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Truck drivers are in high demand in Australia. They have roughly around 200,00 truck drivers over there, but still, there’s a constant demand for more drivers. Due to the shortage of skilled drivers in their country, Australia is looking to hire truck drivers from across the world. Truck drivers are very important for transportation services and delivering goods in Australia. Truck drivers are in huge demand in Australia, and there are many opportunities for them there. 

Truck driver salary in Australia falls between $65,000 to $85,000. However, these numbers may vary according to different factors that influence the wages of truck drivers.

Understanding the Truck Driver Landscape in Australia

The average salary of truck drivers in Australia falls between $65,000 and $85,000, but these numbers are affected by various factors. 

1. Experience

Experienced drivers tend to earn more due to their knowledge and familiarity in the field. They gain a significant understanding of the routes and roads, which makes their work more efficient. Moreover, experienced drivers are often more reliable, which is why they get paid more. The entry-level employees might be paid less due to their lack of practice. Over time, experienced drivers create a certain bond and trust with their respective owners, resulting in a higher income. An experienced truck driver salary in Australia can go up to $83,093. On the other hand, a new truck driver salary in Australia can start from $60,641 per year. 

2. Distance

Truck drivers who cover long distances for transportation and delivery services earn more than those who travel short routes. Delivering packages across different states can help in boosting the average salary of truck driver in Australia. Truck drivers who provide their services in local areas might not be able to get higher pay due to a short-haul distance. 

The interstate truck driver salary in Australia usually ranges between $115,000 to $135,000.

3. License

Special Licenses such as Heavy Combination (HC) or Multi-Combination (MC) can help in increasing the average salary of truck driver in Australia. Truck driver salaries in Australia, with these licenses, can go up to approximately $120,000. 

Apart from this, having additional certificates in this field can also help in increasing the average salary of truck drivers in Australia. 

4. Location

Urban areas with more industrial sites have more demand for truck drivers. High demand often results in an increased salary and a better lifestyle. So, urban areas offer a higher wage for truck drivers, whereas rural areas don’t pay as much. 

The average salary of a truck driver in Australia working in urban areas is approximately $87,835.

5. Material

The salary also depends on the materials that one carries in trucks. If the truck contains hazardous materials or expensive goods, then truck drivers are paid more according to the material value.

They get paid an extra bonus depending on the value of the goods they carry or transport. 

Average Salary of Truck Drivers in Australia in 2024

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What is Truck Driver Salary Per Hour in Australia?

Truck drivers in Australia can make money even by working for certain hours. An hourly salary is provided to truck drivers who work according to their specific time schedule.

Making the Most of Your Driving Hours

Truck drivers in Australia have the option to work for a time schedule according to their choice and get paid for it on an hourly basis. A truck driver salary per hour in Australia is usually $29.62 per hour. They work according to the nature of their task and make money depending on that. The maximum working time allotted for truck drivers in Australia is 10-12 hours, so they work within that limit only. 

In hour-based working systems also, truck drivers with longer Experience get paid more. Truck driver salary in Australia per hour for experienced drivers goes up to $35 per hour.

Heavy Truck Driver Salary in Australia

Heavy truck drivers in Australia usually get paid more than regular small truck drivers. Heavy Truck driver salary in Australia is normally around $65,000 to $85,000 based on their Experience and knowledge. They usually work interstate and deliver parcels to different regions. Their travel distance is greaterwhich is why they get paid more than small truck drivers. Heavy truck driver salary is influenced by factors such as distance and experience, so one can keep that in mind. 

Cities in Australia With Highest Truck Driver Salary

The pay criteria vary depending on the city in which you work. Here are some Australian cities offering the highest salaries for truck drivers:

  • In Geelong, truck drivers earn an average annual salary of 53,082 AUD.
  • Brooklyn VIC offers an average salary of 45,381 AUD per year.
  • Laverton North follows with an annual average salary of 44,996 AUD.
  • Sydney provides an average salary of 34,000 AUD per year.
  • Brisbane pays around 31,400 AUD annually on average.
  • Adelaide offers an average salary of 30,700 AUD per year.
  • Perth leads for electricians with an annual salary of 30,800 AUD.
  • West Melbourne and Melbourne both offer an average annual salary of 30,200 AUD.

Enhancing Your Earnings as a Truck Driver in Australia

To increase your salary as a truck driver in Australia, you can try the given solutions.

1. Gain Experience

Experienced truck drivers always get paid higher. Truck driver salary in Australia is often influenced by the Experience of the driver and their knowledge about local routes and roads. Gaining experience can help increase the average salary of truck drivers in Australia.

2. Overtime 

Doing overtime on weekends and holidays can definitely help boost the truck driver's salary in Australia. Working irregular hours or doing night shifts can also help to increase the average salary of truck drivers in Australia.

3. Established Companies

Working for big, established companies can help with better pay. Their work is consistent, and they offer better salaries to truck drivers in Australia. So, working in a big industrial company can increase the opportunity for salary increments. 

4. License 

Obtaining an advanced license such as Heavy Combination (HC) or Multi-Combination (MC) can get a better salary package for truck drivers in Australia. The truck driver's salary in Australia with these licenses is the highest. They get paid more than anyone else. 



Truck drivers in Australia have a significantly growing career rate. They have good opportunities to earn money and maintain a good lifestyle in Australia. Their work is demanding but comes with good financial rewards and other benefits. Truck driving is a stable career choice in Australia, and it provides job security and additional work benefits. One can make good money in Australia by understanding the factors that can boost their income rate. 

If you are a truck driver looking for better career choices, then Australia might be the perfect place for you. TerraTern can help you move to Australia as a truck driver with its expert team and vast experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the starting salary for truck drivers in Australia?

The starting truck driver salary in Australia is generally $65,000.

How does experience affect a truck driver's salary in Australia?

Gaining Experience can help to increase the average salary of truck driver in Australia.

Are there differences in pay for local vs. interstate truck drivers?

Yes, Interstate truck drivers get paid more whereas local drivers get paid slightly low.

What certifications can increase a truck driver's salary in Australia?

Getting certificates in first aid, defensive driving, and operation of specialized equipment like cranes can increase truck driver salary in Australia.

Can truck drivers in Australia negotiate their salaries?

Yes, truck drivers can definitely negotiate their salaries if they think they are paid less than the standard salary