Australia Doubled Foreign Student Visa Fee by 100%

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Jul 25,2024

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Australia has just taken a big step in its migration policy by doubling the foreign student visa fee. This is part of a broader effort to control international students and address migration issues. Here’s the lowdown.

Australia has a great education system, and thousands of international students come here every year. However, to better manage its migration policy, the Australian government has decided to double the foreign student visa fee. This is to balance the benefits of international education with controlling migration and managing resources.

The Fee Hike

The increase in foreign student visa fees is a big change in Australia’s approach to international education and migration. This wasn’t a decision taken lightly and is part of the government’s broader population and resource management strategy.

Know Details

The foreign student visa fee has been doubled. It’s a big financial commitment for prospective international students. Previously, the fee was relatively lower, and Australia was an attractive destination for students from many countries. The new fee will generate a lot of revenue for the government and also serve as a deterrent for those who might misuse student visas for migration purposes.


Why the Migration Crackdown?

To understand the impact of this policy change, we need to understand the reasons behind it. The Australian government has given several reasons for this crackdown, including economic, social, and security-based reasons.

1. Economic

One of the main reasons for the fee increase is economic. The Australian government wants to ensure the country can continue providing good services and infrastructure to its citizens. By increasing the visa fee, the government will generate more revenue, which can be reinvested in public services and benefit both citizens and international students.

2. Social and Security

Besides economic factors, social and security concerns have also played a part in the decision to double the visa fee. The government wants to prevent student visas from being misused for migration purposes. By making it more expensive to get a student visa, authorities hope to deter those who will use the education system as a backdoor to permanent residency.

Impact on International Students

The fee increase will have a big impact on international students who want to study in Australia. This will affect students’ financial planning and may influence their study destination decisions.

1. Financial Impact

For many international students, doubling visa fees is a big financial burden. This will reduce the number of students who can afford to study in Australia and may impact the diversity and vibrancy of Australian campuses. Students from developing countries will find it harder to bear these additional costs.

2. Alternative Destinations

The fee increase may also drive prospective students to look at alternative study destinations. Countries with lower visa fees and similar education standards will become more attractive to price-sensitive students. This will result in a decline in the number of international students choosing Australia for their higher education.

Response from Educational Institutions

Australian educational institutions which heavily rely on international students have responded to the government’s decision. Their responses range from concern to calls for relief.

1. Universities Concerned

Universities and colleges across Australia are concerned about the decline in international student numbers. Many institutions rely on the fees paid by foreign students to fund their operations and programs. A decrease in student numbers will result in budget cuts and a reduction of services and programs.

2. Relief

With the increase in visa fees, educational institutions are calling on the government to provide more support to attract and retain international students. This could be in the form of scholarships, grants or initiatives to promote the value of Australian education despite the higher cost.

Long Term Impact

While the short-term impact is big, we also need to consider the long-term impact of this policy change on the Australian education sector and Australia’s position in the global education market.

1. Enrollment Trends

In the long term, the increase in visa fees will change enrollment trends. Australia will see a decline in students from lower-income countries and an increase in students from higher-income countries who can afford the higher cost. This will change the demographic of international students in Australia and may impact the diversity of perspectives and experiences on campus.

2. Australia’s Image

Australia’s image as a welcoming and affordable destination for international students is at risk. If the visa fee increase results in a big decline in student numbers, Australia will lose its competitive edge in the global education market. This will have a long-term impact on the country’s economy and cultural and academic exchange programs.



Australia has doubled the visa fee for foreign students and this is a big change in its migration policy. While it aims to address economic, social, and security concerns, this will have a big impact on international students, educational institutions, and Australia’s image as a top destination for higher education. We will see how this policy will shape the future of international education in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has Australia increased the student visa fee?

Australia has increased the student visa fee for economic, social and security reasons. The extra fee is to fund public services and stop student visas from being misused for migration purposes.

How much is the new student visa fee for international students in Australia?

The new fee is variable but has doubled so it’s a big expense for students.

What will the new fees do to international students?

The new fees will put more financial pressure on international students, fewer will be able to afford to study in Australia and will look elsewhere to study.

How have Australian institutions reacted to the fee increase?

Australian institutions are worried about the drop in international student numbers and are calling for more government support to attract and retain students.

What are the long-term consequences of doubling the fees?

Long-term could be changes in enrollment trends, fewer students from lower-income countries and more from higher income countries and a decline in Australia’s reputation as a welcoming and affordable destination for international students.