Find Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Germany: A Guide

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Jul 14,2024

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Looking for mechanical engineering jobs in Germany can be daunting if you do not know where to start. However, Germany is one of the best countries to pursue any engineering jobs, mainly mechanical. The number of opportunities Germany offers in this field is much higher than most countries. Moreover, Germany is at the top of the game in terms of technology and artificial intelligence, producing some of the highest-quality products and machinery worldwide. Mechanical engineering pays well in Germany, and the educational resources for this field are a lot in the country, so if you want to enhance your education or pursue higher studies in this field, Germany is your best bet.

The career growth that you will get in Germany is relatively stable and consistent. If you’re looking for a job in Germany for diploma in mechanical engineering, there are many for diploma holders as well. Thus, Germany is one of your best options to pursue mechanical engineering. Moreover, many jobs right now, including mechanical engineers, are being filled by foreign foreigners and experts. Thus, seeking a mechanical engineering job in Germany is a safe option, and you can expect your job security to be pretty good.

Top Companies Hiring Mechanical Engineers in Germany 2024

top companies for mechanical engineering in germany

There are many companies recruiting people for mechanical engineering jobs in Germany. Germany has some of the finest engineering and STEM-based companies. If you work in Germany, you will be paid well for your work, learn a lot and gain experience that you cannot achieve in any other country. Due to Germany's cutting-edge technology, extensive research, and paramount resources, Germany has a lot to offer to mechanical engineers. If you are looking for a job in Germany for a diploma in mechanical engineering or a job after a Master's, there are various opportunities for you.

Name of Company

Locations in Germany

Average Salary


2 office locations

65000 to 75000 euros

Robert Bosche

28 office locations

85000 to 134000 euros

BMW Group

18 office locations

87000 to 133000 euros

Mercedes Benz Group

21 office locations

92000 euros


22 office locations

70000 to 78000 euros

Rolls Royce

5 office locations

88000 to 99000 euros


6 office locations

91000 to 140000 euros


11 office locations

61000 to 72000 euros

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Not Available

61000 to 70000 euros


Not Available

65000 to 83000 euros

Intel Corporation

Not Available

Not Available


2 office locations

52000 to 65000 euros

Baker Hughes

Not Available

60000 to 82000 euros


4 office locations

62000 to 98000 euros


7 office locations

77000 euros


These are the top-paying companies for Mechanical engineering in Germany. These companies hire the most mechanical engineers and have the best job portfolios in the country. Only the best of the best secured these companies' mechanical engineering jobs in Germany. Of course, many other companies hire mechanical engineers on a smaller scale, which pays well. You can always look for jobs there first and then move to a more significant multinational Corporation or similar once you’re more settled with the job market in Germany.


Specializations in Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Germany 2024

There are various specializations you can pursue in mechanical engineering jobs in Germany. These jobs have different requirements, portfolios, and salaries that they offer. Some of the best job specializations in Germany for mechanical engineers are:

  • CAD/CAM engineering 

  • Automation

  • Robotics

  • Thermodynamics engineering 

  • Mechatronics engineering 

  • Computer Aided Engineering 

top paying cities for mechanical engineering jobs in germany

Eligibility Criteria for Applying to Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Germany

You must meet specific eligibility criteria if you wish to proceed to a job in Germany for diploma in mechanical engineering, bachelor's, or master's. There are many mechanical engineering jobs in Germany, and the eligibility requirement Is relatively standard. However, you have to meet the criteria to be able to work here. Since the standard of mechanical engineering in Germany is relatively high, they are very particular with the engineers. They choose to hire the eligibility criteria for applying to mechanical engineering jobs in Germany are listed below:

  • At least a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering 

  • A diploma in technical training in the same field may also be accepted for a job in Germany for diploma in mechanical engineer

  • A master's degree in mechanical engineering is recommended

  • Technical skills in the field of mechanical design 

  • Fluency in English or German at B2 level 

  • Knowledge of spoken, written, and presentation skills 

  • Work experience of a few years 

  • Specializations are recommended

How can you apply for Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Germany from India? 

How can you apply for a mechanical engineering job in Germany from India? The process is relatively easy to understand. Here are some very easy steps for you to follow to apply for mechanical engineering jobs in Germany from India.

1. Start researching the job market in Germany.

2. Ensure that your language requirements are met – be fluent in either German or English.

3. Ensure your resume and cover letter for mechanical engineering jobs in Germany are tailored to the German market needs. Make an ATS-friendly resume so that it reaches more German employers.

4. Start applying for jobs in Germany. You can use many job websites like Monster, Indeed, JobMESH, Arbeitsagentur, etc.

5. Start preparing for interviews for German companies offering Mechanical Engineering jobs in Germany. Research German interview questions and prepare well in advance for them. Being honest in interviews and not fake achievements or skills is essential.

6. Once you get a job offer, apply for a visa to work in Germany.

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You must have now understood how to find mechanical engineering jobs in Germany. Germany has many opportunities open in many fields, most concentrated in mechanical engineering. The job portals that we have listed allow you to find a job in Germany, and our international user-friendly as well. Moreover, Germany also has a special visa known as the job seeker visa, which allows you to move to Germany and find Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Germany there. It will enable you to live in Germany for up to 6 to 8 months, and within this period, you can apply for jobs in Germany. Once you secure a job, you can immigrate to Germany successfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key skills sought after by employers for mechanical engineering jobs in Germany?

German employers look for good communication, written, and verbal skills. For mechanical engineering jobs in Germany, make sure you are familiar with the software, terminology, basic tools, and advanced tools used in the industry and have good industry knowledge. All of these skills, you will be able to develop if you have work experience of a few years in the field, which is very beneficial if you wish to seek one of the mechanical engineering jobs in Germany.

Are there specific certifications that can boost one's career prospects in the German engineering sector?

The more specialization certifications you have, the higher your employment, chances, and your salary will be. Depending on what field under mechanical engineering you wish to work in, you can choose to do courses that prove your competence in those fields.

How does the job market for mechanical engineers differ between cities in Germany?

Like most countries, mechanical engineering jobs in Germany are much higher if they are in a bigger city like Berlin or Frankfurt. However, smaller cities still offer very well-paying jobs which are much higher than other countries. You get the same facilities and exposure in almost all cities in Germany, so you will not be at a disadvantage if you choose to work in a smaller city in Germany.

What are the salary expectations for mechanical engineers in Germany?

Germany has one of the highest paid salary for a job in Germany for a diploma in mechanical engineer. you get paid much higher than you will get in another country for bachelor's and master's degrees, Germany pays fifty-five thousand euros to eighty-five thousand euros on average. It can even cross the hundred thousand mark.

Can non-German speakers find rewarding opportunities in the mechanical engineering field in Germany?

Yes, people who cannot speak German can still find rewarding mechanical engineering jobs in Germany. Many companies have English-enabled systems, where you can communicate and work via communicating in English. So as long as you are fluent in the English language, you can still work in Germany.