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Why Pursue MSc Nursing in Australia?

  • High-quality patient-centric care 

  • Over 450,000 registered nurses and midwives in Australia, signalling a big industry 

  • Demand for almost 100,000 nurses by 2025, indicating many job opportunities 

  • PR sponsorship available for nurses in Australia, facilitating easier immigration to Australia

  • Over 70 institutions offer nursing degrees and courses in Australia 

  • There is no age limit to work as a nurse in Australia 

Why should you pursue an MSc Nursing in Australia? The correct question is- why should you not? MSc Nursing in Australia is one of the most popular pathways for nursing aspirants as Australia offers some of the best environments for nurses- career-wise and study-wise. By pursuing an MSc nursing in Australia, you will be ensuring a successful, fruitful, and growing career in nursing for yourself. 

Studying in Australia is always a good choice for most courses, as Australia offers world-class education at a much more affordable price than other Western countries. Australia has a multicultural setting that offers the best of the world’s diverse cultures, and you get to learn so much more about the world from just one country.

When it comes to nursing specifically, an MSc nursing in Australia is a desirable course due to the white career options after that. Nurses in Australia earn about an average of 65,000 AUD, much higher than what other countries offer for registered nurses.

So, pursue an MSc nursing in Australia and make the best future for yourself now! Here is everything you need to know about MSc nursing in Australia for Indian students.

Overview of MSN Programs in Australia 

Many institutions in Australia offer MSc nursing. It is a very high return on investment course, and the career opportunities are good, too! 

The courses you undertake in Australia are recognized worldwide, as Australian universities boast worldwide recognition. So, you can work in Australia with this degree and keep the pathway to move to a different country open, too. 

Over 70 institutions offer various courses and degrees for nursing, so you have ample opportunities to pursue MSc Nursing in Australia. The eligibility requirements for the MSc Nursing in Australia are easy to fulfil, so you’re in good hands with this course. 

Australian universities also offer many clinical training opportunities, so you can gain hands-on experience while pursuing an MSc nursing in Australia. There are also various internship opportunities and post-study work opportunities which ensure a promising career path in Australia. In this manner, Australia prepares you for real-life challenges and expectations of this profession and how to tackle them all.

Popular Specialisations after MSc Nursing in Australia 2024

You can undertake many specialisations after pursuing an MSc nursing in Australia. Some of them are listed below.

  • Critical Care Nurse

  • Mental Health Nurse

  • Oncology Nursing

  • Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • Nurse Midwife

  • Nurse Supervisor

  • Nurse Manager

  • Geriatric Nurse

  • Nurse Educator

  • Acute Care Nurse

Top Universities for MSc Nursing in Australia 2024

The question arises – what are the top universities to pursue an MSc nursing in Australia for indian students? Here are the top universities to pursue an MSc nursing in Australia, which offer the best educational opportunities, internship opportunities, clinical training, and other resources that ensure a successful career in nursing in this 

Name of University

QS 2024 Global Ranking

Average Tuition

University of Sydney


49500 AUD

Monash University


44000 to 52000 AUD

University of Melbourne


26000 to 41000 AUD

University of Technology Sydney


21000 AUD

Queensland University of Technology


31000 to 36000 AUD

Griffith University


30000 to 62000 AUD

University of Queensland


25600 to 91420 AUD

Australian Catholic University


22400 to 32700 AUD

Western Sydney University


25000 to 32000 AUD

Deakin University


32290 AUD



MSc Nursing Salary in Australia 2024

The average salary for an individual who pursues MS nursing in Australia is around AUD 87750. The per rate is 45 AUD. Nurses earn well in Australia and earn 84% of their income, with only 15% going into taxes annually.


Average Salary

Entry-level nurse

76,140 AUD

Mid-level nurse

87,750 AUD

Experienced nurse

119,200 AUD

The salary also differs based on what specialisation you choose to do. The eligibility for MSc nursing in Australia is different for different specialisations. Choose your specialisation wisely. Different specialisations have different duties, roles, and expectations; thus, different salaries are attached. 

Your income will mix your specialisation, position and experience, and the demand for your specialisation in the country. The following are the most in-demand specialisations in Australia right now. If you do an MSc nursing in Australia and specialise in one of these courses, you will be paid much more than most other nurses worldwide.

The salary is listed alongside. These specialisations are subject to change based on your experience and the institution or hospital you work with. It also depends on what city you are working in. Since Australia has a large demand for nurses, you are bound to earn well almost anywhere you work in Australia. However, there will be a small difference based on the size of the city or province. 

The most popular specialisations and the average salaries nurses earn with this background are listed in the table below:


Average Salary

Consultant Nurse

121,263 AUD

Nurse Manager

120,635 AUD

Clinical Nurse

108,015 AUD

Clinical Nurse Specialist

108,443 AUD

Case Manager

91,000 AUD

Acute Care Nurse


Mental Health Nurse



MSc Nursing in Australia: Scholarships in 2024

The MSC nursing fees in Australia can be a bit pricey. However, there are many scholarships that you can avail yourself of to fund your education and fulfil your dreams. The MSc nursing fees in Australia can be tackled with various scholarships offered by many universities. Many scholarships enable Indian students to pursue MSc nursing in Australia.

