Is PTE Accepted in Germany: A Comprehensive Guide

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Is PTE accepted in Germany? Proving your English Skills is mandatory for all the students who wish to study in Germany.  IELTS and TOEFL were the most popular tests to prove English proficiency, but now the Pearson Test of English (PTE) is getting equally recognized across the globe. The acceptance of PTE (Pearson Test of English) is growing every day as many universities are looking for effective and trustworthy ways to verify English proficiency.

Here in this detailed guide, we will discuss in detail “Is PTE accepted in Germany?”, “Is PTE academic accepted in Germany for studies?” Universities in Germany accept PTE, minimum PTE scores are required, and other FAQs. So, undergraduate and postgraduate students read the complete guide about PTE utilization when studying in Germany. Let's look into “Is PTE accepted in Germany?” & “Is PTE academic accepted in Germany for studies”

Is PTE Accepted in Germany?

The answer to question is pte accepted in Germany and is pte academic accepted in Germany for studies is yes! PTE Academic is accepted in Germany by many universities as evidence of English language proficiency. Traditionally, IELTS and TOEFL tests were more accepted than PTE. But now, PTE is getting popular in Germany and many universities in Germany are including PTE scores in their admission requirements. This just shows that the PTE exam is very reliable and recognized all over the world. Answering the question of whether PTE is accepted in Germany.

Understanding PTE Acceptance

When we look into the matter of is PTE accepted in Germany and whether PTE is accepted in Germany for studies, one should understand that PTE is popular for its precise evaluation and fast results, making it a great choice for both students and educational institutions. German universities understand these advantages, and as a result, more and more of them are now accepting PTE scores. When we look into the questions “Is PTE accepted in Germany?” and “Is PTE academic accepted in Germany for studies?” we need to know about the Universities that accept PTE in Germany.

Universities Accepting PTE in Germany

Many top-ranking universities in Germany accept PTE scores for admission into various programs. These universities cover a wide range of disciplines and are of different types- public and private. The table below provides a list of some of the major German universities which accept PTE scores:

University Name



Popular Programs

Technical University of Munich (TUM)



Engineering, Natural Sciences, Management

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich



Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences

University of Freiburg



Medicine, Law, Environmental Sciences

University of Stuttgart



Engineering, Architecture, Natural Sciences

University of Mannheim



Business, Economics, Social Sciences

Jacobs University Bremen



Engineering, Sciences, Humanities

ESMT Berlin



Management, Business Administration

University of Passau



Law, Business, Computer Science

SRH Hochschule Berlin



Management, Business, Engineering


This list is not exhaustive, and prospective students should check the specific requirements of their desired universities.


Factors Influencing Acceptance

The genre of the text indicates that sometimes, the acceptance of PTE scores may depend on the location of the university, the specific program, and, at times, on how competitive the admission process is. Looking further into the question - is PTE accepted in Germany? As it is always changing, potential students need to refer to their preferred institutions for the most accurate information.

Minimum PTE Score Requirements for Germany

The minimum PTE score requirements differ based on the university and program of study, but in general, competitive programs could require higher scores. Also, some schools may have more flexibility in terms of the criteria they use. Below, we can see the typical score requirements: 


Program Level

Minimum PTE Academic Score

Undergraduate Programs


Postgraduate Programs


MBA Programs


PhD Programs



It's important to note that these are general guidelines. Specific requirements can vary, so applicants should always verify the exact score requirements directly from the university. 

Requirements of Particular Programs

It may so happen that different programs have to specify their requirements to meet their special needs. Let us give you an example: In technical areas, Engineering and science programs may require a higher score. However, the Arts and Humanities program may be more interested in communication skills. 

Breakdown of PTE Band Requirements for Germany

When the question of whether PTE is accepted in Germany arises, we need to know that PTE Academic assesses test-takers in four main skills: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. German universities usually consider both overall scores and scores in separate bands. Below is a list of the PTE proficiency levels and the band requirements for each one. 


Proficiency Level

PTE Academic Score Range


Basic Proficiency


Limited understanding of English; needs improvement in most areas.

Intermediate Proficiency


Good grasp of basic concepts; can communicate but with limitations.

Competent Proficiency


Strong understanding and command of English; suitable for academic environments.

Advanced Proficiency


Excellent command of English; comparable to native speakers.


Program-Specific Band Requirements

Different programs may have different band requirements. For instance, a faculty of engineering program might emphasize Reading and Writing, whereas a business program might focus on Speaking and Listening. Here is an example table of an engineering and business program. 

1. Engineering Program


Minimum Required Score










2. Management Program



Minimum Required Score










How to Prepare for the PTE Academic Test? 

To dive deeper into answering your question, “Is PTE accepted in Germany?” let's learn about how PTE Academic is a test that requires skills of listening, writing, speaking, and reading in English, so you need to prepare it strategically. With adequate preparation, you can significantly improve your performance and increase your possibility of getting the required score. This part will show you the steps and resources required for effectual preparation for PTE Academic and also tell you what should be done to meet the requirements of the universities in Germany that you have chosen.

1. Study Materials

If you are getting ready for the PTE Academic, then you have to take a methodical approach. An array of online resources is at a student’s disposal, including official Pearson PTE preparation courses and practice tests and study guides offered by reputed organizations. If you use these materials, you will notice an improvement in your performance quite significantly.

2. The Practice Tests

One of the ways that is known to be very effective in preparing for the PTE Academic is taking practice tests. These tests help you get acquainted with so many aspects, such as format, timing, type of question pattern, etc., about the real examination that eventually helps you recognize where you need perfection.

3. The Studying Strategies  

Regular Practicing: Regular practice is the key to cracking the skills tested in PTE academics. Focus on Weaker Sections: Find your weaker areas and give them more time for their improvement.

4. Study Groups

Working together with classmates may bring extra motivation and different points of view.



Here, we have discussed is PTE accepted in Germany? While Germany is an attractive destination for international students due to its high-quality higher education and a wide range of study programs. The increased number of German universities that accept the PTE Academic test presents international students with more opportunities. To utilize your PTE score to earn admission to your preferred study programs in Germany, you must be aware of each university's eligibility requirements and adequately prepare.

You should always review the specific requirements of each university and program and make sure that your PTE score is competitive if you plan to use it for an application that will be submitted. Hope we helped you answer the question, “is PTE accepted in Germany?”. More information about German immigration can be found at TerraTern.We provide classes for PTE at TerraTern to make sure that you score the highest on the test.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PTE accepted in Germany and by all German universities?

Many, though not all, German universities acknowledge the PTE Academic. One must especially note here that it is essential to check the specific admission requirements of each university.

How do I send my PTE scores to German universities?

You can send your PTE scores directly through your Pearson account. Select the universities you are applying to. Pearson will send your scores electronically.

Can I use my PTE scores for visa applications in Germany?

Yes, German immigration authorities accept PTE scores for visa applications. Provided the university you are applying to agrees with the PTE Academic for admissions.

How long are PTE scores valid for university applications in Germany?

PTE Academic scores remain valid for two years from the test date.

What should I do if my PTE score is lower than the required minimum?

You may need to retake the test if your score is lower than the required minimum. Another option is that some universities offer conditional admissions or language preparatory courses.