National Visa Application Fees Increased by €55 in Poland

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Aditya Raj

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Jul 25,2024

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Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced changes to visa fees. Starting June 1, 2024, the fee for a national visa application (D-type) will increase from €80 to €135. The fee for reconsideration of a national visa application will also increase from €80 to €135.

When are the New Laws Getting Effective?

This change is due to a new regulation on consular fees. The regulation will be effective on May 21, 2024. It was published in the Journal of Laws of 2024, item 774.

What’s the Purpose behind Increasing this Fee?

The higher visa fees are meant to create more slots for foreigners applying for a Polish national visa for the first time. This change also aligns with possible talks among Schengen States about raising the Schengen visa fee from €80 to €90 in 2024.

Statement of the Ministry

"The new national visa fee is expected to result in decreased number of applicants whose actual purpose of stay in Poland differs from the declared one," was the statement made by the ministry.

Travel Purpose

Poland has been experiencing a constant increase in migration pressure. This problem has made it necessary to keep a check on visa regulations. This increase shows that more people are applying for visas in Poland to stay there. So, it’s necessary for foreigners to declare their purpose for staying and stick to it. People misuse their work, travel, or student visas for other unauthorized activities, such as finding employment or staying in the country without proper documents. 

To solve this issue, the Polish government has implemented higher fees for visa applications. This is necessary for people who misuse their visas for other work. The rise in application fees will help filter out the people who don’t have a genuine intention of visiting Poland. This will ensure that the visa policy is used correctly and by the right set of people.

Overall, this new policy will ensure that the migration pressure received by Poland will be brought to a minimum and reduce the burden of the authorities.

What are the Benefits?

The higher fee for a national visa is justified by the additional benefits it offers. These benefits include a longer stay and the ability to travel longer within the Schengen area. This means that travellers won’t need separate visas for travelling in Schengen countries. They have the freedom to travel in these countries with convenience.  


In conclusion, Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs decision to increase national visa fees aims to address rising migration pressures and ensure visa integrity. Effective June 1, 2024, the fee adjustment is part of a broader regulatory change intended to discourage the misuse of Polish visas and align with potential Schengen visa fee increases. The higher fees are expected to streamline the application process, prioritize genuine applicants, and enhance the overall management of migration. Additionally, the increased visa costs come with the benefit of longer stays and easier travel within the Schengen area, thereby offering more value to applicants who meet the criteria.

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