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Jul 25,2024

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Why Choose Texila College Australia in 2024?

  • Teaching Capabilities and Infrastructure: Texila College Australia is committed to enhancing its teaching capabilities and has recently expanded its campus infrastructure in Melbourne to provide state-of-the-art facilities.

  • New Programmes: In response to the growing demand for trained healthcare professionals, Texila College Australia launched new healthcare-related programmes in 2024.

  • Corporate Affiliations: To ensure better placement and internship opportunities, Texila College Australia has established affiliations with numerous corporate giants.

  • Student Satisfaction: With a high student satisfaction rate, Texila College Australia strives to offer its students an exceptional educational experience.

  • Scholarships: Introducing new scholarships at Texila College Australia aims to make education more affordable for international students.

Texila College Australia is one of the most popular colleges that offer higher education to international and domestic students and a variety of courses. Established in Australia’s dynamic city of Melbourne, the university has distinguished itself by offering quality education and helping students achieve their dreams. This blog will outline what Texila College Australia offers to its students, the types of courses offered, campus locations, and other related opportunities.

Overview of Texila College Australia

Texila College Australia is dedicated to providing top-notch education and career opportunities. Located in the heart of Melbourne, the college offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen fields. Whether you're interested in business, nursing, or public health, the university has a program tailored to meet your needs.

Courses Offered at Texila College Australia

The University offers a comprehensive range of courses designed to cater to its students' diverse interests and career aspirations. Here are some of the courses offered at this esteemed university:

1. Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Business: 

This program empowers any student who pursues it with adequate tools to face the existing and emerging world marketplace.

  • Bachelor of Nursing:

 For candidates interested in enhancing the healthcare systems of the country, this program offered at Texila College Australia offers a basic framework for nursing practices.

  • Bachelor of Public Health: 

Public health is one of the courses offered at Texila College Australia, and it aims to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge to handle some of the challenges in public health.

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Courses Offered at Texila College Australia

2. Postgraduate Programs

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): 

This program is designed for working professionals seeking to grow in business and management.

  • Master of Public Health: 

This program is ideal for those who are looking for leadership positions in the sphere of public health.

  • Master of Nursing:

 This programme is ideal for those nursing professionals who wish to advance and be promoted into higher ranks in the health sector.

Here Below is a table which shows a few more courses offered at Texila College Australia, along with the estimated tuition fee per year:



Tuition Cost (USD)

Tuition Cost (INR)

Bachelor of Business


15,000 per year

12,45,000 per year

Bachelor of Nursing


18,000 per year

14,94,000 per year

Bachelor of Public Health


16,000 per year

13,28,000 per year

Bachelor of Information Technology


17,000 per year

14,11,000 per year

Bachelor of Education


14,000 per year

11,62,000 per year

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


20,000 per year

16,60,000 per year

Master of Public Health


22,000 per year

18,26,000 per year

Master of Nursing


21,000 per year

17,43,000 per year

Master of Information Technology


23,000 per year

19,09,000 per year

Master of Education


19,000 per year

15,77,000 per year


Texila College Australia Campus Locations and Facilities

The university boasts modern and well-equipped campuses that provide an excellent learning environment for students. Here is some more information on these campuses: 

1. Melbourne Campus

  • Address: Level 1, 600 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC

  • Facilities: The Melbourne campus features modern classrooms, a well-stocked library, and a comfortable student lounge. Students have access to all the necessary resources to succeed in their studies.

2. Pakenham Campus

  • Address: Level 1, 3/66-68 Main Street, Pakenham, VIC

  • Facilities: The Pakenham campus is equipped with state-of-the-art labs, study areas, and a cafeteria, ensuring students have a conducive environment for both academic and social activities.

Admission Process and Requirements of Texila University

Texila College Australia's target of providing quality education starts with an admission process that is easy and simplified. The foreign students require an application form, transcripts, and English language proficiency test scores. The university pays great attention to the student's academic performance, thus shaping its expectations of candidates who are more focused on their academic achievements and future endeavours. 

Here are the steps on how you can apply:

1. Research: Select The Undergraduate And Postgraduate Programs Offered By The University. It is easy to get to the website of Texila College Australia and observe the different programs provided for learners at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Choose an area you would like to focus on by choosing a program related to your career path.

2. Academic Transcripts: Retrieve your academic records in the form of transcripts from any institution of learning that you have attended before. These should show your scholarship and the achievements that you have made in the earlier years of your education.

3. Proof of English Proficiency: English language is mandatory for international students. Validated tests are either IELTS within the last 2 years, TOEFL or its equivalent. Your test scores have to match the program standards you wish to undertake.

