New Immigration Policies by the US For Long Separations Families

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Jul 14,2024

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The United States of America has long struggled with processing immigration applications, and they have had even bigger issues with illegal immigrants. The United States also noticed a large gathering of illegal immigrants towards its Southern border, a number which continues to grow. So, the Biden administration has announced a new policy system that offers some major benefits for almost 5,000,000 immigrant spouses of different US citizens.

This initiative by the administration aims to elevate those affected by long separations and unite many families, which is difficult under current immigration laws in the US. According to these laws, illegal immigrants who wish to attain a green card in the US and acquire permanent residency or citizenship must return to their home countries. This requirement hinders most from getting green cards in the US.

Impact of the New Policies for US Immigrants

This policy impacts half 1 million immigrants. To qualify for these new policies, an immigrant must have lived in the United States for at least 10 years and be married to a US citizen. These policies came into effect on 17 June 2024. These new policies of deputation protection, work permits, and a pathway to citizenship for these immigrant spouses of US citizens. Applicants who gain approval through the new process will have three years to apply for a green card. In the meantime, they will receive a temporary work permit and government protection from deportation. 

This allows many immigrants to live legally in the US and apply for citizenship. It greatly simplifies the process and makes it possible for them to apply for citizenship and have a second chance at life.

Moreover, almost 50,000 children who are not citizens of the United States but have a parent who is married to a US citizen might potentially qualify for the same process. For the children, no requirement dictates the duration of their parents' marriage. However, Their eligibility depends on the 10-year residency mark, just like the immigrant spouses.

Official Statements About the New Immigration Policies

Senior US officials predict that this new policy can impact more than half a million immigrants as well. Officials also expect applications to open by the end of the summer. However, fees for these applications are yet to be established. 

Moreover, the new policy announcements happen on the same day as the 12th anniversary of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program. This program was a key initiative under the Obama administration, which offered deportation protections and temporary work permits for undocumented immigrants who were still minors.

Officials of the White House have encouraged House Democrats to come to Washington for this announcement. Along with this, Joe Biden will also introduce new regulations to benefit some groups of DACA beneficiaries and other young immigrants so that they can easily qualify for established work visas and receive more robust protection.

The new migration policy uses the “parole in place” method, which was also previously used by President Bush and President Obama for the family members of military personnel. It allows qualifying immigrants to apply for permanent residency in the United States without having to leave the country, which was a significant barrier for many people married to American citizens without legal status.


The new policy introduced by the Biden administration makes the process of applying for immigration much easier and simpler for many immigrants. This new announcement came right after some border policy changes were announced by Joe Biden recently. Those changes halted many claims for asylum for many immigrants who arrived outside the designated ports of entry for immigration. This new policy also faced a lot of backlash from many immigrant rights groups and is currently facing legal challenges from them as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many illegal immigrants are there in the US?

There are almost 11 million unauthorized illegal immigrants in the US, according to estimates. Indians constitute the third largest immigrant population in the United States. There are almost 725,000 illegal immigrants who are Indians in the United States.

Has the Biden administration received any criticism for their new move?

The Biden administration has received a lot of criticism from many people who say that the focus of this administration has only been on new arrivals and has completely ignored the long-term undocumented immigrants who have been trying to navigate the US immigration system. This new policy focuses on those immigrants, thus ligating those critics. Howevermany believes that these illegal immigrants, who entered the US through no legal means, should be deported instead of receiving citizenship and social security.

What is the United States’ current immigration policy?

Currently, the United States requires prospective immigrants to apply for permanent residency and move to the US. Green cards are granted based on how long you’ve lived in the US for and many other factors. About 1 million green cards are granted to applications annually.

What are the four types of immigration status in the US?

The four types of immigration status in the US include: 1. Born or natural citizen 2. Resident or green card holder 3. Temporary non-immigrant 4. Undocumented immigrant

How long does it take to get a green card?

The US green card is one of the most sought-after immigration processes around the world. It takes about two years for 1 to get a green card and the entire process might take around three years. Many people want a green card, and the US receives more applications than what they can process every year, creating a backlog of a huge amount for this green card.

How has the US population perceived the new changes in immigration?

The people in the US have, more or less, taken these changes positively. An immigration lawyer in the US states that while this new policy affected only a narrow group, it was a remarkable start for you. The US immigrant population has historically faced money problems in receiving their green cards and Social Security status in the country.