Physiotherapist Salary Australia 2024: Here Are the Latest Figures

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Jul 25,2024

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Why consider practising Physiotherapy in Australia in 2024?

  • People-Centred and Rewarding Career: Physiotherapy in Australia is known for its patient-focused approach, offering a fulfilling career that enhances patients' well-being.
  • Professional Mobility: Physiotherapists have great mobility across Australia and New Zealand, supported by the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement, allowing for easier movement and work between the two countries.
  • Comprehensive Training Programs: Australian physiotherapy programs are extensive, often including nearly 1000 hours of clinical training, ensuring high competency for real-world practice.
  • Advanced Clinical Training: The Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) program provides advanced clinical training over three years, preparing graduates for professional practice.
  • Growing Demand and Recognition: Physiotherapy is increasingly valued by patients, funders, and healthcare professionals, leading to a rising demand for skilled physiotherapists.
  • Essential Role in Healthcare: Physiotherapists play a crucial role in injury management and health promotion, underscoring their value in Australia's healthcare system.

Are you a physiotherapist considering moving to Australia but want to know about the current physiotherapist salary Australia? Australia's immigration is one of the most sought-after among the nations, and the number of people moving there for jobs is not low. Among the many jobs you should consider when moving to Australia, physiotherapy is the one you should consider. Here, we will discuss the latest information and everything you need to know about physiotherapist salaries in Australia.

Physiotherapist Salary Australia: Average Salary

The average salary of Physiotherapists in Australia ranges between $84,000 to $115,530. However, these figures can change due to different factors such as educational qualifications, experience, geographical location, etc. The Physiotherapist starting salary Australia is also good, and the growth is also good.

Physiotherapists are highly in demand in Australia and hence have a good career opportunity and a chance for professional growth.

Types of Physiotherapists in Australia

Australia has various types of Physiotherapists based on their field and specialization. The different types are as follows:

1. Sports Physiotherapist

Sports Physiotherapists are in high demand in Australia. They are essential for the treatment of sports athletes as well as for those who engage in physical activities. They focus on healing sports-related injuries and improving an individual’s performance on the ground. They create customized diet plans and routines for athletes based on their injury for their speedy recovery. They work along with other doctors and coaches for a complete holistic recovery of the athlete. The sports physiotherapist's starting salary in Australia is $72,272 per year. Sports physiotherapist salary in Australia can be higher than starting salaries. These figures might vary based on the experience or skill set of the physiotherapist. 

2. Animal Physiotherapists

Animal Physiotherapists in Australia have a growing career rate. Their work includes taking care of the pet animals or animals who work in different spaces. They use different remedies and exercises for the treatment process. They take complete measures to enhance the overall health and life of animals in Australia. They work with animals to provide them with the essential care and treatment that they need. There are many veterinary clinics and animal hospitals in Australia, which increases the number of jobs in this field. The average animal physiotherapist salary in Australia starts from $60,000 and goes up to $100,000. 

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3. Women’s Health Physiotherapists

There are physiotherapists in Australia who are specially appointed to focus on women’s health and care. They provide their services, especially during the time of pregnancy, menopause, childbirth, and menstruation. They help women with different exercises and body movements for the smoother functioning of women’s bodies. They work in various private and public hospitals and offer their help there. They provide special plans and daily routines for pregnant ladies in Australia so that they can have a smooth pregnancy journey. These plans also help during the time of childbirth and ensure that there are no further complications. The physiotherapist's starting salary in Australia for women’s health care goes up to $116,750.


4. Neurological Physiotherapist

Neurological physiotherapists deal with the neurological conditions of the patients. The main focus of these physiotherapists is on issues related to the brain, nervous system, spinal cord, etc. They are appointed in various rehabilitation centres, hospitals and health centres to deal with patients suffering from neurological disorders. They even help their patients with their emotional and mental well-being and take care of that. The average salary of a neurologist physiotherapist in Australia ranges between $90,000 to $95,000.

5. Paediatric Physiotherapist

Pediatric physiotherapists are those who deal with the well-being and development of kids basically. They focus on improving the physical health of infants, children, and teenagers. They treat children and recommend exercises according to their age and body. They help them manage any kind of issue related to children in all fields, from genetic disorders to physical body growth. They typically can be found in private hospitals and even in some schools to provide the child with complete care and attention. Their aim is to give children holistic care so that they can grow into an independent adult. Their salary typically falls between $60,000 to $75,000. 