4. Personal Statement: As to the latter, it is necessary to provide the statement of the reasons for choosing the university, the vision of the career perspectives, and the ways the program could help to achieve the goals.

5. Letters of Recommendation: There is also a need to get recommendation letters from teachers, employers or anyone else who is in a position to vouch for you academically and professionally.

6. Online Application: Go to the Texila College Australia admission form and complete the admission form online. Enter all the personal and academic information truthfully and complete it in detail.

7. Application Fee: If necessary, the applicant is supposed to pay the necessary application fee when applying for a status change. It is recommended that you check the website for the current fee amount and the ways it can be paid.

8. Upload Documents: Remember to attach all the necessary documents, such as the official transcripts, the TOEFL/IELTS score report, the self-narrated statement, and the recommendation letters along with the application.

9. Review and Submit: Verify the information submitted and the documents attached wherever you apply. An application that is not fully completed will cause a postponement of admission.

10. Admissions Committee: After submission of your documents, the Admissions Committee at Texila College Australia will evaluate your application. This process could take several weeks, mainly due to the congestion of such applications.

11. Interview (if required): There may be programs that may need the students to go through an interview before they are admitted. If selected for the next round, the company contacts the candidate for an interview in person or via the Internet.

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Student Life at Texila College Australia

The university offers a vibrant student life with numerous personal and professional growth opportunities.

Extracurricular Activities

1. Clubs and Societies: Students at Texila College Australia can join various clubs and societies that align with their interests, providing opportunities for networking and personal development.

2. Sports Teams: The university encourages physical fitness and teamwork through its sports teams.

3. Cultural Events: Regular cultural events are organized at the university to celebrate the diverse backgrounds of the student body. This can be amazing as an international student as you can embrace your culture and learn much about other diverse cultures.

Support Services

1. Academic Counseling: Students at the university have access to academic counselling services to help them navigate their educational journey.

2. Career Services: The career services team at the university assists students with job placements, internships, and career planning.

3. Health and Wellness Programs: Various programs are available at the university to support the health and well-being of students.

Student Life at Texila College Australia

Texila College Australia Career Opportunities and Industry Connections

Texila College Australia has established strong ties with industry leaders, providing students with ample internships and job placement opportunities. These connections ensure students gain practical experience and build professional networks crucial for their careers. The university's commitment to student success is evident in its high employment rates for graduates.

Testimonials from Students and Alumni

Hear from current students and alumni about their experiences at Texila College Australia. These testimonials provide insight into the university's supportive environment and quality education. Students often highlight the college's excellent faculty, modern facilities, and numerous opportunities for professional growth as key factors in their positive experiences.

  • John Doe, Bachelor of Business student: "Studying at Texila College Australia has been an enriching experience. The faculty's dedication to practical learning and industry insights has prepared me well for the corporate world. The campus facilities are excellent, and the support from career services has been invaluable in securing internships."

  • Jane Smith, Master of Public Health graduate: "Texila College Australia provided me with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in public health. The hands-on approach in classes and the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts during my studies were instrumental in shaping my career path."

  • David Gracia, Bachelor of Nursing student: "Choosing Texila College Australia for my nursing degree was the best decision. The program's emphasis on clinical practice and theoretical knowledge has made me confident in my abilities. The supportive environment and dedicated faculty made my learning journey truly rewarding.

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Texila College Australia offers a comprehensive educational experience focusing on student success. Whether you're looking to start your undergraduate journey or advance your career with a postgraduate degree, The university has something for everyone. With its modern facilities, strong industry connections, and a commitment to providing quality education, the university is an excellent choice for those seeking to achieve their academic and professional goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are offered at Texila College Australia?

Currently, Texila College Australia has several undergraduate and postgraduate programs such as The Bachelor of Business, The Bachelor of Nursing, and the MBA. Every program is well-planned and well-calculated to prepare students with the tools they need for the job.

How do I apply to Texila College Australia?

To apply, one is expected to complete an online application form and provide other supporting documents such as, academic transcripts, and English language proficiency tests. Make sure all facts provided are correct and all relevant data is submitted for a hassle-free application.

What are the campus facilities like at Texila College Australia?

Facilities such as the laboratory, library and student’s lounge are modern at Texila College Australia. The two campuses located in Melbourne as well as Pakenham show that the university is capable of supporting student learning as well as their social lives.

Are there scholarships available for international students at Texila College Australia?

Yes, Texila College Australia has opened many scholarship programs to help International students financially. These scholarships’ purpose is to help those who want to get an education but have limited funds to do so.

What support services are available for students at Texila College Australia?

Among the services offered in academic support, Texila College Australia offers guidance, career development and health and wellness programs. The mentioned services make sure that students get all-rounded assistance throughout their academic period.