There are two main types of scholarships that you can take advantage of. They are merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships. Merit scholarships are awarded based on high extracurricular performance and competitive application. If your application stands out to the admission officers and you have some special qualities and experiences attached to your resume, you are eligible for a merit-based scholarship. However, that is not the only way you can get a scholarship. 

Need-based scholarships are given to students who have a financial need for the money and cannot pursue their higher education without the scholarship. Most universities offer both types of scholarships.

Some scholarships that you can look at are: 

  • Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship

  • International Excellence Scholarship 

  • Graduate Education Scholarship 

  • Sustainable Healthcare Funding Scholarship

  • International Vice Chancellor's Scholarship  (Deakin University)

  • Australia Awards Scholarship (Western Sydney University)

Many scholarships are very university-specific and have country-specific requirements. We recommend you visit your desired university website and look at the scholarships available for Indian students.

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Cost of Studying MSc Nursing in Australia for International Students

Pursuing an MSc nursing in Australia is cheaper than most countries. You can expect your embassy nursing fees in Australia to be around 28,000 AUD to 30,000 AUD. Australia ranks in the top 10 countries in terms of human development and quality of life index. This means that the income and services you receive in Australia are much better than those in other countries and are of much better quality.

  • You can expect accommodation and rent expenses to amount to around 800 AUD to 1000 AUD. 
  • The transportation pass in Australia is about 210 AUD. 
  • The other amenities, including electricity, water, food, et cetera, will amount to 800 AUD maximum. 
  • Considering that you spend around 300 to 350 AUD on entertainment and leisurely activities, your total monthly expenses amount to around 2110 AUD  
  • However, they can also be as low as 1500 AUD if you live in a hostel facility and are cut down on entertainment.

Career Opportunities After MSc Nursing in Australia 

Many different career opportunities can be availed after pursuing an MSc nursing in Australia for indian students. If you meet all the eligibility criteria for the MSc nursing in Australia, you can have a successful career in Australia.

Australia has many job opportunities for nurses. There are many job openings as Australia desperately needs nurses and depends on international students to fill the gap. So you never need to be worried about job security as you will have good job security in Australia; the different specialisations that are popular in Australia are listed above in the article as well.

MSc Nursing in Australia Eligibility Criteria 2024

It is necessary to meet the eligibility criteria for the MSc nursing in Australia in order to be able to pursue the course. The eligibility criteria for Indian students to pursue MSc nursing in Australia is quite easy to understand. It is listed down below. 

  • You must have a bachelor's degree in nursing from a recognized university. 

  • You must have an IELTS score of 7 or a PTE score of 65. 

  • You must have some work experience - a minimum of 3 to 5 years of work experience is recommended. 

  • You must apply for registration with the AHPRA. 

  • You must have a clean police record. A police clearance certificate may be required.

How To Apply for MSc Nursing in Australia for Indian Students?

Here is an easy step-by-step process by which you can apply for an MSc nursing in Australia:

Step 1: You must start researching the top universities for an MSc nursing in Australia for Indian students. Make a note of all the information you deem necessary about the best universities for this course with all important information, like MSc nursing fees in Australia. 

Step 2: Now, it is time to start your application. Start your application and enter all your information. It is important to be honest in your application. Start compiling all the documents and test scores you must submit and submit them when asked for. Most universities have the required documents listed on the website. Some might email you separately asking for your documents, so keep checking your emails for any communication from them.

Step 3: Once your application is complete, submit it and pay the application fee for it. 

Step 4: Look for accommodation as you await your results. Various accommodations are available for Indian students with an MSc in nursing in Australia, from on-campus housing to student flats. Decide what type of accommodation suits you best. Accommodations fill up quite fast, so be swift in your decision-making.

Step 5: You will have to complete an online literacy test. An interview round will follow this.

If you clear these 5 steps, you will receive your acceptance letter to pursue MSc nursing in Australia. Apply for accommodation and a student visa at the earliest.

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Pursuing an MSc in nursing in Australia is one of the best pathways for nursing students. By studying in Australia, you are availing the best of what is accessible. Australia has the brightest future for nursing and the brightest minds to learn from. There is so much that you can explore and do courses that enhance your skills, eventually leading to better salaries due to better qualifications. Nursing is one of the most respected professions in Australia, and it has many benefits. Thus, you can pursue MSc nursing in Australia, which will also allow you to open up better immigration possibilities for yourself in the future. For any immigration-related queries and concerns, Terratern is right here to help. 

To pursue an MSc in nursing in Australia and learn about Australian immigration in record time, you must contact TerraTern. TerraTern has a wide experience and a strong team that will help you with your Australia immigration at every step!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical duration of an MSN program in Australia?

A typical MSc nursing and Australia course is about two years long. However, there are many part-time and full-time options available for you to consider in case you’d like to earn while you study and make your money back.

Are there scholarships available for international students pursuing an MSN in Australia?

Yes, there are many scholarships available for international students pursuing an MSc nursing in Australia. A comprehensive list is mentioned above in the blog.

How much are the average tuition fees for MSN programs in Australia?

You can expect your embassy nursing fees in Australia to be around 28,000 AUD to 30,000 AUD.

Can Indian students apply for MSN programs in Australia directly after their Bachelor's degree?

Yes, Indian students can directly apply for MSc nursing in Australia after their degree.

What are the visa requirements for Indian students studying MSN in Australia?

Students need an Australian study visa to pursue an MSc in nursing in Australia.