Physiotherapist Salary Australia - Factors Affecting It

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Various factors affect a Physiotherapist's Salary in Australia. The causes are as follows:

1. Location

The geographical location plays a huge role in determining a Physiotherapist's salary in Australia. Urban areas pay more to physiotherapists, whereas rural areas pay less. This difference in pay scale occurs due to the difference in demand rate. Physiotherapists have the chance to work in big private hospitals in cities, but this is not available for physiotherapists in rural areas. Also, in big cities, a physiotherapist might get to work with sports athletes, celebrities, etc., which is impossible for physiotherapists practising in rural areas. These kinds of opportunities and experiences create a difference in the annual income of physiotherapists. 

2. Qualification 

The educational qualifications of a physiotherapist determine their salary. Physiotherapist salaries in Australia are based on their certificates and skills. People with postgraduate degrees and additional certificates often earn more. These extra certificates make them more reliable and help them gain more patients. Physiotherapists who stay updated and keep improving their skills are more in demand and thereby earn more.

Attending regular seminars and conferences held in this field helps one stay updated and gain experience. So, being a part of such events helps them to get a raise in their salaries and gain more patients.

3. Experience

The experience of physiotherapists greatly influences Physiotherapist Salary Australia. The ones with more years of experience have a higher salary package. Physiotherapists at the entry-level receive less money due to their lack of experience in the field. Practice makes a physiotherapist gain more knowledge and master their skills. It improves their injury knowledge and helps them to work better. Experienced physiotherapists also get more exposure and network, due to which they have more patients, resulting in higher pay. 

4. Employer

The type of employer also decides the salary of a physiotherapist. Private sector hospitals and clinics pay a higher salary to their physiotherapists. Meanwhile, physiotherapists in community health centers and public hospitals get lower wages. 

How can you Become a Physiotherapist in Australia from India?

 To become a Physiotherapist in Australia, one should fulfil the given requirements:

1. Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree- The minimum requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree in the Physiotherapy field. The course should be completed at an Australian university, and the duration should be generally 3-4 years.

  • Master’s Degree- The master’s degree is optional, so people who do not have one need not worry about it. People who wish to specialize in any specific area of physiotherapy can opt for a master’s degree.  

2.  English Fluency Test

  •  To meet the basic English language requirements, individuals need to take an English language test. It generally involves the IELTS or PTE test. 

3. Registration

  • Physiotherapy Board of Australia (PBA)- After having all the required qualifications and certificates, one can apply for registration with the PBA. If someone is applying from India, then they need to take an assessment by the Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC).

  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)- If the Physiotherapist wishes to stay in Australia, then they need to apply for registration with AHPRA. This needs to be completed six weeks before finishing the college degree.



Physiotherapists in Australia have a dynamic career growth. There are various types of physiotherapists in Australia. They have opportunities for professional and personal development there as well as good physiotherapist salary Australia. By constantly updating themselves and improving their skills, physiotherapists can have a successful career and a good lifestyle in Australia. The physiotherapist's starting salary in Australia is also very decent compared to other jobs. Overall, Physiotherapy in Australia is a satisfying career choice and in constant demand. This blog gives you some ideas about physiotherapist starting salary australia, including animal physiotherapist salary australia, sports physiotherapists' salaries in australia, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do physios get paid in Australia?

Physiotherapist salary in Australia ranges between $84,000 to $115,530.

What type of physios get paid the most?

Generally, sports physiotherapists get paid the highest. Sports physiotherapist salary in Australia goes up to $116,666 per year.

What is the average salary of a physiotherapist in Australia in Indian rupees?

The physiotherapist's salary in Australia converted into Indian rupees is basically 70,15,677 annually.

What is the salary of a fresher physiotherapist in Australia?

The average physiotherapist's salary in Australia is $84,000.

Which city is best for physiotherapists in Australia?

Cities like Sydney, Canberra, Sutherland, etc., are best for physiotherapists for a higher salary.

What is the per-hour salary of a physiotherapist in Australia?

Physiotherapist salary in Australia per hour is usually $48.72.