Thailand Extends Visa Stays for Tourists and Students: New Rules to Boost Tourism and Education

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Jul 25,2024

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Thailand has once again decided to extend visa stays for tourists and students. Thailand's latest move is to encourage tourism and increase its competitiveness in the education sector. Thailand attracts many tourists and students and wants them to stay longer to experience Thai culture, lifestyle, and education.

New Visa Rules at a Glance

The government has announced new visa rules allowing tourists and students to stay in the country longer. The new rules will come into force next week. Here are the details of the new visa rules.

Tourist Visa

Tourists can now enjoy longer stays in the country without multiple visa renewals. The main modifications are as follows:

  • Tourist Visa: The usual tourist visa will allow foreigners to stay in Thailand for 45 days. The usual tourist visa allows a 30-day stay. The additional 15 days will be granted as a special bonus to encourage tourists to stay longer in the country.

  • Visa on Arrival: The duration of stay for visa-on-arrival nationals currently allowed to stay for 15 days will now be extended to 30 days. This will enable tourists from visa-on-arrival countries to plan their trips without encountering numerous administrative obstacles.

  • Multiple-entry tourist visas: Currently, multiple-entry tourist visas allow foreigners to stay in the kingdom for 60 days per entry within six months from the date of the first entry. The new regulations will allow multiple entry tourist visas to be stayed for 90 days per entry within six months from the date of the first entry. This is good news for those who frequently travel to Thailand as tourists. They will now be able to visit different places in Thailand while enjoying their 90-day stay in the country.

More Generous Student Visa Options

F-Student visas will also benefit those students wishing to study in Thailand:

  • Extension of Student Visas: Student visa validity has been extended to a maximum of 1 year from 90 days. No longer will students and schools need to worry about renewing visas every 90 days. This will save much time and effort for both the students and the schools.

  • Elimination of Paperwork: There will be less paperwork required for student visa applications, and the time needed to process a visa application will be reduced. This will help international students plan their education in Thailand without worrying about visa processing times.

  • Part-Time Jobs: With the longer stay permits, students can also work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours a week. This will help relieve some of the financial burdens students may have and also give them valuable work experience while they study in Thailand.

Impact on Tourism and Education

Longer tourist and student visas will have several effects on tourism and education in Thailand. Many of the effects will be positive for the country’s economy.


With longer validity for tourist visas, Thailand is hoping to draw more visitors to the country who will, in turn, spend more time and money at their disposal while in Thailand. This will cascade through the economy to the benefit of hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions, and other businesses that thrive on a steady flow of customers.

More Money Spent by Tourists

With longer visits, tourists can spend more time exploring the country. Thailand offers diverse attractions, from the bustling metropolis of Bangkok to idyllic tropical beaches in Phuket to cultural and historical centres in Chiang Mai up north. With more time to spend in the country, tourists will inevitably spend more on hotels, restaurants, transportation and attractions.

More Freedom to Explore

With the longer validity of visitor visas, tourists will not have to constantly fret about the expiration and renewal of their visas while on holiday. This will allow them to enjoy their holiday in Thailand more relaxed with fewer worries and more incentives to immerse and explore.

Strengthening the Education Sector

For the education sector, extended student visas will create a more stable and conducive environment for international students. This will also make Thailand a more attractive destination for higher education in Southeast Asia.

Attraction of International Students

With the new simplified visa regulations and the extended stay, more international students will now be attracted to study in Thailand. The part-time work permission will also serve as an added advantage and make it more affordable for students from various socio-economic backgrounds to pursue their education in Thailand.

Development of Educational Institutions

With a large influx of international students, Thai educational institutions will be forced to develop their infrastructure, academic programs and support services. This will result in higher educational standards and greater internationalization for universities and colleges in Thailand.

Government’s Vision and Future Prospects

The decision to extend the duration of stay for tourists and students is in line with the Thai government’s vision to develop Thailand as a regional tourism and education hub.

Strategic Economic Benefits

Extending the duration of stay is a strategic policy to boost the national economy through higher tourism and education revenues. The government seeks to create a more lively and bustling economy by allowing tourists and students to stay longer in Thailand.

Long-Term Cultural Exchange

Longer stays for tourists and students will result in greater cultural exchange and understanding. Visitors will now have ample opportunities to learn about Thai culture, traditions, and way of life. On the other hand, Thais will significantly benefit from interacting with people from various cultures.

Sustainable Tourism Development

Promoting longer duration of stay is also considered a step towards sustainable tourism development. By attracting fewer tourists to stay longer, the government seeks to minimize the negative environmental impact of short-stay tourists while gaining maximum economic benefits from the tourism sector.


The decision to extend the duration of stay for tourists and students in Thailand is a significant development that will further boost the country’s attractiveness as a leading travel and education destination. The expected benefits from these regulatory changes will lead to more significant economic gains, cultural richness, and a stronger role for Thailand in the global tourism and education industry.

As the new visa policies come into effect, both tourists and students can look forward to more flexible and enriching experiences in the Land of Smiles. TerraTern can help you get a visa to this beautiful land so that you can enjoy the beaches and vibe of this country!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the new visa duration for tourists in Thailand?

For tourists, the duration is now 45 days for a standard tourist visa and 30 days for a visa on arrival. For multiple-entry tourist visas, the maximum stay is now 90 days per visit within six months.

What are the changes to the student visa?

The new student visa is now issued for a maximum period of one year without the requirement to renew every 90 days. There is less paperwork required, and the process time is now much quicker.

Are students allowed to work in Thailand?

International students on a student visa are now allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

From what date are the new visa rules applicable?

The new visa rules are applicable and will immediately have effect, according to the Thai government announcement.

How will these changes assist tourists?

The longer visa durations will allow tourists to stay for more than the previous shortest time, visit other areas in Thailand, and enjoy their holiday here without the worry of visa runs. This will make for a much more relaxed and enjoyable holiday for visitors.