Collaboration Between Australia and Telangana In Healthcare: BioAsia 2024

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Alisha Azeem

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Jul 14,2024

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The BioAsia Summit 2024 held in Hyderabad, India unveiled some exciting news. Western Australia announced its intentions to sign a letter of intent with the Government of Telangana, which aims at improving the skill set of healthcare workers. 

This was announced by Amber Jade Sanderson, the Minister for Health from Western Australia, as a part of her speech at the BioAsia Summit 2024. 

For a long time, Australia has faced an urgent need for healthcare workers in the country. Thus, they have responded to this critical need by prioritizing the sourcing of skilled healthcare professionals. They expect a requirement of an additional 5000 healthcare professionals by 2033. They are looking for full-time equivalent doctors and nurses to fill those vacancies. 

Sanderson placed active emphasis on the recruitment of doctors, nurses, and care workers for geriatric patients in the Australian healthcare market. She professes that the aim of coming to Hyderabad was to enhance connections and build relationships for a collaborative effort between Western Australia and India. 

The aim was successfully achieved as Western Australia and India began talks about providing skills to healthcare aspirants and providers in India, who can potentially fill the gap of skilled workers in this field in Australia. 

Outcomes Of The Summit

The two parties expect positive outcomes and growth through this partnership, as they share the same goal of contributing to the healthcare sector and investing more in medical research and innovations. Both parties are motivated in their contribution to the medical field to provide solutions for the challenges faced in this area of work. 

Additionally, Minister Amber Jade Sanderson also visited the Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences along with her delegation, along with Rainbow Hospitals, Hyderabad. A health skills symposium was also conducted by the Rainbow Hospital, Hyderabad, and the Telangana Overseas Manpower Company (better known as TOMCOM) which opened up discussion about skill enhancement and capacity building in the medical sector. 

Moreover, a collaboration between the Edith Cowan University and the Charkos Global was also announced. This collaborative effort aims to provide education and facilitate the migration of nurses. 

What is the BioAsia Summit?

The BioAsia summit is an international business convention conducted annually by the Government of Telangana. It is in collaboration with the Government of India and the Federation of Asian Biotech Associations (better known as FABA). In 2024 it hosted its 21st edition. 

The BioAsia summit has attracted more than 1500 global leadership delegations from across 50 countries. It has gained a lot of prestige and reliability in the global platform. The BioAsia summit is now a leading policy and change maker in the global medical sector. 

The convention hosts a plethora of events which include:

  • Business partnerships

  • Exhibitions

  • Talks and speeches from global leaders

  • Technology discussions 

  • Interactive sessions 

  • CEO Conclaves

  • Start-up presentations 

  • Bio park visits

  • Networking events 

  • And much more. 

BioAsia Summit 2024: What Was It About

The BioAsia Summit 2024 was a three-day event from February 27 to 29, 2024. The aim of the convention this year was to explore the opportunities and possibilities provided by Artificial Intelligence in the field of Life Sciences. It also explored how the future of the healthcare industry might undergo some serious restructuring and changes over the coming years. 

Data protection and cyber security discussions also came under the purview of this convention. This 21st edition of the BioAsia summit, according to D Sridhar Babu, the minister for Industries and Commerce in Telangana, was set to bring forth global ideas and innovation to Telangana. It would set forth the process of making Hyderabad a center for life sciences around the world. 

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