Visa

2 Years

6 Months

Multiple Entry

INR 43,532

5 years Long Term UK Visa

5 Years

6 Months

Multiple Entry

INR 83,908

10 Years Long Term UK Visa

10 Years

6 Months

Multiple Entry

INR 1,04,803


Work Permits

For individuals seeking employment opportunities in the UK, acquiring a work permit is often necessary. Employers in the UK typically apply for work permits on behalf of prospective employees. The duration of the permit varies based on the type of work and the terms granted.

Work permits are primarily aimed at highly skilled professionals who can contribute significantly to the growth and productivity of the UK. This category encompasses a wide range of professions, including but not limited to:

  • Doctors (Physicians)

  • Engineers

  • Scientists

  • Finance experts

  • Innovators

  • Entrepreneurs

  • IT specialists

Requirements for UK Work Visa

Securing your UK work visa hinges on demonstrating exceptional skills, relevant qualifications, and a clear career path. Be prepared to show:

  • Approved Sponsorship (Skilled Worker Visa): Get an offer from a licensed UK employer ready to sponsor your application.

  • Exceptional Talent (Global Talent Visa): You need to furnish proof of your outstanding accomplishments and contributions in this practice as recognized by international bodies or experts.

  • Innovative Business Plan (Start-Up Visa): Demonstrate a fully developed and feasible business idea likely to develop the UK economy.

  • Relevant Qualifications and Experience: Demonstrate that your skills and expertise align with the UK position or opportunity.

The Application Process for the UK Work Visa

The UK Government's online application portal streamlines the process. Gather essential documents like:

  • Valid Passport

  • Completed Application Form

  • Proof of Qualifications and Experience

  • Proof of Funds

  • Medical Report (if required)

Additional documents or specific steps might be required depending on your UK Work Visa for Indians type and nationality. 


The UK Work Visa for Indians gives more than professional satisfaction. Embrace the richness of your new environment:

  • Cultural Tapestry: Uncover unique historical sites, enjoy vibrant museums, or savour the stunning variety of cuisine. Wherever you look, from the bright city of London to quiet towns and villages; wherever in the UK there are different ways to interact socially.

  • Breathtaking Landscapes: Hike through the rough and rocky Scottish Highlands, cycle in the rolling hills of England, or kayak calm Welsh lakes. The stunning countryside provides the perfect escape from city life.

  • Thriving Communities: Enjoy the hospitality of UK residents, forge strong ties, and dive into local lifestyles. Everywhere you travel, either at a vibrant festivity in an urban space or the pub quiz of rural nature there is always this commonality factor which can be defined as community.

Things to Remember

  • Do good preparation but be open to unexpected opportunities.

  • Outside the job, get a glimpse of the UK’s rich culture and stunning natural beauty.

  • Act respectfully towards the local practices and engage with welcoming communities on your journey.

  • Start your answer on how to get job in UK from India at this time! If you follow this guide along with your knowledge and an open mind, the gates to a prosperous career as well as various new opportunities can be opened.

  • Let TerraTern be your companion with your UK Work Visa journey with thorough expertise and guidance to make this process effortless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which UK Work Visa for Indians is right?

The right kind of UK Work Visa for Indians depends on your skills, qualifications, and how to get job in UK from India. The Skilled Worker Visa is the most common, but the Global Talent Visa, UK how to get job in UK from Indiaseeker visa, and Intra-Company Transfer Visa might be suitable for specific situations. Check the UK Government's visa guidance for detailed information on each option.

Do I need a sponsor for a UK Work Visa for Indians?

Yes, most UK Work Visa for Indians require sponsorship from a licensed UK employer. However, the Global Talent Visa doesn't.

How long is a UK Work Visa for Indians valid?

Skilled Worker Visas are initially valid for three years, possibly extending for another two years. Other visas, such as UK job seeker visas might have different durations.

Can I bring family members with me on a UK Work Visa for Indians?

Yes, you can bring your partner and any dependent children under the age of 18 with you on most work visas like UK job seeker visas.

What is the minimum salary requirement for a UK Work Visa for Indians?

The minimum salary varies depending on your job and location. Check the UK Government's visa guidance for details.

How to get job in UK from India on a UK Work Visa for Indians?

Leverage online to answer how to get job in UK from Indian boards like LinkedIn and Indeed, attend industry events, or contact recruitment agencies specializing in your field.

Can I switch from a UK Work Visa for Indians to another type of visa like UK job seeker visa?

In some cases, you can switch UK Work Visa for Indians while in the UK. Consult with an official immigration professional for specific guidance.