Australia Welcomes a Large Number of International Students

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Jul 14,2024

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Australia has always been a popular destination for international students to migrate to for their higher studies. However, according to the latest updates, the Land Down Under has received a record-breaking number of students from other countries recently. 

Australia, a favored destination for international students seeking higher education, has recently witnessed a record-breaking surge in Australia immigration numbers due to its high-quality education system and diverse cultural environment. In response to this influx of students, the Australian government has implemented various measures to ensure a smooth transition for these students and their families. This includes the Migration Review which provides recommendations for improving the migration process, as well as other government initiatives aimed at supporting international students during their stay in Australia.

Key Highlights:

  • Record-breaking surge in international student immigration to Australia
  • Attractive destination due to high-quality education system and diverse cultural environment
  • Government implementing measures to support smooth transition for students and families

Recommendations of the Migration Review:

The Migration Review is an ongoing process that aims to constantly improve the migration process for international students. The recommendations put forth by the review are based on feedback from students,

As of February 29, 2024, Australia had 713,144 students in the country. This data has been extracted from the department data published by Australia’s Home Affairs Ministry a few days ago. This number has created a record for Australia. The number of students has increased by 48,966 from September 2023, when Australia was estimated to have 664,178 international students studying there. This rapid increase in student figures has led to an all-time high. 

According to Abul Rizvi, who is the former deputy secretary of the Australian immigration department, the government is going to do a lot more than its current efforts to work with these numbers. He says that the Australian government focuses on permanent migration instead of temporary migration. Despite this, Australia currently has the highest number of temporary migrants ever. 

“We’re probably past the peak of neg migration, of 550,000, but it’s coming down very, very slowly,” says Rizvi. 

Last Tuesday, Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia stated that the population in the country is lower than what they expected through their projections before the COVID-19 pandemic. He attributes the high number of international students in the country to the Australian borders being shut for longer than usual during the global pandemic. 

Albanese also informed that the government is focusing on planning a migration strategy and putting it into effect soon, to lower the number of students from other countries. He says it is very much needed by the country. 

Recommendations of the Migration Review 

The problems faced by Australia concerning migration have been on their radar for quite some time. Some of the existing recommendations from the migration review are:

  1. Removing the English language requirements imposed on student visas

  2. Working on suspending high-risk education providers who recruit international students 

  3. Development of a new test for international students to determine their intentions behind moving to Australia for their higher education. 

These measures focus on increasing the number of permits granted to individuals with intentions to live and work in Australia once they attain their degree after the completion of their coursework. On the other hand, students who do not present interest in staying in Australia once they attain their degree will not be granted permits to study in Australia. 

A better way to look at it is- students with an interest in living and working in Australia, who eventually wish to achieve permanent residency status or citizenship status, will be given preference over students who do not see a long-term future in Australia. 

Other Government Measures 

The government also presented their proposals of reducing the number of visitor visas which are used to subvert offshore student visa integrity checks. To do this, they will reinforce the policy of “no further stay” conditions on the visitor visas. The Australian government expects net international migration to reduce by 50 percent over the rest of the year. Thus, they are expecting the largest decline in Australian history. This data does not include the decline caused by global pandemics and wars. 

One of the suggestions made in February to reduce global applicants in Australia was to increase the visa fees to a whopping $2500. This suggestion was made by the Grattan Institute. However, this was labeled to be a very “poor long-term policy” by Rizvi. It would also discourage a major chunk of international students, even those who wish to stay in the country and work after their higher education is complete. 

The ministry of Home Affairs in Australia has also stated that the changes they have reinforced in 2023 have greatly impacted the number of international students in the country. The number of visas granted to them has been reduced by 35 percent as well. They intend to continue their efforts to bring this migration back to a level that the country can hold together and sustain. 


The large number of international students in Australia are a result of multiple factors, which are now under the focus of the Australian Immigration Services. We can certainly expect stricter rules and policies for student immigration to Australia

With that being said, studying in Australia is still a global top choice and a very possible option if you want it. The students with intentions of staying in Australia in the long run are expected to have a higher chance of visa approval. However, the situation remains to be quite uncertain until the Australian government presents the policies and rules they are planning on enforcing to manage this temporary immigration.

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