US Job Update: Job Openings Hit 8.14 Million in June 2024

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Jul 25,2024

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The job openings in the United States of America hit a record number of 8.14 million last month. Job openings showed a rapid search in June, with the vacancies increasing to an all-time high. Reports by the Bureau of Labour Statistics have revealed that the US market showed a significant increase in job openings in June 2024.

The highest number of job vacancies have been reported in the manufacturing industry under the government sector. This update also comes around the time of the US presidential elections of 2024. There has been significant development in the US labour market, as presented by the latest Job Openings and Labour Turnover Survey report published by the Bureau. The figure of 814 million has left many shocked and hopeful in the country and abroad.

Important Highlights

  • The Bureau of Labour Statistics has shown a rapid growth of employment and industry in the US in the month of June 2024.

  • 8.14 million job openings indicate an all-time high figure and record as job vacancies have not been this high in the country for a while.

  • This growth in job openings in the US in June 2024 has indicated a significant development in the US labour market.

  • Manufacturing industry jobs and government sector jobs have the highest number of job vacancies in the country.

  • This positive growth comes right around the US presidential elections in 2024. 

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Positive Turnover in the US Labour Market

Lately, there has been a positive turnover in the US labour market. The market has been demonstrating a continued level of stability. There have also been recent developments and job openings. The total number of recruitment, as of April 2024, stands at almost 6,000,000 employees. An increase in the total employment rate of lakhs has been observed in the US. Both recruitment and job opening numbers have rapidly increased in the US. However, employment growth has remained consistently stable, with a projected net gain of 272,000 as of June 2024. Job switching has become very common in the US. It is further incentivised to increase the annual salary packages of employees further.

Occupations With the Highest Number of New Jobs

Out of the 8.14 million job openings that opened up in the US in June, these are the top jobs with new job openings in the country that you should be looking at:

New Jobs

Job Openings

Home, health and personal care workers


Software developers




Stockers and order fillers


Registered nurses


Labourers and freight, stock, and material movers


General and operations managers 


Medical and health services


Light truck drivers


Financial managers


Nurse practitioners


Market research analysts and marketing specialists


Medical assistants


Management analysts


Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers


Computer and information system managers


Mental health, behavioural, and substance abuse counsellors


Accountants and auditors




Construction labourers


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The massive number of job openings has opened up many different pathways for foreigners to come and work in the US. However, that still happened, and many unemployed people in the US. Getting a visa to go to the US is quite a hassle itself and is very hard to secure nowadays. All of these factors must be considered as you apply for a job in the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What job is most in demand in the USA?

specialists. Have the most demand in the US right now. There is a high demand for job openings in the manufacturing sectors and government sectors as well.

What is the fastest-growing job in America?

The manufacturing sector in the IT sector as the fastest-growing jobs in America. There is also been considerable development in the mental health sector of late.

What jobs are in shortage in the US?

Solar equipment installers, wind turbine specialist, personal care assistant, nurse practitioner, statistician, assistant physiotherapist, mathematicians have the most shortages in the USA as of 2024.

What is the easiest high paying job in the US?

Groundskeepers, accountant, clerk, librarian, garbage truck, driver, massage therapist, customer service representative, and chauffeur have the highest jobs along with being the easiest jobs in the US.

What are the five most stressful jobs in America?

Firefighters, social workers, broadcasters, newspaper reporters, Emergency dispatchers, mental health counselors, anaesthesiologists have the most stressful jobs in the US right now.