Indefinite Validity Of Medical Proof: US Immigration Update

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Jul 14,2024

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A medical examination report is a mandatory requirement to obtain a green card in the US. The USCIS (United States Citizenship And Immigration Services) announced that Form I-693 will have indefinite validity and there is no need for its renewal, for some immigrants. 

The I-693 is the medical examination form that proves you are of sound health and fit to move to the US. Now, this form, fully completed and signed by a civil surgeon, will have indefinite validity and will not need to be renewed. It will permanently serve as evidence of the applicant being a good fit for immigration on health-related matters. 

This new mandate is valid for applicants whose I-683 forms were issued and signed on or after November 1, 2023. 

Submitting this form is a mandatory procedure as it establishes that the candidate is not inadmissible to the US for health-related reasons. 

USCIS Statement

“In consultation with the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, and based on advances in public health electronic notification, USCIS has determined that Form I-693’s evidentiary value should no longer be limited to a certain period if it is properly completed and signed by a civil surgeon on or after November 1, 2023,” the USCIS released a statement that said so. 

Additionally, USCIS authorities that deal with the medical requirements will now have the right to ask for additional evidence or evaluations. They can also ask for a newly filled Form I-693 by the applicant if they suspect any inaccuracies or misinformation in the application form. 

Applications Before November 1, 2023

This new policy on the form I-693 does not apply to individuals whose medical examinations were done before November 1, 2023. For these individuals, their medical examinations have evidentiary values for 3 years only. 

For the medical examination records submitted by Operation Allies Welcome Parolees, their I-693 forms have evidentiary value for 3 years. After 3 years, they will be declared invalid and inadmissible. 

These laws are set forth based on the policies and reviews of the CDC and USCIS respectively. 


If you give your medical examination now, it will be considered valid from the date the civil surgeon signs it and will be approved as evidentiary value. You will not have to go through the medical process again in any scenario as it holds unlimited value. You will not be considered inadmissible on health grounds. However, if your medical records show any problems or illnesses, you will be declared inadmissible. 

If the officer in charge of your application finds any discrepancies or suspects foul play or simply wants to reconfirm certain details, they have the right to ask for extra or supplementary documentation from you. They also have the right to ask you to submit a new form I-693, if they have the grounds for it. 

It is necessary to be compliant and follow the rules. Be honest in the form I-693 and any other forms you fill for immigration purposes, otherwise, you might be permanently debarred from applying for a visa ever again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I 693?

Once you complete the I-693, your civil surgeon will hand you a sealed envelope with your results inside it. You must submit these results to your immigration officer within the stipulated time period.

How long does it take after I-693?

Once the I-693 is submitted, the USCIS typically makes the decision about granting you a visa within 2 years. However, due to huge backlogs, the time periods have been indefinitely extended.

What is the medical checkup for a visa?

A medical checkup is required for a visa because the immigration authorities want to check whether you are of sound mind and body, with no infectious health issues or any health problems that can be detrimental to society.

What is the validity of a medical certificate?

Due to recent changes, the medical certificate is indefinitely valid. It will no longer be inadmissible if it has been signed by the civil surgeon and submitted appropriately.

Is a visa guaranteed after passing a medical exam?

No, a visa is not guaranteed after passing a medical exam.